Halo Reach Walkthrough Video Guide (Xbox 360)

Halo Reach walkthrough box artwork for Xbox 360 game
These Halo: Reach walkthrough videos will guide you from the beginning to ending moment of the latest first-person shooter in Bungie’s Xbox 360-exclusive Halo series.

Halo: Reach tells the heroic story of Noble Team, a group of Spartans, who, through great sacrifice and courage, save countless lives in the face of impossible odds. The planet Reach is humanity’s last line of defence between the encroaching Covenant and their ultimate goal, the destruction of Earth. If it falls, humanity will be perched on the brink of destruction.

This darker story is echoed by grittier visuals amid a backdrop of massive, awe-inspiring environments. Characters, enemies, and environments are rendered in amazing detail by an all-new engine designed to deliver epic-scale encounters against the cunning and ruthless Covenant.

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  • Please note that viewers must be at least 16 to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. — We will update this walkthrough all week and add guide videos with lots more gameplay tips.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 1: Noble Actual – Intro

    Welcome to Reach, Spartan! This first mission is actually a full cinematic introduction to Halo Reach so sit down and enjoy.

    Halo: Reach walkthrough Mission 2: Winter Contingency – Part 1: Locate the Distress Beacon and Investigate the Local Structures

    You start off your first mission armed with an assault rifle and a M6G pistol but you won’t need to be shooting just yet, follow your team mates around as you discover the civilians who tell a hair raising tale of the “things” that stole his son. Moving up the hill following on the rest of noble team you will be introduced to your sprint ability, make your way into the building at the top of the hill to uncover more of this mystery.

    When you first land you will encounter the “Moa” these are the ostrich looking type animals you can gain yourself a quick achievement here by killing 7 of them to earn the Keep it Clean achievement.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 2: Winter Contingency – Part 2: Engage the Hostile Forces

    You will notice a large Covenant force moving on your position within the building you are currently in, Take your time and try and kill as many as possible from higher vantage points like the windows, use your M6G pistol for weaker enemies like the grunts one headshot will usually do the job. Slowly begin to push out of the building and follow with noble team down the hill.

    Pro Tip: Grunts can be taken out quickly with a pistol headshot, try taking them out from a distance your pistol has got a huge range so take advantage of it.

    Once you have finished learning your controls you will then need to exit the chopper, you can do this by pressing your X, following your team, team Noble will then check out the area.

    Following on to the west you will need to run across some farms.

    Push the left on the D-pad to activate your night vision, as you enter the new structure. It will help you see better in the dark.

    By pressing LB your character will spring forward.

    You will eventually enter a small barn ahead. You will find some bodies in there, however you will need to follow on to the right with Carter.

    As you make your way through the last building you will come across a window to your left. Shoot the enemies you have seen out the windows. Take the stairs to get a more accurate aim of your enemies.

    Downstairs there will be a group of Covenant troops waiting. Use your grenade to take them out. You can also open fire at them. Take as much cover as you can, remember your shield will recharge once you have stopped taking fire.

    Clear out the interior and head outside. Watch out for grenades as you go out into the field.

    Run through the field towards the next structure which is located on the right hand side. Go through the drop ship and use the rocks as protection.

    Stick with your team, as they make their way across, you don’t have to follow them to close, as long as you are moving in the same direction as them. Make sure you watch out for enemies.

    The next group of enemies includes a couple of elites in with the grunts, the rocks will provide cover for the elites so keep your eyes open for grenades.

    If you are able to, fight through the grunts, and try make it up to the rocks. You can also use the rocks as protection. Get up to the top and you will be able to get a clear shot of the elites from the top.

    When you have finished with the fight, Carter will order you to follow him on foot. You will be going down the hill and eventually come across a truck.

    Halo: Reach walkthrough Mission 2: Winter Contingency – Part 3: Recon the East Valley

    Decision time, take the Warthog and ride through the level just keep an eye on your waypoint or get walking for the “They’ve Always Been Faster” achievement this is for clearing the second mission without setting foot in a drivable vehicle, worth a try I’m sure.

    Rebels don’t leave plasma burns.

    As you are driving you will need to follow the path, along the way you will come across a few covenant troops. Just run them over or let Jorge kill them.

    As you make your way down the road you will need to cross the bridge keep moving forward until you come to a structure you will need to investigate.

