Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

24 September 2010
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In this Dead Rising 2 walkthrough, you’ll be guided through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay in this highly anticipated sequel for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Several years have passed since the Wilamette incident, and while Frank West was able to save America from a zombie apocalypse, the cause of zombification was not completely contained. This led to continued zombie outbreaks throughout the United States.

Dead Rising 2 shifts the action from the everyday world of mid-West America to the glitz and glamour of Fortune City, America’s latest and greatest entertainment playground. People flock to Fortune City from around the globe to escape from reality and the chance to win big. The game sees the introduction of former national Motocross champion, Chuck Greene, as the main protagonist. Before he hit the big time with a team and sponsorship behind him Chuck was forced to repair his own bikes, leaving him incredibly resourceful; a real handyman. A single father, Chuck dotes on his daughter Katey who, since the loss of her mother, he will do anything for.

With hundreds of zombies on screen at any one time, the original Dead Rising forced gamers to turn the everyday objects they found in the Mall into improvised weapons capable of fending off attacks. Dead Rising 2 promises to increase the carnage with even more zombies intent on feasting on human flesh and countless new objects with which Chuck can make the undead dead.

Jester has spent 40 hours total making this guide for you, both in-game to record videos and writing down voice-over tips! So if this helped you at all, please leave a comment.

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  • Please note that viewers must be at least 18 to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes as we spill zombie guts.

    Find the part you need help with by pressing “CTRL” and the “F” keys on your keyboard at the same time to search for the case you want help on. Now, let’s begin!

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Day 1: Find Zombrex

    To find Zombrex you will need to save the lady in the pharmacy being held up by a gang of looters, beating all three of the looters will give you the pharmacy key and access to the Zombrex.

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Day 1: Give Katey Zombrex

    Return to the safe house to give Katey her Zombrex it needs to be between 7:00am and 8:00am daily so don’t be late.

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Case 1

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 1: Part 1

    Between missions you decide what missions to take on, saving survivors will always provide the most pp points and you will need a ton of these to level up.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 1: Part 2

    Join up with Rebecca the reporter and investigate the security room to try and find out whats been going on and who is framing you.

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Case 2

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 2: Part 1

    To gain a few extra PP points use the water slide and other amusements found throughout the game most rides are actually mini games and can be played for either cash or PP points.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 2: Part 2

    Some people will not talk to you unless you have met certain requirements. Maybe they need a drink or just simply won’t talk until all the surrounding zombies are dead.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 2: Part 3

    When taking on Leon the crazy contestant wait for him to show off. He’ll then pause, use this moment to attack him after defeating Leon you will have access to the motor cycle trailer where you can modify your bike.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 2: Part 4

    If you are in search of Zombrex remember that certain missions will allow you to earn some the “code blue” message about a paramedic is one of those missions.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 2: Part 5

    When taking on armed mercenaries it’s best to find cover and hit them with a spiked bat or similar item, as shooting at the with a rifle does take a long time and they are not very accurate. But if you have a sniper rifle from the gun store in the palisades, one or two shots should do the trick.

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Case 3

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 3: Part 1

    When taking on the Psycho Ted and the tiger, kill Ted off quickly as he only has a hand gun then you can concentrate on Snowflake the tiger. Wait for the little kitty to become involved in a large zombie crowd and then attack.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 3: Part 2

    Chef Antoine is another lunatic let loose and he can recharge his health gauge by eating from the large roasts around the restaurant. Attack him while he is stuffing his face and you should come out on top.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 3: Part 3

    Whilst taking out the 4 drills in the final part of the third case keep a look out for the LMG, this will make mince meat of the final armored van.

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Case 4

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 4: Part 1

    If you decide to take on Randy in the ”Here comes the bride” mission be prepared and take loads of health with you. His chainsaw is extremely powerful so wait for him to start harassing the bride so you can hit him.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 4: Part 2

    At times during your travels around the mall you may come across survivors who are not in your listed objectives, helping these people to safety can be very beneficial as they may have Zombrex.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 4: Part 3

    When taking on the two sisters Crystal and Amber in the night club, be sure to take lots of health and concentrate on killing Crystal, you only need to kill one of the sisters and then you will go straight to a cut scene. Use the beers and cocktails for health but make sure you don’t drink more than two in a row or chuck will be sick.

