Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 walkthrough video guide (PS3, Xbox 360)

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 walkthrough artwork
In this Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 walkthrough, you’ll be guided through the game’s beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this highly anticipated fighting game sequel based on the Naruto Shippuden manga and anime series for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Developed by acclaimed studio CyberConnect2, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a tour de force of Naruto thrills and spills, and the first game based on the global hit Naruto Shippuden manga and anime to appear on both consoles. Impressively faithfully to the universe of the anime, the game takes you through the Naruto Shippuden story arc with new battle systems enhancing the gameplay. A deep three-part story mode will have you living different ninja lives through the eyes of Naruto, Sasuke and Jiraiya. With more than 40 characters to choose from, engaging in bigger and more epic cinematic boss battles has never been this intense. The game will also feature an evolved Support Character system where you must choose the right companions to fight alongside for a greater chance of winning, and together unleash explosive Team Special Techniques to lay waste to opponents.

With the original Japanese voiceover, a large number of unlockables and power ups to discover, a wealth of brand new environments to explore, and amazing visuals faithful to the anime, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is an unmissable tornado of fierce ninja action. Get ready to flex your jutsu muscle!

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Naruto Shippuden takes place two-and-a-half years after Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya. Upon his return, Naruto finds out that everyone in his age group has surpassed him in rank, and he’s fallen behind. With only six months left to rescue Sasuke, however, Naruto must face even more dangerous enemies. As Akatsuki’s plan unfolds, and Naruto slowly loses himself to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, it becomes clear that more dangers await Naruto than ever before.

Chapter 1: Rescue the Kazekage

Welcome to Konoha

Naruto’s homecoming to Konoha. Although most things are the same, other things have changed. From Konohamaru becoming a Genin to Tsunade’s head being added to the Great Stone Faces. Finally back in Konoha, Naruto resumes his old life, only he’s changed as well.

Kakashi Fight for Bell-Stealing Drill

Naruto and Sakura must show Kakashi how much they’ve improved by taking the bell test yet again. This time, however, Kakashi is using the Sharingan!

Mission 1: Advice Session

A certain young person is at wit’s end because he can’t meet his beloved. He’s waiting for you outside of the Yamanaka Flower Shop.

Mission 2: Licensing Work

Trading licenses have been updated. Now you have to go to every store and distribute the certificates. Get details from Shizune, then distribute.

Gaara VS Deidara

Two Akatsuki members make their way to the Hidden Sand Village. Gaara has realized that Akatsuki has infiltrated the Hidden Sand Village. He comes face-to-face with Deidara, a member of Akatsuki who uses clay as a weapon. Can Gaara, even as Kazekage, defeat Deidara and protect his village at the same time?

Kazekage Gaara of the Sand VS Deidara from Akatsuki fight.

The best way to get the S Rank achievements in the game is by watching these videos, so you can remember the order of the quick-time buttons to press and especially their timing.

The Gaara VS Deidara fight continues.

Find Lost Child & Team Kakashi Deployed

A certain mother is searching for her child, who’s gotten lost. Help with the search and take the child back to her mother.

With their leader abducted, the Hidden Sand Village requests assistance from the Leaf. Tsunade sends Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi out to help. Worried about her little brother, Temari tags along as well. — As the group travels to the Hidden Sand Village, Naruto realizes that Sakura doesn’t know why Akatsuki is after him and Gaara, so he finally explains to her the truth.

Hidden Sand Village & Team Guy VS Kisame & Kakashi VS Itachi

As Team Kakashi arrives at the Hidden Sand Village, Team Guy heads to the Land of Rivers. On their way to intercept Deidara who captured Gaara, they are stopped by Kisame who wants to fight Neji, TenTen, Lee and Guy as Akatsuki intends to slow down their pursuit.

Team Guy VS Kisame fight.

Meanwhile, Kakashi and his group decide to head out with Temari and other Sand ninja, but Chiyo decides to go in her place. — While Gai’s group must fight against Kisame in order to proceed, Kakashi’s group is cut off by another familiar face, Itachi Uchiha! Kakashi and Naruto team up to face the legendary ninja.

The Team Guy VS Kisame fight continues, while the Kakashi VS Itachi fight starts.

The Jinchuriki Secret & Doppelgangers Fight

As the group draws closer to Akatsuki’s hideout, Chiyo reveals some startling information about Jinchuriki. Naruto becomes more determined than ever to rescue Gaara, but is it too late to save him now that the group has finally arrived at the Akatsuki hideout.

