Saw 2 Flesh and Blood walkthrough videogame guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Saw 2 Flesh & Blood walkthrough Part 5: Floor Puzzle & Meat Locker Room

Head through the door to the right, you will need to have a look around for some numbers 3054, this is the code to open the door. This code is located at the end of the hallway.

You will need to get down to some more crawling, crawl through the hole, you will need to keep crawling until you get to a room with a TV.

You will need to move over to the answering machine and have a listen.

Once you have done that, move over into the bathroom.

Drop yourself off the ledge, head through the bolted door, you will need a key for this door. You will need to have a look around for another code. This code is 8120 and it is located through a small hole.

Once you have passed the second door you will need to watch out as this door is a trap. You need to press B to get out of the way of the gun shot. After you have dodged the bullet, have a look through another peep hole, here you will see the number 5430.

For the third door which is located across from the second, the code for this door is 6438.

Located behind the second door is a briefcase, you will need to complete the mini game by arranging all the gears correctly so they spin together.. if you do this right, you will be able to get a key located in the brief case.

Once you have the key from the brief case, you will need to head down the hall, there is another balancing act coming up.

Once you have competed that head to the ballroom.

Saw 2 Flesh & Blood walkthrough Part 6: Switches In The Kitchen & Save Henry

you will need to use the nail to get through the locked door located in the ballroom. You will need to turn on the water heater, pushing the tap to see the code, this code is 942.

go get the puppet and make your way though the open doors to the right. You will need to hack the power console.

There will also be a floor puzzle, your clue is the TV.

Try not to step on the camera and the puzzle pieces.

Go into the next room and up the stairs, collect some tape on the table.

The three clocks on the wall are your next clue, look at the numbers. 826

What out when you pass the door, there will be an enemy, and take the key.

Head up the stairs and across to the walkway. You need to pick up a pipe and smash through the wall that is falling apart.

Go through he hole.

There is another floor puzzle you need to complete. You will need to hit each tile, it goes a bit like this Foot, Tile, Nail.

Saw 2 Flesh & Blood walkthrough Part 7: Save The Woman In The Box

Go over and pick up the cassette tape, you will then need to go through the door on the left. Once you have crossed the beam pick up the axe. You will need to use the axed to cut the chain which is in the next room.

Once you have dropped down and gone down the hall, you will need to arrange the meat carts in under three minutes to open the door in front of you.

Once you have gone through the door you will need to be aware of an enemy jumping out at you.

Once you have your new puzzle from Jigsaw, you will need these numbers 80647.

make your way down the hallway, collect the tape. Once you have made it to the end of the hall, you will need to backtrack through the previous rooms.

Saw 2 Flesh & Blood walkthrough Part 8: Find The Pool Pump

You will now be able go through the door, you will have to hack it first. You will need to connect the two electricity nodes on the panel.

For the mini game, you will need to turn off the lights in the correct order to turn off all the lights.

Once the cutscene ends, you will be in the next level.

When the new level starts, you will be located I front of an elevator, you will need to complete the new objective. If you don’t complete this objective you will die.

Your next task is to save the girl, you will need to move around the outside of the room. , go through the door on your left hand side.

When you see a couple of TV’s you will need to press the buttons to close the doors which are in front of you. Head to the right.

Do not go through the first door, it is a trap. You will need to go through the hole in the wall and make your way up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, you will need to drop down to the lower level, pressing a button to deactivate the panel.

You will then need to collect a gear from the dryer, head back through the door in the hall.

You will be able to unlock the door at the top of the stairs. Head to another electricity panel.

You will need to hack this panel.

Go through the door, you will need to head up the ramp which leads to a rubbish area. Make your way up the ladder and through the fire escape.

Enter the door at the top.