Mortal Kombat 2011 DLC may be offered for free. Software hooks allow post-release tweaking says Ed Boon. May come to PC

Mortal Kombat 2011 DLC could be free (Xbox 360, PS3 screenshot)
The upcoming Mortal Kombat PS3 and Xbox 360 title is being billed as a complete rebirthing of the franchise, which will take the bloody fighting series back to it’s side-scrolling roots.

So far, the game looks incredible. And MK co-creator Ed Boon seems like he is set to make this the best MK game of all time.

The game will have a strong online focus, with balancing a key factor. Not only WILL the game definitely have downloadable content, but some of that DLC may be released for free! That’s because having downloadable characters that you have to pay for can split up the user base into have’s and have not’s, something Boon and his Netherealm Studios are trying to find a solution to.

“We’re going to need a patch or some kind of delivery method—and we’re still trying to solve it,” Boon says. “One option is a free character that everybody gets and get you all the purchasable ones too. If you download a free version of Raiden or whoever, you’ll get everything.”

They also may give out new downloadable stages for free or free additional fatalities! Huzzah!

Another big focus comes in with balancing. Mortal Kombat 9 will have an interesting “hook” system built into the code that will allow the developers to tweak gameplay after the game ships without requiring a patch or download!

“The past few games, we’ve had some exploits that we thought ‘We’d really like to fix that,'” Boon said in an interview with Kotaku. “With the introduction of online, imbalances become very publicly exploited. You can fix them with patches—and every game has their really powerful characters, like Sagat in Street Fighter IV.”

“Everybody wants to ship the perfectly balanced game, but when it has been played for six months and beat on by everybody, players are going to find its weaknesses,” Boon said. “We’re actually putting stuff in the game that lets us ‘turn knobs’ after the [game ships]. We have knobs that we can turn to further tweak the game once we know everyone has been bashing on it. I mean, we can’t add a special move, but we can slow a projectile down or speed a projectile up or tweak the damage, just to kind of fine tune it after the fact.”

Finally, Boon addressed a PC version. Which, surprise, he’d like to release!

“We’re definitely considering it,” Boon says. “I’ve thought ‘How many fighting game players are PC guys?’ Apparently there seems to be a market for that in Europe. Since we’re on the Unreal Engine, I guess it’s not that much of a change from the console versions.”

Finally, going back to DLC, it looks like we could definitely be seeing either some all-new characters (I hope not…) or some post-MK4 characters as DLC.

Either way, I couldn’t be more pumped for Mortal Kombat! Boon looks like he’s finally hitting all the right buttons and I expect this game to be phenomenal! And 2011 is a long way off yet!

Here is some gameplay footage.

Via Kotaku