Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii)

26 October 2010
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Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 walkthrough box artwork
Our Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this highly anticipated sequel for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC.

Explore more of the hidden shadows of the Sith with this sequel to the hit game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Starkiller, Darth Vader’s apprentice, returns with over-the-top Force powers and embarks on a journey to discover his own identity and to reunite with his one true love, Juno Eclipse.

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  • In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Starkiller is once again the pawn of Darth Vader — but instead of training his protégée as a ruthless assassin, the dark lord is attempting to clone his former apprentice in an attempt to create the Ultimate Sith warrior. The chase is on — Starkiller is in pursuit of Juno and Darth Vader is hunting for Starkiller.

    With all-new devastating Force powers and the ability to dual-wield lightsabers, Starkiller cuts a swath through deadly new enemies across exciting worlds from the Star Wars films — all in his desperate search for answers to his past.

    Table of Contents

    Index of Force Unleashed 2 Guides

    Chapter 1: Kamino

    The Escape

    “The galaxy is on the brink of civil war. Inspired by the sacrifice of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, a ragtag rebel alliance plots to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire.

    Imperial forces in relentless pursuit of the Rebels have captured the Jedi Knight Rahm Kota. Its general lost, the Alliance fleet has vanished.

    While the Empire searches for the Rebels, Darth Vader has put a dark plan in motion that will bring an end to his apprentice’s legacy…”

    Part 2 takes place during the free fall section.

    Keep using the force push constantly and you should make it through completely unharmed.

    Tip: During the free fall, kill 15 tie fighters with storm troopers to get an Achievement/Trophy.

    Start by following your on screen instructions on how to get some training.

    Once the cut scene is finished, Starkiller will fall down the side of the building. Anything that is lit up in front of you has the potential to kill you. Use your Force push to move them out of the way.

    Remember don’t go mad using your force power, try and dodge out of the way to avoid the obstacle.

    Once you have reached the bottom of the fall you will come across some stormtroopers, follow the on screen prompts.

    You must now make your way outside, when the room is clear following the on screen prompts, this will train you in double jumps, grappling with enemies and fighting stormtroopers. Blow down the far side with your Force Push.

    You will then be fighting be fighting some more storm troopers. Use your melee attack to knock them down.

    Jump up onto the machinery and take out some more stormtroopers, you will then need to pull out platform using your force power. Jump onto this platform and make your way across.

    Grab the next cube on top of the platform to get the first Chaos lightsaber.

    Down on the other side, you will need to perform a double jump to get over the large gap. You will also face some Imperial troops, they can block your lightsaber attacks.

    Grab the first two Imperial troops with the Force grip and throwing them off the building, when the next mixed set of enemies appear do the same thing as you did with the first set of Imperial troops.

    You can also take a TIE Fighter out of the air and throw it against the troops.

    Once you have made it passed the troops make your way around the corner, you will see a massive jet of fire, take some cover or wait until it has subsided and make your way across. You will have to repeat this process a couple of times.

    When you have made it passed the last fire jet, right behind where the stormtroopers were taking cover is a Holocron.

    You will then come across some more stormtroopers, you can throw them into the fan that is behind them, once you have made it around the corner there will be some more stormtroopers. Polish those pesky stormtroopers too.

    Up ahead you will see a central turbine that has some enemy soldiers located on the top of it. Take care of them, before you carry on with the mission.

    Look left as you go around the rounded walkways, you will see a green cube on the far ledge. It will increase your health so go grab it.

    You will once again come across some more troops, use some lightsaber combos to take them on. Some reinforcements will appear so keep doing what you are doing and defeat those troops.

    In the next section you will have to use your force grip, to slow down two massive fans from spinning. Try and stay clear of the wondering fire whilst you are destroying the fans.

    You will then need to pass the environmental hazard, a couple of groups of troops will appear. You will need to use your force powers to keep the groups off balance until you have defeated them.

    Drop down into the tube and you will wind up inside the Kamino Building.

    When you land you will need to blow out the forcefield, you will need to do this by picking up objects and throwing them at the panels.

    As soon as the forcefields down some more stormtroopers will appear at the end of the hall.

    Right at the end of the table is another holocron, this one will give you experience points which will allow you to upgrade your force powers.

    Go through the next door. You will then need to use your mind trick on enemies, causing them to commit suicide, you will then need to jump through the broken windows.

    Here you will fight waves of stormtroopers, use your landscape, camp out behind the pieces of debris in order to minimize your damage.

    Eventually you will hit a door, fight through the last of the stormtroopers and the door will open revealing your first mini boss battle.

    First you will need to stay clear of the Wardriod, and take on those stormtroopers, once you have taken care of the stormtroopers you will need to use your Force Grip on the Wardriod’s shield.

    Following the on screen prompts.

