Red Dead Redemption Liars and Cheats and Undead Nightmare Pack DLC detailed

Red Dead Redemption Liars and Cheats DLC logo Details of the Red Dead Redemption downloadable content: Liars and Cheats, and the “Undead Nightmare Pack” have been detailed by Rockstar.

The “Liars and Cheats” paid DLC (or “$DLC” as it’s often written nowadays) will be released on September 21, 2010 and will cost $10. It’ll be released on both PSN and Xbox Live and will add multiplayer versions of several of the fun mini-games in the game.

Here is what is included in Liars and Cheats:

Multiplayer Poker and Liars’ Dice Games
One of the most fan-requested features comes to multiplayer.

Multiplayer Horse Races
Ride out against your friends and foes online – with mounted combat guns blazing.

The Explosive Rifle
A devastatingly destructive new weapon with its own new single-player and multiplayer challenges.

7 New Gang Hideouts
Posse up and take on the new Hideouts together to level up quickly.

4 New Hunting Grounds
New Hunting Grounds are now visible on the map for all to see, with some of the most action-packed wildlife hunting yet.

Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer Mode
Teams take turns in attack and defense in multi-tiered Competitive games.

Posse Scoring and Leaderboards
Compare stats with other posses and compete to see who are the kings of the Free Roam frontier.

New Multiplayer Characters from Single-Player Storyline
15 additional multiplayer characters from the Red Dead Redemption storyline are being made available as multiplayer characters.

All-new Achievements and Trophies
Increase your GamerScore or Trophy collection with all new Achievements and Trophies to earn.

In addition, Rockstar detailed the all-new “Undead Nightmare Pack” which is another new paid DLC which includes an all-new lengthy single-player campaign that has you facing off against…. you guessed it, ZOMBIES! Or at least, that’s what’s implied.

Finally, Rockstar says they will be adding more FREE DLC in the coming months, including a new Hunting and Trading Outfit Pack that includes new costumes to wear and challenges to complete.

Here is a quick guide on how to play Liar’s Dice in Red Dead Redemption.