    If you go through the building you will be able to use it as cover, there are elites and covenant troops located in the courtyard, there is also a health pack located on the kitchen wall.

    When have done fighting go a building marked O2 and have a look around for a strange looking data pad.

    Once you have finished investigating the area, make your way back into the truck and make your way to the next waypoint.

    The next building shouldn’t be any trouble, kill all the grunts from a distance and any other enemies. Check the back wall for a health pack.

    You will then need to look for a vehicle as you move towards the next waypoint. It is parked near the bridge.

    There will only be a few grunts left. Finish them off and the marines will then join up with you.

    Right after you have been informed of the incoming enemies, the ship will land directly in front of you. You will need to look for cover.

    Keep fighting against the covenant, make sure you use head shots with the grunts! They will need two head shots to bring them down.

    Once you are in the clear a couple of choppers will come to evacuate you. Make your way onto the chopper with team noble.

    Once you have landed you will be yet again attacking some of the covenant, you will need to make it to some higher ground. This is a good spot to take out the covenant with the grenades.

    You must then hold your ground for a few seconds, ships will be following you in almost straight away. You will be overrun by enemies.

    You will need to stay in the entrance of the outpost, keep your eyes on the sides. Skirmishers are fast! So keep your eyes on the second level to the right hand side.

    Have a look around for a health back and a riffle if you need them.

    There is really no winning in this battle. You must listen to Carter when he is talking to Kat. Once she has finished the hack move yourself back to the entrance and once again keep the covenant back.

    When you enter the room you will see a body, once you go to the left you will trigger a cutscene. Once the cutscene is over you have to take on the elites once again.

    When you knock out the elites shield he will run away.

    Once you have dealt with the last of the enemies you will need to hit the switched marked waypoint to trigger another cutscene and to end this mission.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 2: Winter Contingency – Part 4: Defend the Evac Zone and Evac to Relay Outpost

    Once you have completed the driving section you will be greeted by a large shipping dropping of loads of covenant troops get ready to fight take note of the cover positions and try use these to your advantage, don’t forget your grenades either as they can be very helpful for stripping enemy shielding. Keep up the pressure until all enemy troops are down and you will be shown the objective complete message on screen and your next objective will be to evac to the relay outpost jump on board with the rest of your team and take a break while you are flown to your next mission.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 2: Winter Contingency – Part 5: Advance into Relay Outpost and Defend Outpost Entrance

    As soon as you land at the outpost you are greeted by Covenant fire take your time as you advance slowly through the groups of enemies. At this stage in the game you could begin experimenting with the covenant weaponry if you haven’t done so already. Once you are inside you will need to fend off the enemies while you wait for Kat to close the door.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 2: Winter Contingency – Part 6: Eliminate Hostiles Inside Outpost

    After closing the door you move through the compound using night vision until you meet the survivors inside, watch the cut scene with the elites as they kidnap her and now it’s up to you and Noble 5 to clear the hostiles use your pistol to eliminate the grunts and take cover as often as possible if your shields are taking damage get down while they recharge. After saving Sara you will have completed the first mission of Halo Reach.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 3 “ONI: Sword Base” – Part 1: Defend Courtyard and Protect Exterior Outposts

    This Level begins with a huge stand off fight, the Covenant have taken over and already have shields in place use your DMR (Designated Marksmen Rifle) to take out the heavier opponents like the Elites and use your Assualt Rifle against the Jackals carrying shields. Once completed you will move into a hangar type room with ammunition and a Target Designator use thise to help you take out the Covenant Wraiths, you must wait for the screen to glow green before you can use the target designator again. When all the enemies are clear a pelican will arrive dropping in more troops and a warthog for your team to use.

    The Best Defense…

    Sword Base

    Take some cover and start using your DMR.

    When you can see the grounds troops are dead use your assault rifle to clear the grunts and elites (hit Y). It’s a much better position to take them out from the upper levels.

    You will need to look out for more enemy ships coming down and dropping off some more troops, use the structures for cover.

    Using your sniper rifle take out the elites in white, this will give the battle a new flair.

    You should be able to take down the remaining of the enemies.

    Once you are facing down the ramp use your DMR to clear them out.

    You will need to head down to the building below, grabbing the target locator from the crate on your left. Before you move on you can also grab hold of the Armor Lock upgrade from another crate.

    Get The Hell Off My Lawn.