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Case 5

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 5: Part 1

    Make sure you don’t forget to save Richard in the “Hunger Pains” mission as he will reward you with Zombrex.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 5: Part 2

    Some Survivors will require you to actually pay them so make sure you always have some money and be sure to run past all the AT M’s for a little extra.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 5: Part 3

    To take down the helicopter at the end of case 5 use the winch and then throw any item you can pick up military crates are piled high though so use them to stop that chopper.

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: Case 6

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 6: Part 1

    You are now in the final stages of the game so choose your missions and try be as time efficient as possible before help arrives.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 6: Part 2

    Save as many survivors as possible before starting the arrival of the military, once they arrive the game will become much harder.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 6: Part 3

    The new super zombies are much faster and tougher than the regulars so be cautious as you run around as these guys will chase you around.

    Dead Rising 2 walkthrough Case 6: Part 4

    Make sure to keep as many guns as possible for the end battle and dont forget the orange juice.

    Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough: The Truth

    To take on Sullivan the end boss you will need lots of guns and lots of health, the Yucatan hotel has all of these there is an LMG and assualt rifle in the security room, also check the bbq resturant there are always 3 security guards with hanguns kill them and take the guns, there is a large supply of health on the roof where you fight sullivan, once you have used all your ammo go back into the casino doing this respawns all the weapons and health so grab it all again if you need a few more shots to finish him off.

    In-Game Dead Rising 2 Tips

    * Items with the wrench icon can be used to make combo weapons.

    * Eating food regains health so it always a good idea to keep some on Chuck at all times.

    * Save your game by visiting a restroom.

    * Drinking to much will make Chuck sick.

    * Combo weapons give extra PP use them often to level up faster.

    * Play terror is reality online to earn money that chuck can use.

    * The first room for combo weapons always restocks with a bat and nails after going upstairs.

    Viewers Dead Rising 2 Tips:

    Need to beat T.K in Overtime? Try Barry’s strategy.

    With TK the trick is to go out on the walkways on either side of the main area that has the crank. Do laps around while TK sets off his fireworks display. Each display will go around once, after each loop is the time to grab a weapon (lead pipe/wrench) or O.J. In some of the boxes there is dynamite which is good to throw at him while he sets the fireworks because he won’t move from his position. When you are stocked up after a cycle of the fireworks is the time to meet him back on the main area. combat roll and attack works well. When he jumps off the side is the time to turn the crank, also a combat roll as he approaches you at the crank should get you away without taking any damage. repeat this until that s.o.b. is dead, great ending quote too.

    Want to take out the 4 sniper pysco’s in case 4 but cant get to them Tobin helped with his locations tips.

    How to get up to the snipers

    Johnny James -Fortune Park (Sniper psycho) Royal Flush Plaza Roof – Ladder up next to maintenance room NE of main entrance, kill 1st (case 4)

    Derrick Duggan -Fortune Park (Sniper psycho) Atlantica Casino Roof – Ladder up along path next to Hot Excitorama, kill 2nd (case 4)

    Big Earl Flaherty -Fortune Park (Sniper psycho) Low Roof near Moe’s maginations easy to jump up to, kill 3rd (case 4)

    Deetz Hartman – Fortune Park (Sniper psycho) Paradise Platinum Screens Roof – Ladder up behind Juggz Bar and Gill, kill 4th (case 4)

    Tobin Has also listed the location of the hidden survivors in game.

    Hidden survivors:

    8.00am Day 2

    Survivors: Bessie, Rosa + Erica
    Location: Kathy’s Space, 2nd Floor, Royal Flush Plaza. Shop closest to the righhand stairs next to Roy’s Mart
    Special Requirements: Speak with Bessie a couple of times and then carry the gift package. They will only follow you while you are carrying this.

    7.00pm Day 2:

    Survivor: Janus
    Location: Fortune Park, right outside entrance to Atlantica Casino
    Special Requirements: MUST have a gun of some sort in your inventory or hands.

    4.00am Day 3:
    Survivor: Ray
    Location: Next to the Maintenance room just Southwest of where you fought Seymour. You should be able to hear him yelling after you beat Seymour anyhow.
    Special Requirements: None. Just talk to him.

    After Case 6-2
    Survivors: Matthew + Michael
    Location: Fortune Park, Right in the middle, between the big rocks. East side.
    Special Requirements: Do not have a gun in your hands OR in your inventory, or they will shoot you and not join. Do not have any guns at all.

    Want to try stop Bibi the pysco actress and her crazy demands try using this tip from Malintus.