    The gun that the Wardriod’s carry can inflict some damage, so keep clear of it . You will need to use your dash button to keep out of the way of the droids. You can also grab them. Once you have grabbed them throw them back at the Wardriod, jump and hit him with your lightsaber as well.

    You will need to repeat this process for a couple of seconds until you see some more on screen prompts. Follow the instructions.

    You will then need to make your way down the hall until you’re back outside. Here you will face some major troops. The most effective way of getting rid of these troops is to push them off the walkway.

    Keep moving forward until you reach the driod ship. You should be able to use it pretty easily.

    As you carry along you will see a platform, the game will then prompt you to raise it. Once you have raised it, jump up onto it and take on the enemies you will encounter.

    As you move forward you will encounter a gap, here you will face your first Jump Trooper, these troopers have jet packs, they can be a bit harder to catch so use the Force Lightning (as the game recommends).

    here is a little tip. Grip Jump the troopers zapping them with your lightning and throw them at one another.

    Grab the yellow holocron when you jump across the gap, it should give you another force upgrade.

    Once you have killed two jump troopers on the far side of the trooper you will face another Wardriod.

    Once you have killed the Wardriod make your way inside the door. Just inside the door there will be a purple holocron.

    You must move forward a little, a drop ship will move into position and attack you from the outside, you will need to move forward quickly otherwise you will die instantly.

    There will be more enemies ahead. You can ignore then and continue forward. When your reach the end, go out the door and it will lead you outside.

    You will then be standing in front of the big tower. Catch the TIE Fighters and throw them at the tower to knock it over. You will need to do this three times. It will then make a path where you will be able to reach the docking pad with Vader’s TIE on it.

    Make your way around the tower and across to the far side. You will then be introduced to the Force Fury, you will need to activate it and you will be able to use your Force lightning.

    With the Fury still activated, use the Push to jettison the stormtroopers. Once they have all been defeated your mission is complete.

    Chapter 2: Cato Neimoidia

    The Eastern Arch

    If you have collected any lightsaber crystals, equip them straight away as the regular red crystals have no extra effect.

    In Part 2 you’ll find out Sith troopers are immune to force powers. So use your light sabre on these pesky Red guys.

    First you will need to move forward, clearing all the stormtroopers off the landing pad. You can use your Force push to do this.

    When the ramp is extended, you will be able to cross the far platform. You will have to face a pair of Sith Acolytes. Use your lightsaber.

    Use your grabble move to throw them off the landing pad. You will have to repeat this action to get rid of all of them.

    Look to your left, there is a door leading to another landing pad. Run straight out to it and cross the centre , passed the crates, clear the crates to find a red holocron.

    You will then need to go through the door, stand on the elevator to get to the city walkway. Watch out there will be another AT-MP shooting at you ahead.

    You will need to once again take out all the enemies, you will find yourself at a dead end. There is a ramp you can take down to the right. There will be a cutscene, this will trigger some storm troopers. Make your way to the stormtroopers and take them on. There will be three elevators, you can move them with your force grip- to this so they lock into place.. jump across them to reach the walkway. — There will also be a yellow holocron located in the walkway.

    Up head you will need to take on some more stormtroopers, here you will also learn a Sabre throw. You can use it to cut out the repulsors under the platform to hill the stormtroopers, jump across to do the same with the next platform.

    Once you jump down on the other side, there will be two stormtroopers, you will be able to kill them from a distance, in amongst all the enemies there will be sniper, watch out for his red laser.

    The next set of troops are easy to kill., you will also find a bridge that has a red forcefield on it.

    Next you will get some on screen prompts to help guide you with the forcefield, there will also be a couple more stormtroopers. Follow the path to the right, it will lead you to a closed door. Blast the door open and go through it.

    There are some more troops on the far side of the door- most of them are regular stormtroopers but watch out for the red laser (sniper).

    the best thing you can do in this situation Is to avoid the snipers laser, whilst you are pushing everyone else out of the way, it would be a good idea to pick something up and throw it at the sniper to kill him.

    Then you will need to pound through the troopers until you find another ball you can throw for a “strike “ use it on the troopers lining up in the next hallway. You will come to another door. Blow it off.

    Straight after you have made it through the door you will be able to find a Fury crystal in the left hand corner.

    You will next need to break down the forcefield, once again some storm troopers will appear on the far side of the bridge. Another AT-MP will throw missiles at you, it’s up to you what you do with the missiles, you can throw the back or reflect them.

    When you move the ball a red holocron will appear, this will give you a healing crystal.

    Quickly move forward, taking out any pesky troopers, you don’t want to go out the door just yet. Stay close and try to draw missiles. Use the doorway for protection/cover.

    Make your way through the last of the storm troopers, there will be a group of three acolytes and a few handfuls of riot troopers. Use your lightsaber to take them all out.

