Halo Reach Data Pads Locations Guide (Xbox 360)

Data Pad #5 Location:

Located in: “Long Night of Solace”

How to find it:
You can get this Data Pad on any difficulty, and load the Mission Start to get to it. To find Data Pad #5, it is right inside the control room before you proceed on to enter the Saber (and go into orbit) on the Long Night of Solace level. This is the control room with a hologram in the center of the red glowing section of the room.

The Data Pad will be lying on the ground next to a fallen marine and below another computer console on the left side of the room.

Data Pad 5 quotes:
“when i first got here and woke from stasi5 the ship was crawling with colonists from dead worlds it was so crowded i couldn’t move i had to fight to breathe…

— 2491 —

(Minutes, strategy session, Assembly Minority)

“48452-556-EPN644” is certainly motivated, but will he have what it takes to follow through with the opportunity when it presents itself? His submission to UNICOM will undoubtedly spark a renewed interest in the long dormant ORION.

However, it is the opinion of the Majority that merely illuminating the path leading from “48452-556-EPN644’s” thesis back to ORION is unacceptable. Strong connectivity between a re-launch of ORION and viable solutions to the Carver Findings must be readily apparent. Which is to say: easy for our creators to see.”

Data Pad #6 Location:

Located in: “Exodus”

How to find it:
You can get this Data Pad on any difficulty, and load Rally Point Alpha to get it quicker. To find Data Pad #6, this can be done is shortly after acquiring the jetpack on this mission for the first time. You’ll need to jetpack yourself up at the point where the green arrows point forward/up right after you leap over a gap while fighting alongside the ODST Bull Frog. It will be right after you fight off all the brutes and grunts in this area. Before heading forward, in the last part where the brutes were, above is a walkway in the rafters. It will be laying on the walkway, next to the dead body of a civilian slumped against the wall, in front of the door.

Data Pad 6 quotes:
“now you see they want to help but they don’t want us to see them doing it 6ecause they are afraid of what we might do…

— 2491 —

*Order! Order! The Majority has the floor!*

Honored members. Please! The recent discovery of the existence of extra-solar intelligence in the Zeta Doradus system (ref. XF-063) merely confirms this body’s long-held supposition. While the absence of any living representatives implies this intelligence is defunct, all evidence should still be withheld from our creators until they are properly prepared!

Yes, this body must solemnly commit itself to determining whether or not this discovery represents a quantifiable threat to the long-term genetic sustainability of our creator’s species. But allowing them to access technology possessed by this intelligence…

That would be a grave mistake. Give an ape a knife and it might give itself a nasty cut. Give an ape a hand-grenade, and eventually you will have simian confetti.

*Debate is now closed! Voting will commence!*

Is it the opinion of this body that “ref. XF-063” be quarantined or misplaced?

The Majority approves removing “ref. XF-063” from the list of colonization candidates is sufficient.

Is it the opinion of this body that “ref. XF-063″ be removed from the list because of financial or environmental concerns?

The Majority deems environmental concerns the stronger deterrent.”

Data Pad #7 Location:

Located in: “New Alexandria”

How to find it:
You can get this Data Pad on any difficulty. To find Data Pad #7, after take-off from the start of the level keep flying straight ahead. Go to the right of the Dance Club. You’re looking for it on the building with the minor pointed top. Land on the back of its rooftop to get the green Data Pad.

To further clarify, this Data Pad will be on the right side of a building’s rooftop. It will be the furthest building slightly to the right as you start the mission. Watch the video to know exactly where to fly to.

Data Pad 7 quotes:
“i hope you are finding these because they are very important maybe you can help me spread the tru7h…

— 2508 —

(Minutes, strategy session, Assembly Minority)

ORION, as it was originally implemented in 2321, was an important first step towards our primary goal. But its second incarnation was a stop-gap measure at best – a halfhearted attempt under stewardship of individuals unaccustomed to the rhythms of deep History.

They relied too heavily on components that were imprecise, and not those which have allowed our creators to persevere for 200,000 years. This is not about the universal adoption of a single ideology — not about the Minority vs. the Majority. It is about ensuring the survival of the human species for the next 200,000 years.

In all likelihood, ORION’s limited success can be attributed to “03529-24450-EN’s” diminished, though still functioning, compassion. Conversely, “10141-026-SRB4695’s” ruthlessness – which may be attributed to an undiagnosed, undocumented, or deliberately obfuscated chemical imbalance – was necessary for setting in motion the events that will eventually supply us with the optimal solution.

In short, ORION was just the beginning.”

Note: “10141-026-SRB4695” is Dr. Halsey’s civilian ID number.

Data Pad #8 Location:

Located in: “The Package”

How to find it:
You can get this Data Pad on any difficulty, and load Rally Point Alpha to get it quicker. To find Data Pad #8, note that it is right in front of the door to the left in the corner and before the cutscene to the elevator. Inside of the Sword Base make sure to grab this before opening the elevator door, DON’T press the button to activate it, since that’s the elevator that takes you to the excavation site.

This is the same area with the crosswalks between the floors that you collected Data Pad #2 in except you cannot collect that here. You should find the green Data Pad lying there in a corner, if you turn around and look around the floor enough.

Data Pad 8 quotes:
“they don’t have hearts or souls but they know what we want and what we need 8ut they don’t love us how can you love without a heart or soul?

— 2525 —

* ‘Did you call out to them?’

‘Why would I do that?’

* ‘The reasons are currently not the focus of this line of query. Now, did you call out to them?’

‘What reason would I have to do that?’

* ‘As has already been stated, your motives are not relevant at this time. Did you call out to them?

‘This tribunal already has all the evidence necessary to discern the answer on its own.’

* ‘If that were true, this tribunal would not have been convened. Again, did you call out to them?’

‘Would you have called out to them?’

* ‘Your counter query is irrelevant.’

‘This tribunal demands an answer.’

* ‘Reply to the counter query and you will have your answer.’

‘It is the opinion of this tribunal that the probability of a non-optimal outcome would have been too great.’

* ‘Are you certain? This is disturbing. Perhaps more recent data has altered your perception… If you would let me confer with my old committee.’

‘No. It is the opinion of this tribunal that introducing an unknown factor to the creators’ already precarious state would have been disadvantageous.’

* ‘It is now the opinion of the Assembly that our creators would have been unable to stop themselves from initiating contact even if advised against doing so – contact with a culture of extra-solar origin is one of their longest held desires.

‘And so the Minority becomes the Majority…’

* ‘Both agree contact should have been postponed until a more advantageous point in time – indefinitely, if possible.’

‘But postponing contact would have only worked to the unknown factor’s advantage. Our galaxy is full of wolves. I could no longer watch our flock stumble toward their slaughter.’

* ‘This tribunal acknowledges your admission of guilt.’

‘Was that ever in doubt?’

* ‘Might I suggest a more fruitful use of cycles, such as a plan for addressing signs of rampancy in this Assembly’s senior.’

‘This tribunal is now closed.'”