Will Wright making Bar Karma viewer-created TV show for Current TV

Will Wright making . . . something. Bar Karma show coming to CurrentTV next year
Will Wright is making a TV show coming to small screens near you soon.

The show is called “Bar Karma” (previously known as “The Creation Project”) and is a very unique take on a TV show, where viewers will actually create the show in a very interactive manner.

Set to air in 2011 on the station “Current TV”, Bar Karma will be a scripted show in which viewers will be able to pitch new story ideas and concepts for the next episode to the writing staff for the project.

The staff will then take the user-submitted ideas create a rough outline for the episode, for which users will then complete the storyboards. After that, users will get to vote on concepts and the winning vote will be turned into the actual episode itself.

That winning idea will then be adapted into a 30-minute episode from the community’s foundation.

Very intriguing!

Will you be tuning in to check out this show?

Via 1UP