    There are some infantry troops, you will have to try your hardest to ignore them, use your target locator to get the first of the Wraiths. You will need to hold down your trigger for a few seconds to get a lock.

    You cannot stand still when you’re taking on the wraiths, they will lock onto you immediately.

    You will need to destroy both of the wraiths. If you keep on the move you should be fine as they will not be able to get a firm lock on.

    After you have defeated the wraiths, a pelican will come and drop off your transport.

    You must then head left, this will take you to the Comms Relay, you will both need get involved eventually.

    The Comms Relay.

    Drive down the path to your left, you will encounter some grunts along the way but they don’t cause much of a threat.

    You will then need to use the car to pin down and kill the Brute. He is your main concern.

    When you have made to the main building that is your waypoint it will be heavily guarded by elites. Make your way to the building on the left, head up to the upper level where there is a rocket launcher.

    When you reach the top of the building, it is the perfect place to take out those little pesky creatures.

    When the coast is clear, you need to make your way up to the building. You will need to fight your way through!

    When you are standing on the roof you will see a wooden platform (facing away from the button) Run along the cliff on the right hand side towards the water. You will see a rock rising up on the left. There is a data pad located right near where the rock is rising up out of the water.

    Make your way to the button at the top and hit it, you will then receive another wart hog, jump in and drive down the road that leads you past the generator building.

    Halo: Reach walkthrough Mission 3: ONI: Sword Base – Part 2: Activate Comms Array, Find Airview Outpost and Return To Base

    Jump into the Warthog (any seat will do, but me I love to be gunner) once you arrive at your destination the Comm Array activation switch will be a glowing icon watch out for the elites and the banshee’s that will try and stop you. Once activated your objective becomes “Find Airview Outpost” so jump back into the newly delivered Warthog and get going to turn the Anti Air Gun back on use the reset switch located on the roof of the central building.

    Activate The Anti-Air Gun.

    You will run into a drop ship, use your car to strafe the ghosts.

    It won’t be too hard to clear the way. Keep going along the road when you are in the clear you can blow up all the enemies.

    The AA gun installation isn’t too far, there will be some enemies around the outside so be prepared. Start by getting all the pesky ones out of the way.

    It is a good idea to let your gunner clear out most of the grunts. When there is only two elites left approach the building.

    You will need to head to the outer building, there will be a few upgrades and some weapons located in this area.

    Find an undercover spot so you can use your sniper rifle to take out the elite on the roof! It will take some work but be patient.

    If you go inside the building you will find health and DMR near the ramp, to the right there will be more health and weapons.

    If you can make it up to roof, use your AA gun to take down the elite.

    The last drop ship has come. You will need to fight! If you still have your warthog use it! If not, try and get onto one by pressing X when one approaches.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 3: ONI: Sword Base – Part 3: Find Top Floor Breach and Secure Breach & Eliminate Air Forces

    During this section you may recruit Marines to join your squad so take advantage of any available troops and work your way up floor by floor taking time recharge your shields and secure any extra ammo. Once you arrive at the top of the building go straight for the weapons containers holding the rocket launcher use these to eliminate any threat from the sky to complete this the third mission of Halo Reach.

    Minimum Safe Distance.

    You will now need to head back to Sword base, you will be given a new wart hog.

    The base is not too far away, but be careful, you are more than likely to come across some weird covenant enemies on your drive back to base.

    You will need to drive the car into the barricade, this will cause the gauss from the fence to gall on to the enemies.

    Pushing forward clearing the enemies out of the way making your way up to base.

    Ahead there are a couple of infantry unit and a pair of hunters. Use your sniper rifle to cause some damage on these pesky creatures.

    Let your team mates distract the hunters. Whilst they are distract, you can circle around them and hit them with some force. Once you have done this clear out any other enemies that maybe in your way.

    Once the room is clear you can concentrate once again on the hunters. You will need to run backwards and forwards until they aren’t taking any notice of you, make your way up to the ramp and fire at the orange part on their backs.

    Once the door has opened, this means you have killed the hunters! Make your way to the next waypoint with Kat.

    Once you are in the Office of Naval Intelligence, use the walls of the walkway as protection. There are a few enemies along the way but it is nothing you can’t handle.

    Next you must run through the door on your left hand side, flank the enemies. If you are using your shot gun this can be a lot of fun doing it at close range! You must clear then room then push forward.

    You will eventually meet up with Jorge. You must kill the enemies in the room and make your way up stairs.

