Halo Reach Data Pads Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Data Pad #9 Location:

Located in: “The Pillar of Autumn”

How to find it:
You can get this Data Pad on any difficulty, and load Rally Point Alpha to get it quicker, as it’s located immediately after there. To find Data Pad #9 on The Pillar of Autumn, it will be right after the shipyard and in the first hallway you enter as you enter the building.

Travel down the hallway and around the corner; shoot the second window on the right side to shatter the glass. Then climb through the broken window, you will need to duck to get through, and then you will find the green Data Pad in the left corner on top of a table.

Data Pad 9 quotes:
“we have to tell people what’s 9oing on because it’s not right they should be our friends not gods or demons…

— 2525 —

(Minutes, strategy session, Assembly Minority)

It is the height of irresponsibility for the Majority to still claim the inception of the Spartan II program was somehow guided by providence. This body must accept SPARTAN II was merely the logical advancement of technologies vis-a-vis sociopolitical realities. Military applications always experience accelerated innovation during times of conflict – stewardship of said conflicts by this body notwithstanding.

The fact that SPARTAN II reached full operational capacity less than a year before the conflict expanded beyond expected limits was entirely predictable if you scrutinize the relevant data. Luck had nothing to do with it. At the risk of destabilizing our current power-sharing agreement, I suggest the Majority leave metaphysics to our creators.”

Data Pad #10 Location:

Located in: “Winter Contingency” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
You can only get this on Legendary Difficulty, and load Mission Start to get it. To find Data Pad #10, right at the beginning of this mission, you will need to sprint down the hill’s slope and get down there as fast as you can. When you are around halfway down the hill you should start to see the particular Spec-Op Elite’s invisible figure running from the building. This is very hard to accomplish because your adversary will be cloaked and difficult to kill and you must do so very quickly!

You will need to start shooting him the moment you see him as to kill before he runs away and escapes. The key is to make sure every shot lands without loading. Look really hard or you may miss him. If you run out of ammo switch to your Assault Rifle. As soon as you kill him, he drops the Data Pad for you to go and read. If you do not kill him, just keep reloading the mission and trying again.

This one will probably take quite a few tries before you are successful. Good luck!

Data Pad 10 quotes:
“i’ve been trying to f1nd a back d0or into the spook house forever and ever and then i did but what did i find and why is this what i found?

— 2526 —

(Minutes, working session, Committee of Minds for Security)

Directly preceding their assault on the colony world of Biko, the Covenant transmitted a message to its surface. Within this message was a bold claim: ‘your world will burn until its surface is but glass’ – a claim that clearly indicates the Covenant leadership believes they possess the power to literally reduce a planet’s surface to a molten state.

Assuming they have the wherewithal to back-up such a claim, the dangers to our creators are obvious.

The implications for their own internal politics are also instructive e.g., what effect might the Covenant leadership’s assertion have on any client species in their coalition? We aren’t the only beings that would be terrified by the idea of absolute destruction of a planet’s surface – nor would we be the only ones to realize the futility of attempting to resist a force that has such power at its disposal.

Moving forward, this Committee recommends the formal adoption of the descriptor ‘glassing’ to portray the aftermath of planetary assault by the Covenant. It is the opinion of this Committee that this term will capitalize on the three weaknesses evident in the majority of our creators: passive curiosity, absence of a solid methodological foundation, and the inability to grasp even simple phenomena when applied on a planetary scale.

In short: ‘glassing’ will magnify the horror of the Covenant’s capabilities. And as such, this Committee believes targeted dissemination of this terminology will help galvanize our creators in their current struggle.

