Fallout New Vegas Companions Locations Guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

21 October 2010
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Companion Location #7: Raul Tejada

Location: Raul can be found locked up inside of the Prison Building at Black Mountain.

You will need to first access the terminal on the left as you enter and read Entry 6 to get the password to access the 2nd further terminal that opens the locked door. If you have a Science skill of 100, you do not have to get the password from the 1st terminal and go straight to the 2nd.

Then simply just talk to Raul to recruit him, and you will get the Regular Maintenance perk but only when he is following you. You will need to complete his Free Quest “Old School Ghoul” to further upgrade him and his perk.

Perk: Regular Maintenance slows down the condition of weapons and armor. In otherwords, it lengthens the amount of time you have with a weapon or armor. This can also counteract the negative effects of the Build to Destroy trait.

Upgrade: Vaquero or Full Maintenance.

Vaquero gives an increased combat ability.

Full Maintenance slows down the condition of weapons or armor much more, 75% slower this time.

Companion Location #8: Veronica

Location: You can find Veronica at the 188 Trading Post, north of Vault 11 and El Dorado Dry Lake.

You will just need to finish your discussion positively with her including positive things in relation to when she is asking about you about the Brotherhood of Steel.

She will then follow you, as well as give you the Scribe Assistant perk while she follows you.

Perk: Scribe Assistant allows you to craft workbench items through Veronica’s dialogue. In otherwords, she is a portable workbench. She also benefits in close combat skills when you complete the Quest.

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