RAGE release date is September 13, 2011. Downloadable content confirmed

Rage release date is September 13, 2011 (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Mac)
RAGE from id Software will be released on September 13, 2011. Finally giving a date for the long-awaited all-new IP from the creators of Doom and Quake. However, fans surely will be unsatisfied that they still have such a long wait ahead of them!

However ID is already planning ahead, as downloadable content for the title is already in the early stages of planning, although exactly how it will work out has yet to be plotted…. Cause, you know, the game is still a year away from completion and stuff.

“We haven’t finalized any DLC plans, but we know it’s important,” Tim Willits said at QuakeCon 2010. “It’s been important to Bethesda. We’ll do it, we just don’t know what we’ll do yet.

Some all-new details were also revealed on Rage were also revealed at Quakecon 2010. Including:

  • John Goodman of Roseanne fame will be a voice actor in the game.
  • Mini-games are included in RAGE. One shown was called “Tombstone” and included hologram characters with weapons being moved on a board. With the first player to reach the middle winning.
  • Rage will feature no large cutscenes. ID prefers everything to be told in-game.
  • It is possible to kill enemies via electrical shock. Especially effective in watery stages.
  • The screen turns red as you are wounded.
  • Tactical options include making use of turrets, RC car bombs or guns ablazing.
  • You can fight melee by using your fists.
  • Some enemies will be massive in size. Think Shadow of the Colossus or BIGGER!
  • The Dead City was shown. Which is a modern-day metropolis in ruins. Giant enemies with rocket launchers abound.
  • Loading issues hampered the console showings (the 360 version even crashed). But id promises they’ll be fixed before launch.
  • Here are new videos of Rage in action from Quakecon 2010!

    Via VG247