    You will need to use your force push to take out the riot troopers. You will also need to throw them off the side. You must try and avoid taking any force damage. Use blocks and dodges to do so.

    Get in close and take on the acolytes. You can throw them off the side, however you can also hack them apart. Once you have finished and defeated them , get in the elevator.

    Up to the Casino (Part 2 of Cato Neimoidia)

    As you already know you need to RUN, the ground beneath you is falling to get moving.

    Along the way you will see a purple holocron above you. Jump up to grab it for a Blue Bacta Tank to increase your maximum force energy.

    Once you have made it to the end of the road, you will drop down into the casino, you will need to finish off any stormtroopers in the room before you blow open the door. You will then enter a room filled with enemies, the most important ones are snipers on the second floor.

    Use your dash to avoid getting shot, use the platforms to get to the centre of the room. Just to the second floor and deal with the snipers.

    Right in the centre of the room there is a green holocron. This is a life holocron.

    Once everyone around you is dead you can find the door to the left of the forcefield, it is located on the lower floor. There is a large group of enemies waiting for you below.

    The second casino room will be filled with snipers.

    When you have injured the and murdered the Sith, turn your attention to the riot guys. If they are still alive use your force Powers.

    Find a cylindrical tube going down. This is an elevator shaft. Drop down into the tube and you will make your way onto the main casino floor.

    The first thing you need to deal with is the AM-MP this is located on your right hand side. Catch the missiles and reflect them back.

    You must now get up to the second floor, where you will find some more riot troopers, kill them, the red forcefield will come down, allowing two acolytes to enter.

    You will need to back track a few steps if you want to pick up the yellow holocron. It is located on the other side of the second floor.

    Now you need to fight the acolytes, once you have finished them take on the snipers on the second level. Then drop down and return to the AT-MP’s.

    There is also another elevator you can disable with your lightsaber. Once you have dropped down into another gaming floor you need to watch out for the carbonated fog.

    You will then need to deal with the Wardriod. Apparently he has gone a bit crazy with the carbon freeze, the best way to kill him is the same way you always kill them, once you have taken him on you will need to kill the droid to clear the carbonite from the door.

    In the next room has a Jabba Hutt Hologram, in front of the hologram there are three gaming machines. Destroy all the gaming machines and you will get a costume.

    Step through the door and leave the room, you will get a forced perspective bridge, and once again you will need to run!! don’t stop running until you reach the end of the bridge.

    The next thing you will have to do is defend the tram. You really don’t need to grip the enemies. Just hit them a small burst of lightning.

    Now you will have to turn to face the ship. The only way to damage this ship is to reflect missiles at it. Bounce back to each volley missile, you will also need to watch out for the blinking red flairs. As the enemy ship starts to take damage, it will send two more missiles at you, knock them back and you should be able to destroy the ship before the tram goes down.

    The Western Arch

    If you find yourself lost press up on the d-pad for some guidance from the force.

    Have a look up at the ramp, use your lightning grenade it get rid of all the troops.

    On the next platform you will be facing a load of enemies. (use your force it will be a massive help)

    Once you have made it past the troops, you will need to head around the corner. Make your way past the three men, watch out for the sniper on the upper platform.(you will not be able to take him out)

    Once you have made it to the top if the ramp, there will be another Wardriod. Use the barrels that contain the explosives on the side to get give it a good damage, then finish him off.

    You will face more enemies as you continue along (riot troops and stormtroopers will surround you) use your force push and your lighting to destroy them.

    Immediately after reinforcements will appear, use your force push to scatter them across the floor. You will then need to take out the jump troopers, keep an eye open for an AT-MP heading towards you (across the bridge).

    If you keep your head down you will be able to get the sniper! Take on the AT-MP from a safe stop. Take out the missiles and then make your way over the bridge to the left.

    You will need to use the lining to protect yourself from the fire as you take down the force. Once the force has been taken down, you will be able to take on the sniper without and hassle.

    Make your way to the right, towards the trooper reinforcements, remember you can use the troopers as lightning grenades to take down the larger enemies.

    You will then will to break down the red force field ahead. In the next room a drop ship and some troops will break through the window. Use your lighting on the jump troops. You will need to watch out for the rioters that will be in the next hall.

    Make your way down the hall and out the next door, as you make your way down the hallway you will need to watch out for the storm troopers that will be hiding behind the barriers.

    You can use different objects as protection, you will need to use your force powers and mind tricks to help you with the enemies.

    When you see the ship again you will need to take cover behind the area. Doing this will keep you out of the way of the blasts from the ship (use your lightsaber to damage it).

    You will then need to wait for the missiles. You will need to bounce the missile back to the ship, move forward and bounce back the second set of missiles. You will need to keep bouncing back missiles until you get the opportunity to use your quick-time action with Force.

