Video Games News show: Episode 21

24 September 2010
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Welcome to a new episode of our new Video Games News show! Please subscribe via iTunes for automatic weekly updates.

Hi to all the viewers out there I’m the host of the new Video Games News show. Some call me crazy, the rest call me Jester, and I’m going to be bringing you guys the hottest news the freshest trailers and every kind of gamer crazy inbetween.
Every week we’ll share our favorite videos for announcements, previews, releases, etc.

Featured games this week: Final Fantasy XIV Online, an overview of this week’s releases, Shaun White Skateboarding, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and Front Mission Evolved.

Here’s the newest, 10-minutes-long Video Games News Episode:

What’s your favorite game mentioned in the show?


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