Angry Birds Halloween Golden Eggs Locations Guide (iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch)

Angry Birds Halloween Golden Egg screenshot
Looking for how to find all Golden Eggs in Angry Birds Halloween for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch? Our locations guide will help you to accomplish just that!

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  • So how do you go about finding the Golden Eggs? Here is how:

    Where to find and collect Golden Eggs #1 in Angry Birds Halloween

    Golden Egg #1: It’s located in Theme 3 Level 2. When you start playing, kill the first two birds and fire the boomerang (green bird) backwards. When at a correct height click to make him go forward and hit the pumpkin with the golden egg in it. This will work, because it’s a simple chain reaction level.

    Golden Eggs 1, 2 and 3 are shown in this video:

    Thanks to scarbzscope for the tips video.

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