Dead Rising 2: Case Zero achievements guide (XBLA)

31 August 2010
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Dead Rising 2 Case Zero box artwork
Our Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Achievements guide lists every Achievement for this Xbox 360 downloadable prequel title and tells you how to get them.


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  • Dead Rising 2 Achievements List

    Earn the Achievement to get the corresponding amount of GamerPoints added to your GamerScore.

    1. Still Creek Savior (20G) – Save all the survivors in Still Creek.

    2. We Ride To Fortune City! (20G) – Escape Still Creek with Katey. — In order to be able to get this achievement, you need to have completely repaired the bike. As well as have also found Zombrex for her to survive too prior to getting to this point. If you have followed the walkthrough I created for the Class A Ending for the game (linked to at the top of this page), then you will have no problem getting this achievement and escaping with her. You do not have to get a Class A Ending in order to get this achievement, just make sure that you get the motorcycle repaired and make sure your daughter survives.

    3. Chop Shop (20G) – Defeat Jed the Mechanic. — Save your game before you go inside to fight Jed. You will want to have a few Assault Rifles so you can beat him. It is possible, but harder, to beat him without an Assault Rifle. Always stay behind cover while not shooting. His shotgun always has perfect aim at a long distance to knock you down. Try and use the tank canisters around the junk yard to do more damage on him. There is a Sledge Hammer right next to one of the cars that you can use if you run out of ammo, which ends up happening to me as well.

    4. Zombie Hunter (10G) – Kill 100 zombies.

    5. Zombie Exterminator (20G) – Kill 1,000 zombies.

    6. Small Town, Deep Pockets (20G) – Spend $100,000 in the pawnshop. — Get your 30k from Gemini, then go to the casino, smash it up. Get your moose head from pawnshop, run to safe house. Run back to casino where money is back. Keep doing this until you have about 70k then go spend it all. Reload your original save file to get your time spent back.

    7. Part Way There (10G) – Find and return a bike part.

    8. Ready to Ride (20G) – Rebuild the bike. — Where to find the missing bike parts needed to complete your motorcycle and take Katie the hell out of Still Creek.

    9. A Taste of Things to Come (10G) – Build a combo weapon. — You can do this right at the start of the game, in Case 0-1. In front of you when you first start the game after the cutscenes, pick up the box of nails and the baseball bat from off the ground and place them on the table (A button). Then just combine them by pressing the B button.

    10. A Bigger Taste… (20G) – Build all available combo weapons.

    11. Locksmith (20G) – Unlock all four of the doors in Still Creek.

    12. Clueless No More (10G) – Purchase a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner. — You will find Dick right outside of the gas station when you leave it starting in Case 0-4. He will be on top of a van surrounded by zombies, kill them all and then follow him to the pawnshop. You will then be able to purchase a clue from him.


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