All Fallout: New Vegas weapons list and features

Fallout: New Vegas weapon holding screenshot
This is a list of the known Fallout: New Vegas weapons. Some of the new weapons have video clips, others have pictures, as shown below. Also included is a full list of all weapons.

Index of Fallout New Vegas Guides:

Fallout: New Vegas Special about “The Weapons of Destruction”:

Fallout: New Vegas continues the franchise’s wide variety of death-dealing instruments, and here Proj. Director Josh Sawyer sits with X-Play’s Morgan Webb for a look at the new weapons, mods, and ammo, and also the new Iron Sights Mode for deploying it all.

Up next are the Weapon Categories listed as they appear in the video overview:

Bladed Melee: 0:26
Blunt Melee: 1:02
Unarmed Melee: 1:32
Small Arms: 1:42
SMG’s: 2:40
Shotguns: 2:59
Rifles: 3:19
Snipers: 4:10
LMG’s: 4:26
Thrown Explosives: 4:43
Projectile Explosives: 5:18
Energy Pistols: 5:51
Energy Rifles: 6:08
Energy Shotguns: 6:36

Just seeing the new weapons not enough for you? Here’s the complete weapons list so far:


* 9mm Pistol
* Virgin Mary Pistol XD
* .357 Revolver
* Weathered 10mm Pistol


* Anti-Materiel Rifle
* Varmint Rifle
* Hunting Rifle
* Military Assault Rifle
* Trail Carbine
* Sniper Rifle
* Marksman Carbine All-American
* Camouflaged Rifle
* Battle Rifle
* Semi-Automatic Rifle
* Cowboy Repeater


* Cyberpunk Cowboy SMG
* 10mm SMG


* Shotgun
* Riot Shotgun
* Caravan Gun

Machine Guns

* Light Machine Gun
* Minigun

Energy Weapons

* Portable laser beacon
* Plasma Caster
* Flamer
* Gatling Laser

Explosives Projectile

* Grenade Machine Gun
* Missile Launcher
* Fatman


* Dynamite


* C4

Melee Weapons

* Sledgehammer
* Super Sledge
* 9-Iron
* Nail Board
* Concrete Club
* Machete
* Razor
* Boxing Gloves


* Combat Armor
* Desert Armor
* Leather Armor
* New California Ranger Armor
* Ceasar’s Legion Armor


* Cowboy Outfit
* Merc Adventurer Outfit
* NCR Uniform
* Petro-Chico Jumpsuit
* Powder Gang Uniform
* White Cowboy Suit
* Black Tuxedo
* Pre-War Outfit

Vault Jumpsuits

* Vault 21 Jumpsuit
* Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit
* Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit
* Vault 13 Jumpsuit


* Combat Helmet
* Desert Helmet
* New California Ranger Helmet
* Pre-War Baseball Cap
* Straw Hat
* Red Beret
* Green Beret
* Black Cowboy Hat
* Pith Helmet
* Ceasar’s Legion Helmet
* Metal Helmet


* Mirrored Sunglasses

The official Fallout: New Vegas weapons technology is discussed in developer diary 2.

Credit goes to Nathan & G4TV for the videos and to Kahn for the list!

If you see any weapons that are missing, leave a comment if you’d please.