    You will need to repeat this until the ship lands on the right. You have then taken down the ship.

    Once the cutscene is over, you will then find yourself at the bottom of a cage. Take the elevator to the top.

    The Tarko-se Arena: Gorog Boss Battle

    During the boss battle your health will regenerate fully after each separate wave, so don’t stress if you seem to be losing to much health early in the battle.

    You will need to watch out for the red markers that will appear on the ground. This will tell you where the Gorog’s hand will attack next.

    You will need to keep a safe distance back from the edge, watching out for his breath move as well.

    You will first need to damage his hands as much as you can, pay special attention to his wrists. Ideally you want the Gorog to slam his hands down at the same time, giving you the chance to get at his wrists.

    You will need to be patient in this boss battle, it may seem like it is going on forever (which is it). You will then need to get on the outside of the Gorog’s hand and hit it as hard as you can.

    You will then need to watch out for the Gorog’s sweeping hands. Use your double jump to jump over his hands, hitting them whenever you get the chance.

    Once you have finally damaged one of his shackles, you will then be told to use your Force Push button continuously. Do this with his other hand.

    Next you will have to deal with his sweeping palm and slap motion, when the coast is clear try and get is a few hits on his shackles.

    When you have locked his second hand, you will need to try your best to stay out of the Gorog’s breaths way. Once you have achieved that you will need to pull the chain under his chin causing some major damage.

    You will need to repeat this until the Gorog breaks free and you come to a cutscene.

    Once the cutscene is over you will find yourself at the edge of the arena. You will need to dodge the Gorog, mainly to the left side, hitting him in the face with your lightning and your lightning grenade.

    When the Gorog has taken down the building, you will be able to make your way up it. He will use his hands to try and grab you, make sure you are not near the front edge otherwise he will be able to grab you. Use your lightsaber and start doing as much damage as you can.

    If you are quick enough, you will be able to make it to another piece of the tower. Run across to the far end, where you will trigger a quick-time event.

    Once the cutscene is over you will finally be at the last stage of the boss fight. As you fall you will need to avoid taking any damage from the surrounding objects.

    You will then be prompted to charge up your boost, remember to stay out of the way before you press the button to charge up.

    When you have reached the Gorog, this will be your final chance to get any attacks into him. Remember avoid his arms that will be swinging(move to the opposite side of his swinging arms to keep you out of harm’s way.
    You will keep needing to blast the Gorog, you will eventually be face to face with him. It is your choice now either to use your lightsaber or to cook him!!

    Keep this up for a few rounds and you will make it to the end of the boss battle and the end of this level.

    Chapter 3: Dagobah

    The Vision

    This is the shortest level in the game, once you speak to Yoda it will finish, so look around for those holocrons before you enter the cave.

    This is a really short mission, it is just collecting all the Holocrons, there are no enemies located down this one path. At the end of the level it will end with a cutscene. It should not take you more than 2 minutes to complete.

    If you are collecting all the Holocrons, make your way over to our Holocrons Guide listed in the index at the top of this page.

    Chapter 4: The Rebel Ship Salvation

    Aboard The Salvation

    Use the force lightning to charge the fusion cores, this will open the closed doors.

    You will need to jump off the tram and follow Kata. Once the cutscene is over you will be free to go along on your own. When you come to the first door, you will need to destroy the battery on the left hand side with your lightning.

    In the next room you will have to do the same thing, this time you will need to plus in the battery using your grip force, then destroy it with lightning.

    As you proceed forward you will need to find a large elevator. After a few seconds the elevator will fall. You will then need turn around and jump up to the exit.

    Make your way forward, you will then need to open a door with The Force, keep going down the hall until you reach another door. You will need to tear this door open. Watch out because a Terror Spider will be coming for you.

    You be dealing with a lot of spiders. You will need to take on the first wave with your regular attacks. Your lightning attack works really well too, when the next group of spiders appear you will then be taught how to use your Force Repel. You will need to use this to eradicate with the spiders.

    You will need to keep jumping into the air using your Force Repel on the spiders.

    Then spiders are still not over, actually you have not seen the worst of them. You will need to hit the left stick really quickly f a spider gets hold of you.

    Once you have defeated all the spiders, you will need to destroy the tanks that are located in front of you. Make your to the door on the left. You will then see Juno on the other side. Since you are unable to get to her, you will need to make your way back through the room on the left.

    You will then be faced with the “Elite” force that Kata mentioned to you.

    You will first need to block off anywhere where you are not able to see your enemies.

    If you see an enemy appear for a few seconds, don’t bother attacking him. Unless you stun him first, lightning is a good action for stunning very well.

    Once you have memorised their moves, you will have enough time to make your way passed the enemies. Remember if they do see you stun them!

