Enslaved Tech Orbs Locations Guide to purchase all upgrades (PS3, Xbox 360)

Our Enslaved Tech Orbs locations guide for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of this excellent action adventure title will show you how to get all of the upgrades in the game.

By finding the Tech Orbs, you will be able to fully upgrade all of Monkey’s weapons and abilities to make him a more powerful and fearsome force to be reckoned with.

During the course of finding all the Tech Upgrades, you will earn the following Achievements/Trophies: Fully Loaded (30G/Gold) for getting all upgrades, Tough As They Come (20G/Bronze) for getting all health upgrades, Fighting Fit (15G/Bronze) for getting all combat upgrades, Check My Weapon (15G/Bronze) for getting all staff weapon upgrades and Shielded From Harm (15G/Bronze) for getting all shield upgrades.

Table of Contents

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Tech Orbs Guide

Finding Tech Orbs can be a tricky business. So to help you guys find all of those elusive orange globes of upgrading goodness, I’ve put together a video guide with some hints and tips. These may help you guys and girls get one step closer to those achievements/trophies and get more upgrades in the process.

Here are some more top tech orb tips:

1. Always back track any area you’ve just fought in for any stray orbs.

2. If a group of orbs seems unreachable, this usually means there are some well hidden platforms, so keep your eyes peeled for that shine.

3. During large puzzles like the windmill, the bridges and even the submarine carts, all have access to large clusters of orbs, but you’ll need to use those puzzle elements to gain access to them.

4. Kill all enemies to gain multiple tech orbs per destroyed mech.

5. Go over to every corner of the world, sometimes there’s a hidden corner that blends in with the environment. You can go around the corner to find more hidden orbs.

Tech Upgrades Guide

You can upgrade four separate categories: Health, Shield, Combat and Staff. In this upgrades section of the guide, we’ll show you how many tech orbs gets you your next upgrade.

You will want to upgrade to what best suites you first, but I would recommend sticking to Health and Shield upgrades first and then upgrade your Focused and Stun Attacks under Combat. Below we have provided you with each of the upgrades you can buy, how much they cost and what they give you in return.


Health Extension
Extension 1 20,000 Orbs — 25% more Health.
Extension 2 32,500 Orbs — 50% more Health.
Extension 3 50,000 Orbs — 75% more Health.
Extension 4 65,000 Orbs — 100% more Health.
Health Regeneration
Regeneration 1 60,000 Orbs — Health increases slowly over time.
Regeneration 2 72,500 Orbs — Health increases over time.
Regeneration 3 90,000 Orbs — Health increases quickly over time.


Shield Recharge
Recharge 1 15,000 Orbs — Shield regenerates 25% faster.
Recharge 2 22,500 Orbs — Shield regenerates twice as fast.
Shield Strength
Strength 1 20,000 Orbs — Shield absorbs more projectile fire.
Strength 2 30,000 Orbs — Shield absorbs 75% more projectile fire.
Strength 3 50,000 Orbs — Shield is more than twice as strong.
Block Strength
Strength 1 20,000 Orbs — Block 25% more strikes.
Strength 2 30,000 Orbs — Block 50% more strikes.
Strength 3 50,000 Orbs — Block twice as many strikes.

Combat Upgrades

Wide Attack Upgrade
45,000 Orbs — Increases the amount of time that your enemies are staggered after you use Wide Attack.
Counter Attack Upgrade
45,000 Orbs — When you successfully block an attack, perform a counter attack to deal damage to your enemy.
Stun Charge Upgrade
42,500 Orbs — Allows you to stun all nearby enemies and are stunned for a longer time period.
Evade Attack
50,000 Orbs — Use this attack while Evading to hit your enemy with an extra attack.
Focused Attack
60,000 Orbs — After you land multiple attacks on an enemy in quick succession, your staff will begin to glow allowing you to know your Focused Attack is ready. Use it to take down enemies instantly.
Combat Awareness
5,000 Orbs — Helps you to know what is going on with the Mechs you are facing. Enemies that glow Red are attacking, Blue means they are blocking, and Yellow means they are vulnerable.


Fire Rate
Rate 1 7,500 Orbs — Fire 25% faster.
Rate 2 12,000 Orbs — Fire twice as fast.
Ammo Increase
Increase 1 10,000 Orbs — Carry 15 stun and 12 plasma ammo.
Increase 2 20,000 Orbs — Carry 20 stun and 15 plasma ammo.
Increase 3 35,000 Orbs — Carry 25 stun and 20 plasma ammo.
Stun Time
Time 1 15,000 Orbs — Enemies are stunned for 25% longer.
Time 2 27,500 Orbs — Enemies are stunned for 50% longer.
Time 3 45,000 Orbs — Enemies are stunned for twice as long.
Stun Effect
Effect 22,500 Orbs — Stun blast now explodes on impact, affecting multiple enemies at once.
Plasma Penetration
Penetration 35,500 Orbs — Each plasma blast can now pass through multiple enemies.
Plasma Damage
Damage 1 42,500 Orbs — Plasma blast now does double the amount of damage.
Damage 2 65,000 Orbs — Plasma blast now does 4x as much as damage.

Do you have any helpful tips on finding tech orbs in a certain chapter? Comment and we’ll add them to this guide to help others (with credit to you of course.)