Angry Birds Halloween cheats and tips (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Angry Birds Halloween cheats and tips screenshot (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch game)
Looking for Angry Birds Halloween cheats and tips for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch mobile game? Our page will help you get started with this brand new sequel to the original Angry Birds!

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  • Angry Birds Halloween tasks you with taking out the pigs by slingshoting various kinds of birds in different directions to take out said pigs encased in enclosed physics-based structures. There are a variety of birds with varying abilities and lots of skill involved. The more you practice, the better you get.

    Here’s an in-game video from Angry Birds Halloween developers, showing tips of how they use the different birds to play the game.

    Important tips before you start playing:

    Remember that for every level or structure there isn’t necessarily a set strategy. While some can be taken down with one pin-point hit, others will need to be bombed constantly before you can get at the pigs inside.

    It can be difficult to destroy stone walls, it will take some moving. It’s usually best to target the wooden pieces first, hoping that will unsettle the rest of the structure.

    As with the original Angry Birds, every bird has strengths and weaknesses. Use them well:

    * Bomb birds are best used to take out tricky defenses. They are also extremely helpful if all your targets are in close proximity to each other.
    * The birds that split into three missiles are great for setting off chain reactions. This is extremely helpful because the chain reactions will target different parts of the map all at once.

    What happens when you get a 3 stars ranking on all 45 new levels:

    Once you get to 3 stars on every level, a total of 135 stars, as a reward for all your efforts and skill the game’s Halloween pumpkin will light up!

    PS: For level-specific walkthrough tips you can click on the “Walkthrough Video Guide” link at the top of this page (it’s in the index list of guides).

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