Knowing that Akatsuki’s lair is protected by a powerful barrier, Kakashi and Guy decide that the teams must work together to dismantle it. As Guy’s team stays behind to fight a group of mysterious enemies, Kakashi’s team enters the Akatsuki hideout.

Sakura VS Sasori

Chiyo and Sakura team up to fight Sasori, but they soon realize that if they get something even as small as scratch, it’s all over. Can the two kunoichi defeat this puppet master?

When Sasori’s surrounded himself with puppets, they’ll block your approach. Find an opening and use a hit-and-away strategy! Using your support may get those pesky puppets out of the way… Nimble up your fingers, because during the 10 vs. 100 puppets part of this fight the game switches to many Quick Time Events.

Naruto VS Deidara

Naruto, supported by Kakashi, battles against Deidara to get the dying Gaara’s back. Will they be able to get to him in time?

Return of the Kazekage

Gaara’s body has finally been recovered, and Chiyo determines that there is only one way to save him. It’s up to her and the entire village to prove to Gaara that he is loved, and Naruto shows Gaara that he does have a friend. Now that Gaara’s been revived, it’s time for the ninja of Konoha to take their leave.

Chapter 2: Their Reunion

Mission 3: A Certain Match

Tsunade tells you a certain team of three Chunin is looking for a training partner. Head to the “Training Field” and be their partner. Naruto must do a practice battle with Hinata, Kiba, and uhm… what’s his name again? Oh yeah! Chino.

Awakening Pros and Cons Tip: Awakenings grant you immense power, including immunity to your opponent’s throws and Ultimate Jutsu. There are some tradeoffs, though. During Awakening, you can’t use Support, Battle Items, or your own Ultimate Jutsu.

Naruto VS Sai

Naruto needs to find a new member for their team if they want to go meet with Sasori’s spy. As Naruto desperately seeks out a new team member, a mysterious boy with strange abilities attacks him. With the help of his old friends Shikamaru and Choji, Naruto manages to force the boy to retreat.

Back at the Hokage’s Room things go from bad to worse for Naruto, however, as the boy that just attacked him is assigned to join Team Kakashi. His name is Sai, and he is a member of the ANBU Roots devision. In addition, due to Kakashi’s injuries, an ANBU member known as Yamato takes his place as the team leader. How will Naruto and Sakura get along with the new Team 7?

Naruto VS Yamato

In order to grasp his team’s abilities, Yamato asks Naruto, Sakura, and Sai to have a sparring match. It’s Naruto & Sai VS Yamato & Sakura.

Naruto VS Orochimaru & Yamato VS Nine-Tails Naruto

The time has finally come to meet with Sasori’s spy. As Yamato, disguised as Sasori, meets with the spy on the Tenchi Bridge, the group is shocked to discover the spy’s true identity is Kabuto. Unbeknownst to everyone, Orochimaru is watching, and he is intends to put to a stop to this little betrayal.

When Orochimaru angers Naruto with his talk of Sasuke, Naruto unlocks the Nine-Tails’ third tail and does battle with Orochimaru. Will even this be enough to defeat one of the Legendary Sannin or has Orochimaru finally met his match?

The Naruto VS Orochimaru fight continues, as Naruto goes from three to four out of nine tails. With Orochimaru vanishing from the scene, it’s now up to Yamato to stop him. With Naruto a miniature demon fox himself, he’s unable to tell friend from foe. Meanwhile, Sai ditches Yamato and Sakura to attend to a mission of his own.

Naruto VS Traitor Sai & Sakura VS Kabuto

It’s an infiltration into the den of the snake! Naruto, Sakura, and Yamato arrive at Orochimaru’s lair and attempt to sneak in. They must locate the traitorous Sai and Sasuke without alerting Orochimaru or Kabuto of their presence.

To get in Naruto must fight Traitor Sai. Kabuto comes to Sai’s rescue and mocks Naruto’s futile attempts at trying to save Sasuke. Words are exchanged and the situation ends in Sakura with Yamato’s help fighting Kabuto.

Reunion: Naruto VS Sasuke

After two-and-a-half years, Naruto and Sakura finally reunite with their former teammate, but Sasuke doesn’t seem all too thrilled to see them.

It’s not a happy reunion after all as the Naruto VS Sasuke fight begins!

Sasuke proves to be too much for the weakened members of the group and he escapes with Orochimaru and Kabuto. Their mission to bring back Sasuke a failure, the group returns to Konoha determined not to fail ever again.

