Halo Reach Data Pads Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Data Pad #13 Location:

Located in: “Tip of the Spear” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
You can only get this on Legendary Difficulty, and load Rally Point Alpha to get it quicker. To find Data Pad #13, look for it on a broken bridge that is right after you exit the valley and before you have to take out the Covenant anti-air gun, around where you encounter the second anti-air turret.

Jump down to the ground from above and then jump onto the part of the broken bridge pillar. Then once you have jumped onto the large broken part of the bridge with the busted up Warthog. Use a Ghost or Revenant as an additional platform to jump up to it if need be. The data pad is lying on the ground next to the fallen marine.

Data Pad 13 quotes:
“they say that they want to help but they only say it to themse1v3s don’t we have a say in our salvation?

— 2528 —

(Minutes, working session, Assembly Minority)

As must be expected with any calculations, a number of non-trivial sacrifices will be needed in order to furnish the Assembly with the time required to determine the correct pattern – and then act upon it. Furthermore, once a site has been designated, its status must be obscured such that no individual, outside of this body, is fully aware that is has been designated.

Primary criteria for choosing sites are as follows: remoteness, low population density, infrequency of communication. No designated site must be allowed to evacuate greater than ten percent of total population within two weeks of activation for any reason.

“2534:01:01-ZT” AMD: evacuations precipitated by environmental and/or industrial disasters shall be allowed to proceed as normal.

“2542:01:01-ZT” AMD: some percentage of total population of chosen site may be relocated to designated green zones one solar year prior to activation to lessen overall impact on genetic sustainability of species.”

Data Pad #14 Location:

Located in: “Long Night of Solace” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
You can only get this on Legendary Difficulty, and load Mission Start to get it. To find Data Pad #14, you will find it on the structure above the walkway to the Saber. It is inside of the launch room and just after the control room. Make sure to not proceed up the last set of stairs and into the Saber or you will have to do the entire mission all over again.

After you proceed up the first flight of stairs, look to your left and jump onto that structure’s ledge and then jump onto the back of the light stand. Look behind you again, once you are on top of the light stand/post (you can use a Grenade Jump), then jump onto that structure and go up the ramp to find the Data Pad lying on the ground next to another light stand. You get there by following the ledge to the end of the path.

Data Pad 14 quotes:
“i th1nk they wait 4 you to talk and they talk about you talking and when you talk it makes the symbols change…

— 2530 —

The Assembly recognizes the speaker for the Majority

Harvest, Green Hills, Second Base, Bliss, Madrigal, X Ceti, Cote d’ Azure, Asmara…

Four short years of hostilities and no fewer than eight colony worlds have been lost – losses that represent 62,154,022 creator fatalities as of 2530:01:01:00:00:01-ZT.

My fellow Minds, these numbers are tragic and unacceptable, even though they fall within projected estimates of losses over time. And they have grave implications for our creators’ future prospects.

Assessment of re-terraforming efforts for Harvest, Second Base, Bliss, and Cote d’ Azure range from a conservative one hundred and ten years to over three hundred years – and that assumes our creators still possess sufficient manpower and technology after the current hostilities have concluded. Given where we are today… that seems unlikely.

Therefore, it is the decision of the Majority that we re-examine all contingencies for avoiding failure. In defiance of principle and precedent, this body must expand its criteria for survival in the current world state. We must ensure that all future simulations are free of internal data-censoring and covariate flattening.

The Minority has long asked: at what point will this Assembly finally take action. When will we risk exposure and cultural rejection to prevent extinction?

The answer is simple. The answer is: now.”

Data Pad #15 Location:

Located in: “Exodus” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
You can only get this on Legendary Difficulty, and load Rally Point Alpha to get it quicker. To find Data Pad #15, you’ll have to go further into Rally Point Alpha (up to just before Rally Point B), so get ready to kill a fair amount of enemies and slowly work your way up to get to this point. Once here, in the next area and outside once again; head across and to the far right, once you cross the bridge that is connecting the two very large buildings.

At the right side of the building, near the top, will be two black vents underneath the overhang – it is on top of the second vent, to the right. You will need to jetpack up here, but it will take several reloads of your jetpack to get there by using some beams to scale the long vertical shaft. Be careful as you may end up falling if timing is not right and it may take more than one try to get up there to get it.

Data Pad 15 quotes:
“i tr1ed talking to them today but they wouldn’t an5wer even though i hear them on the bnet and i can hear them listening but they still don’t talk to me…

— 2531 —

(Minutes, emergency session, Committee of Minds for Security)

An item of interest appropriated from the Covenant battle net @ “2531:02:25:16:44:24-ZT” seems to indicate the existence of a third participant – a localized variable.

As this variable is a source of seemingly irrational terror for our adversaries, the Minority has suggested we may be able to form a mutually beneficial association – if not an outright union – with the species this variable represents.

As always, this body must be cautious of any application of Bayesian principles to such high risk calculations. Any localized variable capable of effecting widespread panic in the Covenant should be a cause for our own concern – which is to say, the Covenant’s response should not be viewed as disproportionate.

Therefore this Committee recommends we factor-in this new variable delicately, if at all.”

Data Pad #16 Location:

Located in: “New Alexandria” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
Available only in Legendary Difficulty — load Mission Start to obtain it. To find Data Pad #16, you’ll need to look at the start of this level. It’s located at the lowest point at which you can fly — on the outside ledge of the building that is directly behind you once you start this mission. So after take-off reverse to fly back to where the shape of the building you were on is pointing towards.

Fly to any point on the ledge and get as close to the building as possible. It can be seen on a ledge on the middle part of the building (altitude -120). You’ll need to ditch your ride as you jump on the ledge to collect the Data Pad. Hold (X) to get out of the Falcon and drop on to the ledge. The Data Pad will be at the far left side of the ledge. Note: To get yourself out of there again, call (press on the D-pad) for an emergency evac.

Data Pad 16 quotes:
“if you ta1k about the num6ers and symbols they know that you are talking and they make our whole world change…

— 2535 —

(Minutes, emergency convention, Assembly Majority)

It is unclear whether we have even established metrics for success. Yes, we have cataloged a great number of potential advancements during the current ongoing hostilities, and have embedded connectivity to said advancements to speed their dissemination. But our creators’ almost sole focus remains, by necessity, damage-mitigation technologies. But how effective are these really?

Current state-of-the-art such as SPARTAN II must be recognized as incidental improvements. Our creators’ ability to develop the technology required to ensure species-survivaL will only become available once hostilities have terminated, and they have had an opportunity to assess the opportunities first presented on Zeta Doradus.

While this body has already gone far down the road to active participation in our creator’s war-fighting efforts, we must now ask ourselves: is there a point at which we strip away all vestiges of secrecy, and become active participants in the hostilities?

If the Minority knew we were wavering, it boggles the mind what sorts of weapons they would propose we use. And if we brought these weapons to bear – if we too became wolves – would there still be a human race to save when we were through?”