    Then you will need to turn left, you will then come face to face with a white-clad elite. Shoot him in the face and do it quick!

    Moving forward up the ramps you will once again come into contact with some more enemies. This is pretty much a full on fight until you make it up to the next level.

    You must keep that gun of yours loaded and make sure you get some cover!

    Once you have reached the top a phantom will be dropping more elites into the room.

    There are two health packs on the wall just outside of the door leading into the next room. It would be a good idea to use these health packs!

    You will then need to run up where all the dead elites are. Look on the ground for a rocket launcher. You will have to move quickly to avoid aircraft fire.

    It will also be a good idea to take some cover when you have the rocket launcher. Place the reticule over the phantom and fire when it has locked on!

    You have completed your objective! Now let’s go pay Dr. Halsey a visit…

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 4: Nightfall – Part 1

    For those of you that love sniping here is your mission you start the mission with a sniper rifle and 60 rounds so dont let them go to waste. You will face wave after wave of Covenant forces so keep an eye on your health and make sure you stay in cover. There are health packs and weapons scattered throughout the buildings so keep moving around to make sure you dont run low on anything.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 4: Nightfall – Part 2: Recon Hydroplant via Riverbed and Neutralise Covenant Defense

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 4: Nightfall – Part 3: Defend Jun and Proceed further into the Dark Zone

    OK so the title describes many different objectives but to put it simply “kill anything that stands in your way” you will move in to the Hydroplant from the dried out riverbed and once you arrive you can take out the Covenant forces guarding the base make use of your long range weapons to eliminate as many hostiles as possible before moving in for the fight. Once clear Jiun will need your back up as he places the explosives so make sure nobody can get to him while he is busy. Once the charges have been put in place there are a few more Covenant troops that need your attention so keep your eye’s peeled because this is the last section of this the 4th mission of Halo Reach.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 5: Tip of the Spear – Part 1: Secure A Landing Zone, Neutralise Enemy AA

    OK looks like our Covenant friends have managed to install a massive anti air battery, first things first though, you’ll need to secure a landing zone. Kill all the enemies in the area to allow the Pelicans to land with the Warthogs. Now the choice is yours again either drive, be the gunner or just sit it out and have a snack in the passenger seat. Any way you go you will arrive at the anti air guns soon enough. Take them out along with the troops protecting them.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 5: Tip of the Spear – Part 2: Secure Mining Facility

    Drop out the Warthog and get ready to enter on foot the Covenant have barricaded the bridge so use those for cover as you enter, now move quickly through the level you will move along a set of stairs around the side of the first building then onto a second set of stairs with a huge shipping crate on the platform and a huge explosion hole, nearby there will be an Elite waiting sround here make sure you kill him quickly to get yourself the “your heresy will stay your feet” Achievement not bad for a quick 25G.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 5: Tip of the Spear – Part 3: Neutralise Enemy AA, Secure Landing Zone, Move to Primary Objective and Disable Spire Shields

    Ok boys and girls get going as you need to move in and destroy the second AA target, once you arrive just like the first eliminate the hostiles and destroy the Gun. Once the gun is down you will need to secure a landing zone (we know that means it’s time to shoot some more Covenant booty) once you have cleared the zone you will move onto your next objective the Spire. To disable the Spire Shield you will need to take out all it’s gaurds inside move up through the spires tight corridors and watch out for grenades in closed areas as they can be almost lethal.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 6: Long Night of Solace – Part 1: Proceed to Flight Control

    This mission begins on foot but very quickly moves into the outer atmosphere move through some small Covenant force groups and take them out as quickly as possible before moving into the flight control room where this mission changes completely as you are given control of your own ship and now it’s an intergalactic dog fight.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 6: Long Night of Solace – Part 2: Corvette Engines Damaged

    So now it’s time to really move quickly you are still in your Sabre and now the Bomb needs to be attached to the Corvette but you’ll need to disable it’s engines first, as an added bonus you’ll get the “Wake Me Up Buttercup” achievement if you can take out the escort and the engines in under 3 mins, challenging, yes, impossible? not for a Spartan I’m sure. Now once on board you’ll need to clear the hangar for the Pelican to land.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 6: Long Night of Solace – Part 3: Kill Corvette Comm Centre Crew and Clear the Hangar for the Pelican