Chapter 3: The Immortal Akatsuki

Wind Chakra Training with Asuma

Kakashi and Yamato introduce Naruto to a special training regime that only he can do, and Naruto learns about chakra element affinity. What affinity does Naruto’s chakra have? It turns out it’s Wind just like Asuma sensei, who gives a struggling Naruto advice for his training. Meanwhile, two mysterious Akatsuki arrive in The Land of Fire.

Asuma VS Naruto fight with Wind chakra.

Wakenings and Power-down Tip: Awakenings are meant to give you a powerful boost, but they’re tough to use. Once the effects of an Awakening wear off, you’ll be unable to reactivate Awakening for a while, and you’ll fall into power-down status. Time your Awakening carefully!

Training with Lee

The Fifth Hokage has called an assembly, asking Asuma and a team to apprehend a pair of Akatsuki who are searching for Jinchuriki near the Hidden Leaf.

Lee is training. Naruto becomes his opponent in order to make his training a success.

Asuma and Shikamaru VS Hidan

Asuma’s team locates Hidan and Kakuzu. These are the battles where Asuma and Shikamaru in turn VS Hidan.

Support Tip: Don’t just send out support haphazardly, be clever about it! For example, it’s effective to send out support to ensure that your powerful ninjutsu or Ultimate Jutsu attack hits home.

RIP Asuma & Training with Kakashi

Asuma’s group attempts to assassinate Hidan. Strangely enough, Hidan is not killed by the effort and a battle ensues. Can Asuma defeat a foe who claims to be immortal? Unfortunately Asuma gets trapped in Hidan’s secret and incomprehensible curse technique. Just as Konoha reinforcements arrive, a call from the Akatsuki leader forces Hidan and Kakuzu to fall back. In the wake of the aftermath, however, not everyone makes it back to Konoha alive…

In the meantime, Naruto works to complete his most recent training exercise. Can Naruto combine his techniques to create a new and more powerful jutsu? A fight with Kakashi will show if Naruto has improved enough to be able to beat him in battle.

Chakra Saving Tip: Chakra is super-important. In addition to recovering it by using Chakra Charges and collecting Chakra Spheres, try adjusting your chakra recovery speed or amount consumed with bento.

Shikamaru VS Hidan & Kakashi VS Kakuzu

All of Konoha mourns the tragic loss of Asuma Sarutobi. Knowing that Hidan and Kakuzu are bound to return, Shikamaru, Choji, and Ino prepare to head off to take revenge upon the duo while Kakashi takes temporary leadership of Team 10.

Shikamaru catches up with Hidan and fights him, while Kakashi, Choji and Ino go after Kakuzu.

As Kakashi and the others continue to struggle against the Akatsuki duo, Kakuzu reveals that he has not one, but five hearts! In order to kill him, one must take out all five of his hearts. The situation looks grim after Kakashi is tired from taking out just one heart, but a surprise back-up unit arrives on the scene to provide some much needed assistance.

Shikamaru decides to challenge Hidan alone, and forces him away from his partner. Here Shikamaru continues his fight with Hidan and falls into Shikamaru’s trap. But now that Shikamaru has Hidan cornered, can he find a way to defeat Hidan’s immortality? Watch the guide video to find out how he can beaten, or as Shikamaru says “When you curse someone, you dig your own grave”.

Mastering Substitution Tip: Substitution Jutsu lets you evade attacks completely. If you use it to counter striking-type attacks, you can close in on your enemy’s back in an instant! Use that moment of confusion to launch a counterstrike.

Naruto VS Kakuzu

Naruto challenges Kakuzu alone with his new technique, Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken. Approach Kakuzu and attack watching out for attacks from him and his tentacles. You won’t have much luck with long-distance attacks, so try to close in fast and pull off an Air Combo.

How to slow down fast enemies: Battle items are effective against quick enemies who won’t hold still. Some battle items slow down your enemy’s movements, while others put them to sleep, paralyze them, or limit their movement completely!

The Naruto VS Kakuzu boss fight continues. In the aftermath of the battle, Teams 7 and 10 return to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Chapter 4: Hebi Formation

Sasuke VS Orochimaru

Orochimaru’s body has reached its limit and the time for the ritual has come. Sasuke has other plans, however, and seeks to target a bedridden Orochimaru. Orochimaru reveals the true, hideous form his body has taken resulting from years of experimenting on it. Can Sasuke defeat this menacing form, or does Orochimaru still have a few tricks up his sleeve?

