Free Fable 3 DLC at launch

25 October 2010
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Fable 3 love handshake
Free goodies on the Fable 3 release date of October 26th are set to make people happy just in time for the Halloween Holiday on October 31st.

The virtual items will cost nothing to players (either in in-game currency or real money) and will be avaiable for download immediatly after firing up Peter Molyneux’s latest RPG epic that’s an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Here are the free downloadable items you get by using the single-use redemption code that comes in the game package:

1. Raise Dead potion
3. Slow Time Potion
4. Scot Male Hero Outfit or the Scot Female Hero Outfit
5. Highlander Tattoo Set
6. Red Setter Dog Skin

This latest video shows you an overview of the co-op mode in the game.

Via VG247


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