    Once you have killed the soldiers, you will need to look for the battery to the right of the fiery door. You will then need to pull it using your grip force, moving the lock from the door. Once you have charged up the battery you can finish continue on. At this point in the videos Rob gets distracted and tries to see how far The Force can reach hehe.

    In Part 2 of this level you must make sure your force powers are fully upgraded, as you will soon have another boss fight.

    Once you have made it to the next section, you will need to watch out for the Stealth trooper. Half of the enemies are in this room and the other half are in the next room.

    As you head up towards the next room, there will be a door ahead of you. Watch out as there will be spider attacks.

    Make your way back to the last room, grabbing the battery in front of the sealed door, you will need to install it to open the path. When you have it into the next room, you will meet up with Juno once and Boba Fett. Blast through the glass in front of you, you will need to watch out as there will be loads of spiders and stealth troopers.

    Once you have taken on the enemies, make your way down the path once you have open the door.

    Go through the holes until you come out in a narrow area where the floor is missing.

    Make your way to the right, jumping across to the platform. Jump back to the other side and then make your way across one more time. You should be at an area where there is another hole and some batteries. Take one of the batteries and make your way across to the ledge in front of you.

    Jump onto the ledge where you will find a door with no power. Plug in your battery. Climb back to the left and make your way through the hole.

    You will need to be quick when you make your way across, as the ledges you will be jumping on will fall away.

    Make it through the hole, you will then find another door which will take you to a hallway with a hole in the floor. Drop into the hole, this will take you down to the engine room.

    In the Engine Rooms just ahead you will see two red beams of light, you will need to quickly make your way through the bursts of electricity. Once you have made it through these.

    You will need to head to the left moving passed more red lightning beams, wait until the wheel stops spinning to jump through.

    Keep going forward, waiting for the traps to top before making your way though. If you somehow make your way to a dead end, jump onto a turbine in the middle to find a moving path.

    When you come to the large spinning fan, you will need to stop it with your grip and proceed through.

    In the next room there are some more traps. You can take either the right or the left path. They do go to the same place.

    You will need to drop down the hole in the far end of the room. The next section holds spiders waiting for you and some more traps. You will also need to stop the fan to access the other room.
    There will be more red columns up ahead. You will need to stop and quickly dash through them.

    Once you have made it to the bottom, you will enter a large room with a turbine.

    You will need to stay up on the ledge, trying to get the stealth and the spiders to come towards you. Up here you will be able to release them safely without having to deal with the other enemies.

    Once you have finished that, you will now be able to jump down, try and dodge the Terror Droid. When you start to fight it, use your force trigger with the lightning. I know this is the easy option but it is sensible.

    Make your way up to the second floor going through the door on the far side of the room. Take the elevator up to the top floor. Following the path until you enter a cutscene where you will join the next boss.

    Terror Walker Boss Battle

    To be able to attack the terror walker you will need to make his shielding drop. Start by raising the 4 cores this will cause an explosion that will disable his shields.

    Half way through your battle the terror walker will regain his shielding, replace the smaller cores at the edge of the level to engage the generator. now you can continue your attack.

    In this boss you will spend a lot of your time avoiding the very annoying droid. You will also need to make sure you are very aware of this Terror Walker! He’s got lasers.

    You will need to start this boss by dashing away. As you can see the Walker has a shield around him. To get rid of the shield, you will need to make your way to the middle of the room. You will need to raise the pylons.

    Dash around the middle of the room, keeping the reactor between you and the Walker. You will now need to lift up the pylons as you go which is knock off the Walkers shield.

    You will not only have to deal with the walker but you will have to deal with spiders as well!

    Look for the red crates around the room, pick up one of the red crates and throw it at the Walker.

    Now you have stunned the walker, run up to it and blast it.(in the face, you can use any of your powers here) You will need to keep attacking the Walker until his health reaches half.

    When the Walker stands up, you will need to get out of his way. Whilst you are keeping out of the Walkers way, you can take on those pesky spiders that are crawling around.

    When the Walker gets it’s shield back you will enter a cutscene. You will need to pick up those batteries. Repeat the pylon move whilst picking up the batteries.

    Once you have put ll the batteries in, the reactor will once again overload. Watch out for the shock waves.

    You will need to repeat the process of picking up the crates and throwing them at the Walker. Once it’s shield is down, go back to good old fashioned slaying.

    Once you have killed the droids, move the Walker to the reactor, hitting the button to destroy him!

    When you turn around, you will see a droid acting as a bridge, use it to exit the room.

    Battle for the Salvation

    Now begins the fight to save the Salvation.
    The first battle is an intense one, so stay on top of that dash button. Once the AT-T’s arrive take them out as quickly as possible to minimise the threat, use the explosive containers to help.