Bento Power-up Tip: Before fighting a strong enemy, fill up with a bento. If you eat a bento before you fight, you’ll have the advantage in your next battle. You can buy bentos at all eateries.

How to avoid poison and sleep: Increase your endurance with bento, which negate every sort of bad status. If you make good use of battle items and make your opponent’s status “bad” instead, you can turn the tide of the fight all at once.

Sasuke VS Suigetsu & Copies Fight & Karin

Having defeated Orochimaru, Sasuke releases one of Orochimaru’s test subjects, Suigetsu. Determined to put together a team to achieve his goals, Sasuke decides to request Suigetsu’s assistance. Suigetsu agrees, but only if he’s willing to fight him to find out who’s the stronger of the two.

After this Sasuke and Suigetsu seek out the next member that Sasuke hopes to recruit for his team, Karin, a woman who controls one of Orochimaru’s prisons at the Southern Hideout.

How to break the enemy’s guard: Try using the effects of the battle items to boost your power and make your enemy’s guard easier to shatter. Once you break through your enemy’s guard, you’ll get a chance to hammer home an attack.

Jugo of the Northern Hideout

Having successfully recruited Karin, Sasuke seeks out the final person for his platoon, Jugo. Karin warns Sasuke and Suigetsu of Jugo’s uncontrollable murderous instincts, but when they arrive at the northern hideout, they find he’s no longer locked up there.

Suigetsu, Karin and Sasuke VS Jugo

Suigetsu and Karin must fight Bipolar Jugo. Unable to stop him, Sasuke steps in and fights Jugo too.

After successfully convincing Jugo to join his team, Sasuke finally has everyone he needs for his platoon. He names it Team Hebi, and explains the true reason as to why he gathered them all together: To kill Itachi Uchiha.

Power Boost Tip: Boost your power with battle items and bento that raise your attack power. If you also use battle items to lower your enemy’s defense power, you may actually be able to finish them with one blow!

Defense Boost Tip: Boost your power with battle items and bento that raise your defense power. If you also use battle items to lower your enemy’s attack power, you’ll be able to form an iron defense and put up a solid fight!

Speed Boost Tip: Boost your power with battle items that increase your speed of movement. If you also use battle items to slow your opponent’s movements, you’ll be able to overwhelm your opponent with speed!

Sasuke VS Deidara

A battle between Deidara and Sasuke begins! When Sasuke avoids Deidara’s usual explosive attacks, Deidara decides to go with his C2 Dragon. Sasuke seems to be cornered by Deidara’s C2 explosives, but he’s far from being defeated. Sasuke’s Sharingan proves to be superior against Deidara’s explosives.

Deidara creates one of his finest works, the C4 Karura, in order to take him down. By using himself as an explosive, Deidara creates an explosion ten kilometers in diameter, something not even Sasuke will be able to escape from or will he?

Chapter 5: Brothers

Sasuke VS Shadow Clone Itachi

During his search for his brother, Sasuke finally encounters Itachi. Sasuke attacks Itachi and finds out that it’s just a shadow clone. Itachi tells Sasuke to meet him at an old Uchiha hideout where they’ll settle things.

Suigetsu VS Kisame & Uchiha Clan Massacre

After Sasuke leaves the team to confront Itachi alone, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo get into a fight with Kisame. Fortunately for them he’s not allowed to seriously fight them with all his power.

Sasuke’s long awaited battle with Itachi is about to begin, but first he asks him a few questions about the Uchiha Clan massacre in the Leaf Village so many years ago. It turns out Itachi wasn’t working alone, it’s revealed Madara Uchiha is the second culprit behind the Uchiha massacre.

Power Balancing Tip: If you examine the effects of battle items and bento and balance what you boost, you’ll be able to handle a wide range of battles. Be careful, though, having no shortcomings means you won’t be exceptional at anything, either.

Sasuke VS Itachi

After successfully breaking out of Itachi’s Tsukiyomi, Sasuke gains the upper hand on his weakened brother. With no other alternative, Itachi activates his second Mangekyo ability, Amaterasu, a black flame said to burn forever. Sasuke thinks that he’s finally killed Itachi with the help of his most powerful technique, Kirin, but Itachi still has one final trick up his sleeve. Having used both Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu, Itachi calls upon the power of his third and final Mangekyo ability, Susano’o. Itachi has turned the tide of the battle against Sasuke.