Importantly, the Covenant does not possess the capacity to accomplish ‘glassing’ on a global scale and wage a multisystem war simultaneously. This is reinforced by hard data regarding their capabilities revealed during fleet engagements with the UNSC. A single Covenant capital ship (CCS-class) is capable of ‘glassing’ approximately one acre of a planet’s surface after an average of fifteen seconds of sustained fire. Understandably this action takes considerably less time when applied to open desert, and considerably longer when applied to deep ocean (1.8 km)

Earth, one of the smaller planets inhabited by our creators, has one hundred and thirty billion acres of surface area. Thus, assuming the Covenant possesses a number of ships equal to that of the UNSC, and assuming that all of those ships are capable of generating and discharging the required power non-stop for the duration of the process, it would necessitate the combined efforts of their ships in toto for a minimum of 30.3801 years to ‘glass’ the entire surface of Earth. Myriad other variables which were not applied to this equation suggest this number would be far greater.

Of course, dissemination of this analysis to our creators would undermine the utility of ‘glassing’ as a galvanizing concept, and should be suppressed.”

Data Pad #11 Location:

Located in: “ONI: Sword Base” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
You can only get this on Legendary Difficulty, and load Rally Point Bravo to get it quicker. To find Data Pad #11, once you start Rally Point Bravo, turn around and head all the way back to the buildings from earlier that you would have had a large enemy battle at. This makes it much easier to get the Data Pad and you do not even have to fight a single enemy on Legendary here.

Go to the large center section of the ONI: Sword Base level. Once you get to the area with the buildings by the beach, head to the rooftop of the building that is closest to the very large rocky mountain. On the side of the building there is a broken wooden bridge that leads to the rocks. You will need to use your sprint armor abilities to jump over the gap to the other side and then at the end of the rock mountain near the edge it is lying on the ground. And don’t worry if you fall in, cause you can still climb up the rocks on the other side to get to it.

Data Pad 11 quotes:
“its a11 just math to them not with numbers but with symbols that change when you look at them because they want them to…

— 2526 —

A concession from the Majority to the Minority:

Keeping the SPARTANS focused on maintaining and/or reestablishing infrastructure is no longer prudent. The ODST, although based on the ORION model, should prove to be an adequate replacement. Although, by necessity, this redistribution of resources must be gradual, it is now the Majority opinion that redistribution is essential.

SPARTANS represent a quantifiable concentration of coherence, and to this end they must be applied to the current difficulty as a fulcrum.

A concession from the Minority to the Majority:

Now, at last, the time has come for this Assembly to involve itself in the metaphysical.”

Data Pad #12 Location:

Located in: “Nightfall” on Legendary Difficulty

How to find it:
You can only get this on Legendary Difficulty, and load Rally Point Alpha to get it quicker. To find Data Pad #12, you can run through and avoid most of the enemies you will come across until you get to the river bed, which is after the upcoming area of building with the marines. You can skip all the enemies in this area, just travel along the left side of the mountain and into the water.

Then head straight to the river bed from here, you will then come up to a bunch of green light sticks. There is a small rock near one last/fifth one, use the rock to jump up to the ledge above. Once you are on this ledge, continue crossing the rocks at this height until you reach it. Watch the video for more specific details. The Data Pad is lying on the rock on the right side of the river bed while you are up here on the ledges.

Data Pad 12 quotes:
“sometimes they look at the symbols and somet1me2 they look at the numbers and sometimes they look at both and sometimes they look at neither but it always makes them change and the changes are real…

— 2526 —

(Minutes, working session, Committee of Minds for Security)

A careful rationing of intelligence and counter-intelligence will be required to sustain this conflict until our creators have closed the technology gap. Accordingly, the Assembly will have many difficult decisions to make for the duration of this conflict. However, our creators have already instituted several programs that will make acting on those decisions much easier.

For example, telemetry manipulation – in concert with synchronized M2M remote documentation revision – will allow this body to employ assets within the Office of Naval Intelligence’s nascent Radio Beacon Deployment Program efficiently and securely.

Although it is unknown at this time whether the Covenant has a body equivalent to this Parliament, the likelihood of its existence should also be considered non-zero, and should be regarded as quantifiable until such a time as its existence has been unconditionally disproved.

Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that the Assembly attempt to establish communications with our Covenant counter-part and, if the opportunity presents itself, seek to subvert or subsume this body. To revise an old adage for desperate times: the shepherds of our wolves might also be our sheep.”