    This mission uses the Corvette Hangar firefight level as the ending use the available cover to your advantage to pop up behind some of your enemies, also make sure to take out the engineer as it provides extra shielding for the enemies. Also take out some of the plasma batteries blowing these up will save on ammo and can devastate enemy numbers.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 7: Exodus – Part 1

    The grunt suicide squads have been deployed and can be very troublesome on this part of your mission, if you are a crack shot try aiming at the grenades in the grunts hands or a single pistol or DMR headshot will stop them quickly and with a little luck the explosion may take out his friends at the same time.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 7: Exodus – Part 2

    if you haven’t got the lucky me achievement yet this is certainly the place to get it, you will need to get a triple kill while using your jet pack a single grenade or plasma will almost certainly get the triple if stuck in the middle of a group of grunts, so get flying and start throwing those grenades.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 7: Exodus – Part 3

    Patience is the name of the game when crossing the cargo port, use the available cover provided by the crates to give yourself some time to breathe and move through slowly, picking off all visible enemies.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 8: New Alexandria – Part 1: Destroy Covenant Jammer in the Hospital

    Climb on board the falcon and get ready to take this battle to the skies, you will be given some random orders so the following levels may appear in a different order but the objectives are all the same and that is to reach your checkpoint and enter the building you are sent towards to destroy the jammer inside.

    Halo: Reach walkthrough Mission 8 “New Alexandria” – Part 2

    If your falcon is taking lots of fire and starts to smoke you will be given the EVAC prompt on screen, press up on the d pad for a replacement falcon to continue with renewed health. The achievement “I didn’t train to be a pilot” is only available on this level and you will need to take out 3 anti aircraft guns.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 8: New Alexandria – Part 3

    When taking on the banshee’s dont approach them head on circle round them to avoid those plasma guns and give yourself a much bigger target area. Legendary note: If you are playing on legendary your first objective will be the Sonoviet building there is a rocket launcher inside that will prove essential later on so make sure you grab it, it is located in the centre of the building dropped next to the body of a dead UNSC soldier.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 9: The Package – Part 1

    Now it’s getting serious and for a real mission you will need real firepower, jump into the scorpion and show those guns who’s boss. If you are playing on legendary you will gain an achievement for making it through with the scorpion in one piece, the best way to do this is to snipe out as many ground troops and those in the shade cannons first to avoid them rushing your tank later.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 9: The Package – Part 2

    If you are looking to make the battle at the gate a bit easier try to hijack the Revenant or ghost first this additional firepower will help you out tons, well worth the trouble it takes to hijack it though.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 10: The Pillar of Autumn – Part 1

    Defending Halsley is not a mission for the faint hearted you will need to think out your approach, monitor the status bars for each turret, if it runs down you will need to wait for 5 seconds before it will become available for reactivation.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 10: The Pillar of Autumn – Part 2

    Follow Emile’s lead on this one stick close by him and move together his unlimted ammo is a huge help to your cause. If you happen to be trying for an achievement now is the perfect time to try and go for the “if they came to hear me beg” achievement follow steves video guide for some hints on that one (the link is available at the top of this guide.)

    Extra tip. Furball points out a hint to make your life a little easier in this section: “On Pillar of Autumn Part 2 where you pick up the sniper rifle, further along by another opening on the same level there is a Spartan Laser which makes a nice mess of the Hunters in Part 3. In fact, I think obliterating the first one confused the second one so much he just stood there and let me shoot him too!”

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 10: The Pillar of Autumn – Part 3

    Eliminate the Wraith’s gunner before approaching it on foot. Use armor lock to EMP the wraith at close range, then jump on board and destroy it by either using melee attacks or plant a grenade.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 10: The Pillar of Autumn – Part 4

    The DMR isn’t exactly the best weapon for taking those pesky bugs out the sky, but what it lacks in spray it more than makes up for in stopping power and accuracy. Having trouble with those Hunters, it’s time to get sneaky you need access to the hunters vulnerable spine area, use a hologram to make them turn around and leave themselves open to a little bit of shotgun love.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 10: The Pillar of Autumn – Part 5

    Use the available stores of health and ammo in the room with the number 4 on just go into the lower levels to swap out your usual weapons for a handy grenade launcher, use it to set some traps for those Brutes and the Brute leaders.

    Halo: Reach Walkthrough Mission 11: Lone Wolf

    This is the final bonus level survive for as long as possible, then enjoy the ending.

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