Fallout New Vegas characters overview

Who his this Fallout: New Vegas character?
This Fallout: New Vegas characters overview video goes over all of the major players in the upcoming follow-up to 2008’s major hit Fallout 3. Although the games are not directly related.

Because of that, there are a number of new characters that will be propping up during this all-new adventure set to the backdrop of Sin City in the Nevada desert.

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This official Fallout New Vegas characters trailer video offers new info on the star filled, famous voice cast in the next sequel to the famous series.

The fan video created below gives you a look at each of the characters you can expect to encounter in the game as well as their relationship to your title character The Courier. Although the video is a slideshow of pictures, it’s still a nice primer ahead of the Fallout: New Vegas release date of October 19, 2010.