    OK I just did the One Hit Wonder scoop and this is how I did it.

    Talk to Bibi Love and then you will see she threatens to blow up her hostages if they try to leave before her show is over. She will mistake you for a stagehand and ask you to get her a refreshment (just any drink you don’t want) get dressed for her show (put on a tuxedo and black shoes from Modern Businessman, maybe others will work too) round up a group of fans (witch are zombies, get 10-15 to follow you, use zombait if you have it to speed things up)and rig the lights for her performance (this is a mini game, just the hit the right button at the right time thing)

    If you win the mini game she release her hostages and jump from the stage into the crowd of zombies, still thinking of them as fans. She will realize they are zombies and you have the choice of saving her or leaving her.

    OhMikey! Supplied us with this awesome strategy for taking out Sullivan on the roof top, crazy but it works.

    Easy way to beat sullivan, need NO guns or NO health.

    Simply jump up on his platform, and engage in hand to hand combat, PC users you need to hit the number 2 button to bring out your fists (it does not tell you this since there is no change your controls feature for pc).

    Once you have your fists out, simple move around, and wait for sullivan to do his action roll towards you, it is very easy to walk around. Right after he does this run at him and do a drop kick. (Pc users, hit space bar and hold left mouse, xbox and ps3 users i have no clue what the drop kick buttons are.) And basicly rinse and repeate, after 16 or so drop kicks he dies… without landing a single hit on you.

    YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU STAY OUT OF PUNCHING RANGE OF HIM. he has a nasty uppercut that always brings you to 1 bar of life, so just run around till he rolls, then when he stands up drop kick him in the face.

    No guns required, no weapons required, just a good ole ass woopen with some hand to hand combat.

    Here’s some more tips from our resident Zombie genius Malintus who has added the following extra tips.

    I noticed you didn’t save Cinda after you killed Chef Antoine. She will follow you if you talk to Jasper he will follow you first time you talk to him, hes above Hamburger Fiefdom at the opposite side of the food court, you can get up by jumping on the vending machines. When you get him don’t come back the same way, if you follow the roof around then drop down onto one of the screens you will get an assault rifle above one of the doors.

    Also I found an easy way to kill Leon for low level players, but takes time. All you need is a long reach weapon (Tiki Torch, Parasol or stock up on arrows on your way out. Then get close to the center of the area, with the big rocks and the passage through the middle, and stand at the fence opposite the passage so you can see up it. When he comes charging down the passage at you, hop over the fence and he will crash and be stunned, hit him with your weapon through the fence till he drives off, then run over to the other side and repeat. It can take awhile but can be done without taking any damage if you avoid him while you run between fences.

    Here’s a super run through of how to defeat Randy that fat leather clad bondage pig in the chapel will all the props to barry for this one.
    Now on my second run through my first tip comes in a good way to beat Randy Tugman( the nut in the chapel ). Its rather simple as well as another example of the importance of utilizing the environment to its fullest while taking down psychopaths

    Sometimes its is running around structures waiting for the time to strike. Other times it is hiding behind structures like walls to defeat enemies from afar(the way I beat Sullivan as shown in the last video here).

    In this case it is using the pews of the chapel and Chuck’s obvious stamina advantage to take down this mouth-breathing nut job.
    With chuck facing the outside, start your fight by moving over to the aisle closest to the right side wall. The goal is to have Randy run towards you and as he approaches to jump over the small wall which starts the first row of pews on that side. Do not attempt to jump over the portion of the wall where the pews are but instead the area between each row. It is also better to jump too early than too late because he can get a shot in as you jump over

    Done right you should now be not that far from Randy but you do have this small wall, which you jumped over, separating you and this psychopath. I found that Randy cannot hit you with the wall between you but Chuck sure can attack Randy. I simply used the spiked back to beat on him, a couple swings or so, until he makes his way to your position. At which point have Chuck jump back over the wall to the area vacated by Randy.

    That is basically the cycle. Now you are back where you started and Randy will yet again run back towards you. Were , you guessed it, jump back over to pew side and begin your attack with the wall separating you and Randy.

    Randy will get tired of running back and forth and will stop to catch his breath. Although I did not attempt it, I think this is also a time that you can run over and get some shots in. But jumping back and forth over this half-wall was good enough to take him down.

    Leave a comment if this helped you at all. Or if you need any more help we’ll try and answer your questions best we can.


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