Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

29 September 2010
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dead rising 2 zombrex location screenshot
Our Dead Rising 2 Zombrex locations guide will help you find the secret locations to unlocking all 4 available Zombrex packages for Chuck Greene to help you save your daughter, and other survivors that may need a daily dose of Zombrex. They are the same for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Zombrex in Frank’s quest.

Zombrex is an essential part of the Dead Rising 2 story line, a drug developed to stop the zombie infection in people who have been bitten. Chuck Greene’s daughter Katey is infected and throughout the story mode she will require 3 doses of Zombrex.

You will also get Zombrex from certain survivors who you manage to save during the game. Defeating specific psycho’s during your journey will also result in getting an extra dose of Zombrex.

If you find that you need an extra dose for a certain character, buying Zombrex from a pawn shop is also an option, but it can be very expensive as the first dose will cost you $25 000 and it will double in price for the second. With a price tag like that finding a free dose of Zombrex could change your game completely, our Zombrex location guide will show you exactly where to find all 4 of the hidden Zombrex vials.

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    Zombrex Location #1

    The first hidden Zombrex package is found by going upstairs to the top level of the BBQ shack, move to the left hand side where you will see some large lights hanging from the ceiling, Chuck can jump onto these lights, keep jumping across these until you see a large platform with a large toy bunny. The Zombrex is on this platform.

    Zombrex Location #2

    Take yourself down to the Royal Flush Casino stage, here you will find the second Zombrex vial. Go back stage and jump onto the stereo equipment and then onto the large dice, you will need to jump a large gap to get onto the equipment with the Zombrex on top.

    Zombrex Location #3

    Make your way down to the Yuccatan Casino, there is a large monument in the middle of the casino surrounded by stone statues, you can jump up to the top of this monument to reach a platform that has both a LMG and another secret Zombrex vial.

    Zombrex Location #4

    The fourth and final Zombrex location can only be found once you have access to the underground tunnels. The easiest time to do this is after your first encounter with TK in the underground itself. Grab a kart and use that to travel through the underground tunnel until you are underneath the Silver Strip entrance, there is a vial of Zombrex simply laying on the walkway so keep an eye open as you approach this entrance.

    Please comment if this helped you at all. Or if you have found any other Zobrex locations we’re missing, let us know and we’ll credit you for finding any.


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