    A Quick and easy way to get rid of those really pesky Sith troopers is to use your grab, once in the air use your lightsaber to finish them off.

    Now it’s time to send the Salvation hurtling into the planet below, follow the on screen button commands as quickly as possible.

    Once you have finally reached the hangar, you will need to drive back the enemies.

    Make your way down and head over to the left side. You will see some stormtroopers and a lightsaber-wielding coming towards you. Use your Force push to scatter the stormtroopers along the floor. You will then need to use your grapple move to deal with the Sith.

    You will need to repeat this with the enemies to your right. A ship will then release an AT-MP and a AT-ST.

    Once again you will need to scatter the stormtroopers, making your way to the centre of the hanger.

    Grabbing the missiles from the AT-MP and throwing them back at it.

    Once you have taken down the AT-ST you will need to zap the AT-ST. Use your lightning and throw one of the explosive barrels. Finally finishing him off with a quick-time event.

    Once you have taken the AT-ST down, another ship will show up. Giving us two more AT-MP’s and once AT-ST, there is also some snipers located on one of the catwalks in the side room.

    Climb up one of the middle catwalks. Make your way to where the sniper is located and kill them.!!

    Once you have taken down the sniper, you will be able to catch the missiles from the AT-MP’s. Remember you will also be able to use your lightning on your enemies.

    Drop down and finish off the AT-ST and the stormtroopers. Then make your way back up the middle walkway, using the grip to loosen the clamps holding the boarding craft to the hanger.

    Make your way through the new door, where we will be returning to the engine rooms.

    Backtracking to the Engine Rooms is next.

    You will need to follow the hallway until you are able to find a hole that will drop you down in the left wall. Once you have made it to the bottom, you will take to take on and kill some Sith with lightsabers. Throw them into the moving engine parts.

    You will have to take on some stormtroopers. You will finally come to a red wall of electrical columns, snipers are located on the other side. Take them down with your lightning.

    You will now need to look for a black disc. Pick it up with rip and move it to the spinning electric wheel, which is located to the right of the red columns. Move through it (you will need to repeat this process along the way).

    once you have made it through another wind turbine, you will need to kill the stormtroopers and head to the left. This disc is located behind the turbine.

    Just ahead, you will come to a spot where you will be able to overload the engine parts. Use your lightning to clear the path. Drop down into the hole, once you are at the bottom you will find another wheel, the black disc is located on the right.

    Just passed the wheel there is an AT-MP, you know what to do with these pesky things! You will also need to kill the troops, look up to the right where another black disc is located.

    Turn to the left and go through the hole, once again overloading the engine with parts to reveal the hidden path, don’t make your way down the path just yet, follow the path to the right.

    You will need to make your way back through the tunnel, taking out the engine room. Jump up the platforms to get to the tunnel, dropping through yet another hole.

    We have now made it back to the venting room, you will need to take on some more stormtroopers, jump down and stay on a ledge.

    There are a load of Sith on the lower floor, drop yourself down and take on the Sith. Use your grapple moves and stun them. Run up to them whilst they are down and kill defeat them.

    There is also a sniper located in this room. Use the marked door to exit.

    Once you have made it to the end of the path you will meet some more stormtroopers. Watch out for the jumptroopers and the snipers that scatter the area.

    You will need to clear the way to the hole and jump up. You will then need to lower a walkway in front that contains a couple of snipers, you will need to bend down to continue on.

    Once you have made it to the second walkway, you will need to keep an eye open for those pesky snipers, as well as those jumptroopers (use your force lightning).

    keep an eye open in the gaps for the groups of troopers, make your way down to the bottom. Jumping from ledge to ledge. Whilst you are killing the jumptroopers, watch out for the snipers and take them down once you have defeated the jumptroopers.

    Make your way back down the metal path, killing the snipers. You will then come to a hallway where you will have to deal with a Wardriod.

    Kill the droid and make your way up to the boarding pool.

    Right after the battle with the you will meet another Wardriod. It isn’t as threatening as it looks so you can ignore him.

    You will need to take on the Sith and stormtroopers, using your force push and keeping your distance from the Wardriod. You may kill the droid if you want.

    You will need to plug in the battery into the wall behind where the droid came to attack you.

    When you go through the door you will see an explosion to your left. You will need to watch out for the snipers and the stealth troopers, use the left path to avoid the snipers, take down the invisible guys and move on.

    Make your way back down the hallway that holds the snipers. You will need to fight through the hall! This will take your back to the Med lab.

    In Amidship make your way passed the few stormtroopers and go through the door. There will be snipers a Wardriod and stormtroopers waiting for you on the other side of the door. Go through the large Med lab, this will cut out the snipers and the Wardriod.

    When you are back in the other room, you will need to take down the remaining stormtroopers and the Wardriod.

