Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Duodecim announced for PSP. Sequel to Final Fantasy Dissidia

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Duodecim artwork
Final Fantasy Dissidia 2 has indeed become a reality as “Final Fantasy Dissidia 012: Duodecim”, the sequel to the hit PSP original which is a mix of fighting and RPG that stars characters from every Final Fantasy title.

The game will be formally shown in more detail at the upcoming 2010 Tokyo Game Show and will be released in 2011 on PSP (although that may just be the Japanese date).

Acclaimed character designer Tetsuya Nomura will once again be handling the character art for the title just like he did for the first Dissidia: Final Fantasy and a number of new characters (such as Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning) and returning favorites will make the roster.

New to this game is the “Assist System” which allows for tag-teaming. That is, you can now call out an “ally” character who will come out and assist you in battle. Further details are scarce, but this seemingly allows for fights between four characters instead of just two. Definitely a plus.

Listen to the game’s main theme in this debut video.

New characters include the aforementioned Lightning, as well as Kain Highwind, Cecil’s friend and rival from Final Fantasy IV.

Kain will excel in high-speed aerial combat and Lightning can make use of FFXIII’s “Paradigm Shift” feature by switching between Commando, Ravager, and Medic using the L and R Buttons; Each offering unique attacks.

The cast of Dissidia 012 includes the following:

1. Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy I)
2. Garland (Final Fantasy I)
3. Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy IV)
4. Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV)
5. Kuja (Final Fantasy IX)
6. Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

In case you forgot, here is the cast of the original as seen in our Final Fantasy Dissidia characters list.

So why the odd title? The “012” most likely pays reference to the storyline of the game. In Final Fantasy Dissidia (the first one), players are told that it takes place during the age of the “13th” war between Cosmos and Chaos (Good and Evil, respectively, and naturally, the game has a good and evil character from each Final Fantasy game). So it stands to reason that the “012” stands for the “12th war” between Chaos and Cosmos. If so, that would make Dissidia Duodecim a prequel to the first title.

What characters are you hoping to see in Dissidia 2? I would love to see playable summons taken from each game . . . Let me fight as Ifrit, Shiva, Odin and Diablos please! :mrgreen: And while you’re at it, add Moogles, Chocobos, Cactuar and Tonberry to the list! 😀 And add Quina and Vivi dammit! . . . *end fan-rant*

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Duodecim screenshot (PSP)