Itachi Boss Fight Tips:
1. Watch out for the movement of the Susano’o, focus your attacks on Itachi. Halfhearted attacks won’t work. Instead, get close and attack over and over until you see the path to victory.
2. Attack Itachi directly and try to break through his guard. Attach Itachi when his guard is down, and you’re guaranteed to cause a lot of damage. Be careful: when Susano’o is holding up the Yata Mirror, you can’t cause damage.

In the heat of battle Sasuke receives aid from an unexpected source, Orochimaru’s Eight-Headed Serpent Jutsu. The battle between the Uchiha brothers is nearing its shocking conclusion with these Quick-Time Events!

RIP Itachi & The Mystery of Tobi

As Sasuke has finally fulfilled his goal in killing Itachi and avenging his clan, he collapses from exhaustion.

The news of his victory reaches Tobi, who races towards Sasuke’s location and brings him out of the open battlefield. Seeking to gain Sasuke’s trust, Tobi tells the truth that he is actually Madara, one of the founders of the Hidden Leaf Village. Madara reveals to him the origins of Konoha. Madara and the future First Hokage founded the village long ago, but a rivalry between them would one day stem a chain of events leading to THAT night, the night that Itachi Uchiha annihilated the Uchiha Clan.

The Truth About Itachi

Once Sasuke finally learns the truth about Itachi and the Uchiha Clan. He and his newly titled Team Taka decide to join forces with Akatsuki with only one goal in mind: to take revenge upon the Hidden Leaf Village for the death of his brother.

Chapter 6: The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant

Jiraiya VS Naruto Training

Tsunade sends Jiraiya on a mission to infiltrates the Hidden Rain Village in hopes of gathering information on the Akatsuki leader. On his way there he reminisces about his time training Naruto.

Jiraiya has a flashback of fighting Naruto during training.

Jiraiya VS Konan

Jiraiya heads for Tenchi Bridge. Jiraiya enters the Hidden Rain Village to set out in search for Pain, but winds up encountering Konan instead. How will the reunion of Jiraiya and his former students turn out? In a fight of course!

Jiraiya VS Pain

Pain takes over from Konan in this epic fight to the death!

Pain Boss Fight Tip 1: Keep an eye on the crabs Pain summons. A direct frontal assault is too risky. If you can work your way to his side, you improve your chances of hitting him (preferably with a Rasengan).

Having no other choice against Pain’s powerful and strange summonings, Jiraiya undergoes a powerful transformation to go up against Pain with the help of the Toad Sages. Let’s hope this Sage Mode will be enough for Jiraiya to take on not only the Pain he’s been fighting, but two more as well.

Pain Boss Fighting Tip 2: You won’t get anywhere by just attacking all three Pains at random. Target them one by one to know them out. In the end, though, it seems you’ll have to hit all three at once.

It turns out there aren’t three but six pains and they seemingly cannot be killed. Jiraiya realizes that the six Pains are all ninja that he’s met before. Putting various pieces of information together, Jiraiya figures out Pain’s true identity and lets Fukasaku and Shima teleport away to bring this information to Tsunade. While dramatic, prepare yourself for another interactive cutscene as Jiraiya fights with every last breath he has!

Final Chapter 7: The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki

Mission 4: Secret Mission

The details of this secret mission are unclear. Client is in the Hidden Leaf Forest. Get details from the client. They have requested Naruto specifically. Before this mission starts Naruto also helps Konohamaru make the Shot Run Pill.

To get the mission’s real client you need to give the guard with the black glasses the following code word phrase, as an answer: “Grains of the desert, gathered in the wind, a desert rose.”

Later on, you’ll catch up with Kazekage Gaara for an all-out sparring match.

How to use Chakra like a pro: Push the Y or Triangle button on your controller to load chakra. Afterwards, by pressing various buttons, you can use powerful actions that expend chakra. In addition, by pressing the Y or Triangle button twice in a row, you’ll be able to use powerful secret techniques.

Remember, if you execute actions that expend chakra, such as Ninjutsu or Ultimate Jutsu, or if you get thrown to the ground hard enough to dislodge Chakra Balls, you’ll lose chakra. Recover the chakra you lose by holding the Y or Triangle button.

Sad News

Naruto is summoned by Tsunade, where he discovers shocking news regarding Jiraiya. Naruto mourns his master’s death. RIP Jiraiya.

Sage Mode Training

Naruto starts his Sage Jutsu training with Lord Fukasaku on Mount Myoboku hoping it will allow him to beat Pain. He must fight copies of his Team Kakashi team members in order to get accustomed to this new environment.