    Take the battery from behind the droid and put it into the closed door. You will need to follow the path, until you reach the broken elevator. Move it out of the way so you can make it down the shaft.

    Making your way down the hallway until you reach the weapons room, take on the enemies. Take the battery out of the turbolaser and put it into the door.

    The next gun room will be loaded to the brim with boarding imperials. Take on the little ones first, dashing to avoid the Wardroid.

    Once you have taken down all of the enemies you will need to move and take the battery out of the turbolaser. (one of the cannons) you will need to put it into the other cannon that has been destroyed. Use your lightning on the cannon and it will blow out the door. Make your way through the door.

    Throw the missiles back at the two AT-MP’s in the area below. They are so much easier to attack from above,

    From this level you will also be able to engage with AT-MP’s. You will also need to take on anything else that is still alive and walking around. Use your force grip on the snipers located up on the second floor. You will then receive a message from Kata.

    You will need to make your way back to the side of the cannon, climb up on top of it. Once you have reached the top you will be told to do some quick-time sequences and fire the gun.

    Make your way through the new door. When you make it onto the tram, it will begin to fill with spiders. Use your force Repel until you come to the end of the track. Following the path to clear the end of the mission.

    Chapter 5: Kamino Again

    The Return

    Before you can move the wreckage thats blocking the doors, you need to pull down the 2 huge cannons with your force grip, if your having trouble locking on use the platforms to try get higher.

    Instead of always attacking troops, try using your Jedi mind trick, this can often have some interesting results.

    To move upwards to catch up with Vader, use the floating droids as jumping platforms. When jumping off a moving plaform time your jumps well.

    After a few minutes of investigating the wreckage, you will need to use your force power to open the viewport to exit the ship. Watch out for the debris.

    You have now made it back to the courtyard with the turbolaser. There are a lot more enemies to take on.

    Use the debris to protect yourself from the AT-ST’s and the AT-MP, remember to use the turbolaser in battle it makes things a little easier, use debris to throw at the enemies too, you can also use your quick-time events to destroy them.

    Once you have taken on the enemies from the courtyard, it is time to deal with the turbolaser. You will need to look for two piles of wreckage you are able to climb. Jump up over to the walkway, making your way to the second level.

    When you have cleared out all the enemies, you will need to approach the turrets, use grip to destroy them.

    Make your way back to the courtyard, under where the turbolaser turrets are stationed, you will need to tear the metal away from the centre of the back wall.

    You will ten reach an elevator, take down all the stormtroopers and snipers. (throwing everything off the side of the building)

    when you are in the hall, run passed all the enemies and take down the snipers first.

    Make your way into the next room, here you will need to take on a group of snipers. When you kill all the snipers Kota will open the door.

    This section is a little bit more tricky. You are facing all the enemies, you will need to draw all of them into the room where you just were. The droid and the Sith will fall over dead due to a glitch.
    Then take down the remaining enemies.

    Once you have cleared the room of resistance, you will see Kota being pinned down by some drop ships. You will need to stand facing outwards and catch a couple of TIE fighters using your grip, throw them at the droid ships to destroy them.

    You are using two lightsabers, this will allow you (should allow you) to hit both droids, remember stand back a bit to avoid taking any damage. Use your quick-time attack to defeat the droids.

    You will then leave the room and see Kota. He will make a path for you. Push down your part of the bridge and jump over the platforms to meet up with him.

    Let’s go to Vader…

    Follow the hallway until you make your way back outside. You will need to take one some enemies. Remember to use the crates.

    When you reach the ground level you will face some snipers. Remember you can run past the droids.

    Make your way up the platforms with the snipers. You will face some more enemies but you are pro know I don’t need to explain how to do it!

    Make your way around the corner, where you will face another droid. Use the round walkway if you need any more room.

    Once you have killed all your enemies using your Force Fury, you will need to make your way back inside.

    Once you have killed all the enemies, you will need to leave the room. Here you will find yourself entering a huge cloning facility.

    The trick in this section is to keep your distance from your enemies and be quick! You would want to lure in one or two, grappling them and tossing them off the side/ as quickly as you can. Use your Force Fury to knock them all the way off.

    You will need to be car full and keep your guard up, these creatures have the ability to stun you. Which will leave you vulnerable and getting attacked by other enemies.

    Once you have killed the last guy a staircase will appear, this will take you to the cloning platforms at the top.

    Make your way up to the top, you will need to keep moving until can pull the big tubular walkways down using your grip force.

    When you are a little higher up some storm troopers will appear, take them down. You will then need to rotate the tube ahead around to you. When you cross it you will come onto a platform where two lightsaber Sith are located.

    You will then need to rotate the same tube back towards the right, this will allow to you to proceed forward. You will need to raise a tube from the ground to continue on.

