Ninja Gaiden 3 for Xbox 360 and PS3 officially announced

Ninja Gaiden 3 artwork
Ninja Gaiden 3 has been announced by Tecmo Koei! This news came out of the Tokyo Game Show 2010.

This is the first new Ninja Gaiden game following endless re-releases of the original Ninja Gaiden (Ninja Gaiden Black for Xbox1, Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3), a DS release known as “Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword” (which recycled elements from the first game, including bosses), and Ninja Gaiden 2 for Xbox 360 (later updated and released for the PS3 as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2).

So suffice it to say that fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a new Ninja Gaiden title for a while now. However, this news is taken with a sigh of sadness, as the original Xbox Ninja Gaiden mastermind, Tomonobu Itagaki is no longer attached to Ninja Gaiden, having left the company in 2008 on bad terms.

Sadly, this new title was only shown to the press behind closed-doors so very few details exist. Also unannounced are platforms or a release window.

All that’s known is that legendary ninja Ryu Hayabusa will return, and the game will apparently portray him in more humanistic terms . . . However, he will also be even more violent(!) than before. If that is even possible, considering the extremely violent nature of the series.

The only official image for the game is the piece of art above, which isn’t much to go on.

What’s most interesting is whether or not the game will finally be truly multiplatform. Although it has been multiplatform in the past, the series has never launched on both platforms at once. In the past, Microsoft’s systems got the initial exclusivity, but times have changed. So the game will most likely appear on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Are you guys excited for this game? What do you hope to see?

There is also an upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3DS game in development.

Added an even clearer and much cooler piece of official concept art for Ninja Gaiden 3, which you can see below. Click for a wallpaper size! 🙂

Ninja Gaiden 3 bloody Hayabusa concept art wallpaper