Red Wii and DSi XL system bundles release date is November 7, 2010 in America

Red Wii Mario 25th Anniversary America system bundle
Americans will get red Wii and DSi’s for Mario’s 25th Anniversary releasing to stores on November 7, 2010 announced Nintendo of America. This will definitely make fans happy.

Like with bundles released in Europe as we previously reported, the Red Wii bundle will include a red-colored Wii console, red-colored Wii Remote Plus (a new controller that has the Wii MotionPlus built right into it), red-colored Wii Nunchuck, a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and a copy of Wii Sports (the original, NOT Wii Sports Resort, for some dumb reason). It is priced at $200.

Sadly, the American version will not include the special 25th Anniversary Virtual Console version of the original Super Mario Bros. 1 NES game that Japan gets with their bundle, and Americans won’t even be getting a Virtual Console of Donkey Kong pre-installed, which the Europeans get. Poo!

Red DSi XL Mario 25th Anniversary American system bundle

Then there’s the Red DSi XL bundle, which includes a red-colored DSi XL with Mario power-up symbols printed on the top of the system (Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Power Star) as well as a free copy of Mario Kart DS. This set is priced at $180.

Sadly, there still has not been word on whether Americans will be getting the Wii Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary collection . . . which Europe and Japan is getting. Hopefully we’ll learn news on that front soon.

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