    You will then hit another set of cloning platform, jump onto one as it rotates and ride it to the top. Jump off landing onto a droid on the left hand side. You will then need to climb up onto another platform and kill two Acoytles.

    You will need to force open a door. You will need to climb all the cloning platforms. Be careful.

    Once you have made it up a couple of levels you will be safe from the stealth troopers. Have a look for a tube walkway above you. This section has a couple of stealths per platform.

    Once you have reached the top you will find a door to open, once you are through the door take the elevator up.

    The Confrontation

    You will have to follow Vader up a series of platforms before the final boss fight,use your mind trick on the clones that are released and attack the others using you lightsaber, because most of the clones are immune to force powers. When vader moves and begins trowing clone containers use your force grip to throw them back at him.

    Darth Vader Boss Fight

    Use all your powers as you take on the Sith Lord in this final battle.

    Once you have got to the top, you will be making your way through the cloning area. Keep going forward to get to the game’s final boss with Darth Vader.

    When you begin your fight with Vader, you will be unable to attack him if you get to close to him. You can only hit him with your lightsaber. Use your lightning to charge up your lightsaber attacks.

    When you are fighting Vader, you would want to try and miss out on using the combos, as he will block most of them. You will then need to hit him as much as you can, when he comes in for his attack block him. This will know him off his guard and put some damage on him too.

    Most of your fighting with be in close range with your lightsaber.

    Every now and again you will enter a quick time event with Vader, follow the on screen instructions.

    Once you have damaged Vader enough he will then run to another platform. You will have to follow the on screen instructions.

    When you meet up with Vader again, he will start throwing tubes. Catch them, throwing them back at him (this will do a lot of damage to Vader).

    when he runs out of tubes he will then turn back to his lightsaber.

    Use your mind trick on the clones, turning them on Vader.

    Make your way through the clones, catching the tubes Vader is throwing, throwing them back at him.

    Remember to keep using the mind tricks on the clones, taking the tubes to their full advantage as they do some real damage to Vader.

    You will need to pay close attention to the platform, when it starts to wobble, this means Vader is knocking it loose. You will need to dash to another platform. Otherwise you will need to start over.

    This will happen three times, the third time you will need to get close to Vader and trigger another quick-time event.

    The last part if the battle is not too hard. You will need to hammer away at Vader with your lightsaber.

    As beat Vader around , you really want to avoid getting him near the edge. If you get to close to the edge of the platform, Vader will hit you with electricity.

    You will also need to keep your eye open for Vader’s hand (when he raises it).

    When Vader reaches half-health, you will trigger a quick time event. This will knock Vader into a lightning tower. Lay into him, this will bring on a lot of damage,

    Finally Vader will keep battling. You will need to duel him a couple more times, hitting him with the lightning tower for a second him. This will trigger the last quick-time event. This is a long process but it should go smoothly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where is the purple light saber crystal?

    The purple crystal is in the drill grounds challenge, keep the troopers from getting away for 3 minutes minimum and you should get it. The best way to win on that challenge is to level up Lightsaber Throw all the way and use that the whole time.

    Note: The purple crystal boosts defense. — Thanks to Eragon for the tips.

    How to pull down the cannons in the return to Kamino?

    The cannon’s in Kamino Again are much easier to Force Pull if you are level with them. You can double jump and sprint into the glass tubes on either side of the two cannons and grab from inside the area closest to the respective cannons.

    Note: Using this tactic, you don’t constantly get attacked by them. — Thanks to Conesarecoming for the tip.

    Please comment if you need help anywhere or to give a tip yourself, we’ll credit you for it.


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    • King Monkfish

      On ‘The Return’ when trying to lock onto the connons in the first section. If you jump onto those platforms that he mentions where he is having trouble and then go to the side through the windows into the small corridors (one each side) you can then lock onto them quite a lot easier, cheers

    • Ginaz

      In “Escape from Kimono” I don’t see the yellow holocron that supposedly floats above the “gap” after you have dispatched the flying stormtroopers by using Q lighting. Absent said yellow holocron how do you get across the gap? Or more to the point: Where is the yellow holocron? I am playing the PC version of the game. Would that be responsible for the holocrons absence? Help!!

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      hey I love the game, but when I get to the Western Arch and fight the ship I can’t get my force grip to work to through the ship into the pillars. Any suggestions?

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      He runs over to Juno, turns out she is alive. Big romantic “we’re alive” thing. Vader is put in a holding cell and has a conversation with Starkiller about how while Juno is still alive he will still be controlled by Vader. They jump to lightspeed and Boba Fett follows them.

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    • Brittany La Vigne

      It is completely different. I concur, it’s misleading to have “Wii” listed too. The locations, where items are, etc. Are all waaaay different.

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