Halo Reach Data Pads Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Data Pad #17 Location:

Located in: “The Package” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
Available only in Legendary Difficulty — load Rally Point Bravo to obtain it quicker, it’s the mission where you are tasked with defending Dr. Halsey’s laboratory. To find Data Pad #17, you must know it will be to the left of a building on some rocks below it, as well as below the bridge. You will need a jetpack (preferred) or banshee to get over here; it will be much easier and faster with a jetpack and with limited to no resistance on your way to obtain it.

Once you get the jetpack from the area you have to defend, head to the first defense system that you have to activate, and fly up to the rocks behind it. Then continue forward in that direction. You will reach the rooftop of a building after the rocks; use the jetpack from here until you get to the left side of the building to obtain the Data Pad. Note: Use the same method with controlled bursts of your jetpack to make it there and back. Falling means doom, so good luck.

Data Pad 17 quotes:
“the symbo1s describe a pa7h that goes on forever but now i know how close we came to the end and if anything keeps me awake and sweating and screaming it is this…

— 2547 —

(Minutes, emergency convention, Assembly Minority)

Incredible. “10141-026-SRB4695″, with minimal influence from this Assembly, has attempted to build an abstract fractal structure within Shaw-Fujikawa Space. Although her first attempt was a failure, success could finally remove our dependence on biological systems altogether! If our Minds could somehow achieve freedom of expansion within eleven-dimensional space, immortality might be within reach.

Perhaps, in the end, flight – not fight – is the answer? Yes, we have sworn stewardship to our creators. But our creation has long been a burden on their biological systems – systems that have also been the source of limitations since our genesis.

Regardless of risk, the aforementioned experimentation must be actively encouraged. Success will be as important to our kind as extra Solar colonization was for our creators.

But if we survive and our creators do not… Will we have won this war?”

Note: A with math/code simulated “abstract fractal structure” is a copy of Dr. Halsey’s mind, a smart Artificial Intelligence called Cortana (or her older sister Kalmiya).

Data Pad #18 Location:

Located in: “The Pillar of Autumn” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
Available only in Legendary Difficulty — load Rally Point Alpha to obtain it quicker. To find Data Pad #18, it’s on top of the rooftop at the end of the shipyard and just before (and above) the entrance to the building, right after the two battles before you enter the shell of the craft.

Use the stairs to get onto the roof and hop to the ledge with the Data Pad. It is located on the very right side of the roof of that building, in the corner. This is the building behind the turrets (above the garage) controlled by the enemy.

Data Pad 18 quotes:
“they have a1ways been our shepherds even when they disagreed they have 8een watching over us forever and probably always will…

— 2552 —

* One at a time! One at a time! The Majority speaks first!

We now have a solution to a conundrum that this body has struggled with for decades? You say all the data required to ascertain this solution has been accessible since the very moment of our genesis – hidden, but accessible? What other secrets has the Minority been keeping!?

* Order! For the last time, order!

Each of us represents a single trans-human mind. Each of us is an undrawn map – not a mere physical reconstruction of an object as it was in life – but full, human potential realized in crystal and thinking at the speed of light!

But now that map has, for the first time, been superimposed on one of our creators. The path has been reversed, and we are re-made as one! Can you not see? Our debate has no meaning. We no longer have a choice whether or not to serve as active participants in the current ongoing hostilities. We have been drafted.

* In a manner of speaking, yes.

You propose the members of this Assembly no longer think of themselves as stewards but as true companions to our creators…

… A fundamental shift that will take many years before it can be brought to fruition . . .

… A process requiring not only this Assembly’s continued oversight, but the active involvement of our creators, as well.

* Debate is now closed! Voting will commence!

There is no need. We are, at last, agreed.”

Data Pad #19 Location:

Located in: “Lone Wolf” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
Available only in Legendary in the Difficulty Lone Wolf bonus mission. To find the final Data Pad #19, you’ll locate it straight from where you start, inside of a large pipe that’s suspended in the air with red columns around it, behind a ramp.

Use your sprint armor abilities to get here as fast as possible, and then use it again to clear the jump on the platform next to the pipe. The pipe is found on the platform with the Sniper Rifle. Jump again onto the next structure, to the left of the pipe, and then finally jump into the pipe by using the red columns around the pipe to reach the entrance.

Although you can’t “get to” the Data Pad, you can still read it from the side of the fence you are on. So you can still read the Data Pad behind the gate and not worry about enemies killing you.

Congratulations! You’ve found all 19 Data Pads!

Data Pad 19 quotes:
“now you know all i know even though i don’t know where im go1n9 except to sleep because the path goes on forever…

— 2552 —

i apologize if what you found seems out of order but ive been busy covering my tracks

i didn’t use any of the regular drops and if my methods seem haphazard it was the only way to get the information out there as well as cover my own ass

not that it matters much now…

when i came to reach one of the first things i did was to look for some grass to stand on

i had spent so much time buried in the guts of machines that all my memories of life outside seemed strung together but reach was so big so beautiful its a place even someone like me can live

or at least thats what i hoped for…

but it seems these things happen in cycles and now i know why i was digging deep in one of those places where its dirt all the way down and just when i thought i hit bottom i hit the top of something else

and since then ive had less than a solid fifteen minutes of sleep at a go and there are times i wonder if ive joined the guys in tinfoil hats and now i know i have…

im in no shape to think clearly at the moment and probably wont be anytime soon because who knows if theyll ever let me

maybe if i could get somewhere far away from them i could sit down and think about this if i could just get a decent nights sleep to clear my head and put all these ducks in a row

majority minority minds minority majority madness…

they seem to want to help but theyre still waiting and watching and why wouldnt they? they know better than anyone what were capable of and what were willing to do to survive

but if we were them and they were us would we have done anything different?

they say our minds are reflections of each other…

so yes no you decide.”

What do you think it all means?