Kirby’s Epic Yarn new details, Tokyo Game Show 2010 trailer

16 September 2010
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Kirby's Epic Yarn Tokyo Game Show 2010 screenshot (Wii)
Kirby’s Epic Yarn has gotten some new details and a brand-spanking new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 going on right now in Japan.

The Kirby’s Epic Yarn release date is set for October 17, 2010 in America and October 14th in Japan (with Europe getting it in 2011) so it’s not too long until you’ll have the pink puffball’s latest adventure in your hands.

New details on the game include:

  • You can earn Medals for each stage of the game. These are given for finding each of the collectables in the stage (three treasures are hidden about the worlds).
  • You have a certain number of “Beads” that represent your health, lives and currency. Dying will reduce your Beads, but you can earn them back if you are quick enough and nab them before they disappear.
  • The colored Beads also count as collectables that increase your score and count towards earning a medal for that level.
  • Additionally, collected Beads can be spent in a store where you can buy furniture for Kirby’s Apartment, which is accessible via the overworld hub.
  • The Hub also features playble mini-games.
  • You can collect music tracks scattered about the levels, which allow you to listen to the game’s songs in the Music Room.
  • A second player can control “Prince Fluff”, who can help Kirby out in getting items. You can pick up and throw, stand atop or bounce off each other.
  • Kirby can transform into all kinds of things, from a penguin to a UFO to a dolphin to a Fire Truck to a Robot.
  • Like Metroid: Other M, the game is controlled by holding the Wii Remote sideways and using the A, 1, 2, and D-Pad Buttons. You’ll also need to tilt the Wii Remote in certain situations.
  • Kirby’s main ability is his whip or “yarn”, which can be used to attack enemies, pick them up, hit items, save your partner from a fall, interact with the cloth and yarn environments and the like. Whipped enemies can not free themselves from the yarn unless you press the button again to free them.
  • Kirby has been reimagined and lost many of his abilities. He can no longer suck in enemies, steal enemy abilities or float(!).
  • The game sounds like it will be easy. Tapping the attack button defeats most enemies, while holding it will capture them and morph them into a ball of yarn, which Kirby can throw. If you fall off a platform, a Felt Angel will swoop in and save you or your partner.
  • Although Kirby has lost abilities, he can now turn into a car to get a speedboost and morph into an anvil to crush enemies from above. And instead of floating, he will glide in the air by turning into a Parachute.
  • Here is the new TGS 2010 trailer for Kirby’s Epic Yarn! I’m really digging the Yoshi’s Story-type graphical style. Looks so awesome.


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