Fallout New Vegas Unique Weapons Locations Guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

Unique Melee Weapons

Unique Weapon Location #23: Oh, Baby!

Location: Charleston Cave

You will find the “Oh Baby!” melee weapon at the very bottom of the Charlestown Cave. While you move through the cave and kill the nightstalkers, take the left path which will lead to a small area filled with water. Just past this up the hill, there will be dead nightkins lying on the ground.

The “Oh Baby!” melee weapon will be lying to the left of one of the dead nightkins that is carrying a chewed stealth boy which is needed in the Side Quest “Guest Who I Saw Today.”

Unique Weapon Location #24: Fire Axe: Knock Knock

Location: Camp Searchlight

This weapon will be inside of the restrooms on the upper floor of the Fire Station inside Camp Searchlight.

Unique Weapon Location #25: Bumper Sword: Blade of the East

Location: Legate’s Camp

This weapon is carried by Legate Lanius at the Legate’s Camp. Kill him to get it.

Unique Weapon Location #26: 9 Iron: Nephi’s Golf Driver

Location: Samson Rock Crushing Plant

This weapon is carried by a Fiend named Driver Nephi in his territory at the Samson Rock Crushing Plant.

Unique Weapon Location #27: Lead Pipe: The Humble Cudgel

Location: Sealed Sewers

This weapon will be found near the Prospector corpse inside of the Sealed Sewers.

Unique Weapon Location #28: Combat Knife: Chance’s Knife

Location: Chance’s Grave

This weapon will be inside of Chance’s Grave which is near the Tribal Village and the Makeshift Great Khan Camp. It is also North of Goodsprings. You will need a shovel in order to dig up the grave, you can buy one from Chet in Goodsprings.

Unique Weapon Location #29: Machete: Liberator

Location: Nelson

This weapon is carried by Dead Sea in Nelson. Kill him to get it.

Unique Weapon Location #30: Cleaver: Chopper

Location: Wolfhorn Ranch

This weapon will be found on the stove of the Wolfhorn Ranch.

Unique Weapon Location #31: Straight Razor: Figaro

Location: Kings School of Impersonation

You will need to kill Sergio, whom is a hair dresser, in the last room at the back of the building.

You might hurt your relationship with the Kings by killing Sergio, and possibly Karma. It is your decision if this melee weapon is worth killing Sergio over or not. There is no other way to get it.