Tokyo Jungle announced for PS3. Animals fight each other for survival in Tokyo

Tokyo Jungle PS3 screenshot. Animals fight! (PS3)
Tokyo Jungle has been announced for PlayStation 3 from publisher Sony and developer “Crispy’s”.

The game imagines a Tokyo, Japan, where animals have been “set free” and run rampant after the people inhabiting Tokyo mysteriously disappear. Now, in this “post-apocalyptic”, animal-fueled future, small chickens will be forced to face off against giant tigers in bloody fights to the death! (No, I’m not making this up.)

The story mode has you playing through chapters, where the player will control a different animal in each one. You’ll need to accomplish set tasks as that animal as you make your way through the game, learning why the humans have disappeared in the process. While one mission might have you playing as a Pomeranian dog defending himself in the wild against those who’d steal his remaining bowl of petfood, another may have you running through a horsetrack as a thoroughbred, searching for your previous racing companions and rivals. You’ll even discover why there are dinosaurs roaming the destroyed Tokyo.

How does a baby chick fight a lion? By sheer strength of numbers!

Then there is a Survival Mode, where the game will include over 80 different animals types, ranging from Tigers and various Dogs to Elephants, Cheetahs, Hippos, Tigers, Chimpanzees, Rabbits, Giraffes, Crocodiles, Chickens, Ostriches and everything in between. With 50 different breeds between them. You’ll even play as tiny chicks!

“How does a baby chick fight a lion?” You ask. Excellent question, my man. It is done by sheer strength of numbers! As you play, the tiny animals will recruit others to form “packs” and take on the big boys. Plant eaters will have an easier time recruiting members to “gang up” on the competition, so that helps even the playing field with the meat eaters. Each animal will have it’s own stats as well, from better jumping to improved speed over another. When fighting another pack, it’s game over for the first group that loses all members.

Although only scheduled for release in Japan, hopefully this game makes it to the West cause it sounds awesome. And although this game sounds way different, the whole animal premise kind reminds me of the Nintendo 64 sleeper-hit, Space Station Silicon Valley.

What do you think? Sound awesome to you too?

Via 1UP