Sonic Adventure 1 codes and cheats for unlockables (XBLA, PSN)

5 October 2010
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Sonic Adventure screenshot. Unlock stuff YEAH!!!
Our Sonic Adventures 1 codes and cheats list for unlockables in the Xbox Live Arcade & PlayStation Network port shows you how to unlock extra characters, Avatar Awards and more.

Unlockable Characters

1. Amy – You’ll unlock Amy after you beat Sky Chase. Then find and talk to her at the Casino.
2. Big – Defeat Chaos 6 as Sonic.
3. E-102 Gamma – You’ll unlock E-102 Gamma after beating Sky Deck as Tails or Sonic. Beat him and you’ll unlock E-102 as a playable character. Alternatively you can finish Twinkle Park as Amy to unlock him.
4. Knuckles – Beat and unlock Knuckles by beating the Ice Cap stage as Sonic or Tails.
5. Metal Sonic – Find 130 Emblems on the DX downloadable content to unlock Metal Sonic.
6. Miles Tails Prower – As Sonic finish the Emerald Coast C Mission.
7. Super Sonic – Beat the game as all other characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big and E-102 Gamma) to unlock Super Sonic as a playable character in the Adventure Mode.

Upgrades List

1. Ancient Light (Sonic) – Find this on top of a rock on Angel Island.
2. Booster (E-102) – Found in the Weapon’s Armory located on the Egg Carrier.
3. Crystal Ring (Sonic) – Find this by pressing the two buttons on the steps of the hotel, then use Light Speed Dash.
4. Fighting Gloves (Knuckles) – Located atop a ledge at Big’s Hut.
5. Jet Anklet (Tails) – Discovered through a hole in the roof at the Sewer found behind Twinkle Park.
6. Laser Blaster (E-102) – After the Egg Carrier crashes you’ll find this in the Restricted room.
7. Life Belt (Big) – Found at the Icecap where you enter.
8. Light Speed Shoes (Sonic) – Located in the Sewer that’s not behind Twinkle Park.
9. Long Hammer (Amy) – After the Egg Carrier crashes you must beat your own score on Hedgehog Hammer.
10. Long Rod (Big) – At Big’s Hut you’ll find this under his bed.
11. Lure Upgrade 1 (Big) – Found behind Twinkle Park in the Sewer.
12. Lure Upgrade 2 (Big) – Located under a sheet of ice at the IceCap.
13. Lure Upgrade 3 (Big) – Located at a cave found in the Forest.
14. Lure Upgrade 4 (Big) – On the Egg Carrier, you’ll find this in a jail cell.
15. Rhythm Badge (Tails) – This is found after the Tikal Flashback scene.
16. Shovel Claw (Knuckles) – Located in a tunnel where you see the cart that leads to the Mystic Ruins Chao Garden.
17. Warrior Feather (Amy) – You must beat Eggman’s high score on Hedgehog Hammer.

Avatar/Home Awards

1. Sonic’s Hi-Speed Shoes – Play Sonic Adventure for 10 hours to unlock this Avatar item (Male or Female Avatars can wear this).
2. Vintage Sonic Tee – Play Sonic Adventure for 5 hours to unlock this Avatar item (Male or Female Avatars can wear this).


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