Project Sword announced for iPhone by Epic

Project Sword iPhone, iPad screenshot
Project Sword has been announced for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from publisher Epic. It was announced at the Apple live event by Epic President Mike Capps.

The game runs on Unreal Engine 3 and may receive a different title by the time of release later this year.

The game is a fantasy sword-fighting title where players partake in amazing one-on-one knight battles that look graphically beautiful running on the small mobile hardware that the iPhone family offers. The game looks right up there with Gears of War or The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which is amazing to see running on the iPhone.

Project Sword is being developed by Chair Entertainment, the folks responsible for the excellent side-scrolling Xbox Live Arcade action hit Shadow Complex, a game for which it won much accolades.

Project Sword will support multiplayer as well as Achievements that you can earn on Apple’s “Game Center” platform.

You can check the game out yourself right now via a playable Project Sword demo (iTunes)!

Here is a video of the game in “action” as you will see in the demo if you play it. Sadly there is no actual “action” in this video, just exploring the game’s pretty environments.

And here is the always-fun Giantbomb and Tested crew checking out the demo.