Minecraft walkthrough video guide (PC, Mac, Browser)

Our MineCraft walkthrough video guide will help you in the beginning to ending moments of gameplay for this unique procedurally-generated open-world survival RPG/building game that has soared in popularity for PC, Mac and Browsers.

Minecraft starts you off in a randomly generated world, which you can then customize or alter by building/crafting anything you want out of the surrounding environment.

The game is available in free and paid versions at the official Minecraft web-site, with the free version lacking the structure of the paid/Alpha build which is called Survival, and has more of an RPG feel. If you want to just build things, give the free version a look first. If you get in on the game now, you will save some money before the game jacks up in price as the single-developer, Markus Persson aka Notch, gets closer to completing an actual, finished product.

Once you start in the game, you can search for building materials, bust the blocks around you to form structures or caves, place blocks or items you’ve assembled to build things, and explore the world around you. You’ll also encounter enemies, day and night cycles, and can garden, farm, craft items, and even play some rudimentary multiplayer, a feature that is currently being worked on and planned in fuller form for the full release.

This video shows off the basics of Minecraft and some of the most basic and essential tools that you can build. Also you can chuckle to the cute, girly reactions of Dodger as she discovers snow in Minecraft for the first time in her playthrough.

Here is some information on each aspect of Minecraft and how to start off to help guide new players.

After you spawn, check to make sure that the map is a sufficient enough size to sustain what you envision yourself building. If the map isn’t to your liking, you can delete it and try again or travel to another continent. Also take note of your spawning point, and be sure to build structures near it. Because if you die by one of the enemies in the game, you don’t want to spawn too far away from your home structure/base.

The first thing you should do is bust up some tree blocks one by one, and collect the wood that is splintered off by walking over them. To do this, walk over to a tree, point at the tree blocks, and hold down the left mouse button. Note that you don’t have to be super close to whatever it is you are “mining” (ie= punching). Try to get around 64 blocks of wood. This will enable you to create a wide variety of structures and tools.

Now some Inventory info. Press the “i” key to bring up your inventory. Put the Wood Blocks you just gathered from the Quickbar on the bottom into the Crafting squares by dragging the wood to the Crafting squares and planks will appear on the right. You are creating a workbench, one of the most important and most basic tools in Minecraft. Right click the planks until you’ve converted several pieces of wood into planks, then move them to your inventory at the bottom.

Now you need to place several planks together to create a Workbench. Put 1 Plank unit in each of the four crafting squares. Wa-lah! A Work Bench has been created. Now move the bench from the crafting squares to the Quickbar at the bottom by dragging it from the crafting squares to one of the squares in the Quickbar. For your second item, place 3 Plank units in the upper left crafting square and 3 in the lower left crafting square to create a Stick. Right click the Stick three times to create 12 sticks (assuming you have enough units). Put the Sticks into your inventory, another basic and important tool

The Quickbar slots at the bottom, boxes 1-9, will correspond to whatever hotkey (the “F” function keys at the top of your keyboard) in sequence 1 through 9, that you place that item in. So press the F key for your Workbench (or just click on it) to put that item into your hands. Now right-click to place the Workbench, or any item, into your world.

This is the most basic of functions in Minecraft. Right click the placed Workbench to craft even more complex objects. Now you will notice that you have a 3×3 grid instead of a 2×2 grid, allowing you to create even more complex tools and items.

To create an axe, and further mine new materials, place 1 Stick unit in the center bottom square of your Workbench Crafting boxes, 1 Stick in the center middle row and 1 Plank unit in the top middle of the first row to create a Pickaxe! This Axe is created of wood. When you find better or more stronger material, like Stone, you can make a stronger axe that won’t break as soon as the wood. And by combining these items, as shown in the video above, you can make all sorts of tools and items to help you further progress in the world. Expirement!

This video will also show you the basics of MineCraft.

MineCraft Walkthrough Part 1 – The Basics

For example, find Coal by exploring the world and looking for a gray stone block with black splotches. Break them to collect Coal, which you can use by putting a Stick in the bottom left crafting box and a unit of coal on the upper left box to create a Torch! You’ll want Torches to illuminate your “house”, which you can build into the sides of mountains by busting the blocks away to build a structure.

You’ll want to build your house before night falls, as that’s when enemies can come out to do away with you. Build a cave into a mountainside. You can make a door using wood or even just use dirt or rocks to bar the door and keep enemies out. And you can do so by simply selecting the bricks from material you’ve busted and using the right-mouse key to place the blocks in front of you. Build structures this way as well.

Get creative! You can set torches to help you keep track of what direction you’ve gone in and build almost any structure you can think of.

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And here is a huge Minecraft items list.

Thanks to Dodger & SeaNanners for the walkthrough videos.