The Team Kakashi copies fight continues. After a good rest, Fukasaku explains to Naruto that energy acquired from outside of the body is called natural energy. Next Naruto must fight a copy of Pervy Sage on the training field. Elsewhere, Pain prepares to head to the Leaf Village.

Kakashi VS Pain & Team 10 VS Konan

Outside of the village, Akatsuki Leader Pain and Konan arrive and begin their invasion of the Hidden Leaf Village. The Leaf ninja assemble to protect Naruto’s whereabouts. Kakashi fights Pain in an effort to figure out his abilities.

Stronger Mid-air Jutsu Tip: A few of the characters can activate ninjutsu in midair, or, if you hold the B or Circle button which is the last button of the ninjutsu use command, can strengthen their performance.

Kakashi continues to fight against Pain. With the arrival of Choji and Ino, things start looking up, but Pain’s not out of tricks just yet… At the same time Team Asuma must face Konan in battle.

How to do big damage up close: Put together attacks to help you nail powerful ninjutsu or Ultimate Jutsu. Unnerve your enemy by mixing in ninja dashes or throws. Hitting your enemy’s weakness by using support is also effective.

Tsunade VS Pain

Pain confronts Tsunade and questions her about Naruto’s whereabouts. Tsunade argues with Pain about his motives, but Pain attacks her and the battle begins. Pain soon gets the info he needs from another source. Before preparing to depart, Pain unleashes a devastating attack on the village!

Sage Mode and Nine-Tails Naruto VS Pain

Naruto returns and discovers that the village has been devastated by Pain’s attack. Naruto successfully begins taking out Pain’s bodies one after another, but when his Sage Mode reaches its limit, Pain attempts to take control of the battle. As Naruto’s toad allies fall one by one, the situation begins to look grim.

Hinata appears on the scene and confesses her feelings to Naruto by stepping in front of Pain’s blade to save him. But this pushes Naruto over the edge! Naruto’s rage pushes him over the edge to unleash six of the Kyubi’s tails against Pain.

Pain Boss Fight Tips:
1. Overwhelm Pain with Sage Jutsu! Challenge Pain one-on-one to protect your friends in the village. Get a good grasp of Naruto’s abilities in Sage Mode, and defeat Pain.
2. In the second part of the battle you’ve got the power of the Nine-Tails on your side. Now’s your chance to use it to overwhelm Pain! Avoid the boulders he manipulates and launch a direct assault! The trick here is how to fight using a Naruto who has transformed into the Nine-Tails and is out of control. If you figure out its movement patterns, you can cause great damage. Attack carefully, destroying the rocks Pain sends at you.

Sage Mode Naruto VS Pain fight.

The Six-Tails Naruto VS Pain fight continues.

In order to combat this menace, Pain is forced to rely upon his most powerful technique to stop Naruto. Once Naruto sprouts the eight tail the Fourth Hokage appears in Naruto’s mind and prevents him from foolishly setting the Nine-Tails Kyubi free. Will this confrontation between father and son give Naruto the confidence he needs to stop Pain once and for all?

Jiraiya’s Sibling Students

Naruto confronts Nagato and tells him that he’ll give him the answer to the question Pain asked him earlier after he hears about what made Nagato turn to his evil ways. With Nagato’s story done, Naruto tells him his answer, declaring that he won’t abandon the legacy of his master, and he’ll keep striving for peace no matter what pain he’s put through. Nagato reflects on what Naruto says, also thinking back to his final days as one of Jiraiya’s students.

The Ending: Hero of the Hidden Leaf

Deciding to believe in Naruto, Nagato uses the Gedo Art: Rinne Rebirth jutsu, expending the last of his chakra, and thus giving his life, to revive every person in the village who died in the attack, saying that it’s the least he can do. With Nagato dead, Konan leaves Akatsuki, taking Nagato and Pain’s God Realm (who is actually the body of Yahiko) with her, parting with Naruto saying that since Nagato believed in him to achieve true peace, she will as well. As Naruto returns to the Leaf, he is astonished to find the entire village awaiting his return, hailing him as a true hero. After all these years, Naruto has finally received the acknowledgment he’s always wanted. The End.

Big thanks to VideoGamesReborn & Irishmachinima for the walkthrough videos. I spent 24 hours adding headlines, story details and gameplay tips, so I hope I did their videos justice. Good luck finishing the game everyone.

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