Pokemon White and Black six minutes of new gameplay footage and cutscenes

Pokemon Black and White musicals mini-game screenshot
Six minutes of pure, raw, Pokemon White and Black gameplay footage has been released via a new video of the upcoming DS games in action.

As most of you already know who’ve been following the series, the next core entry in the long-running Pokemon franchise will feature a ton of new enhancements over previous versions of the game.

One of the biggest new changes is upgraded 3D, polygonal graphics (not to be confused with stereoscopic 3D, this isn’t the 3DS after all). And you can see the new graphics in beautiful motion in the this video.

Along with the new video are a host of new features that have been revealed, or are being seen in action for the first time. They include:

  • New “Pokemon Musicals”. These will most likely replace the Pokemon contests seen in previous games. Looks like cute fun.
  • Pokemon Black & White will feature changing seasons. Or at least, will feature areas set in different seasons.
  • Pokemon Transfers now feature a mini-game that’s played. This game is called the “PokeShifter”.
  • The new Team in the game is “Team Plasma”.
  • There is a subway in Isshu called the “Battle Subway”.
  • The new Triple Battles (that’s three-on-three!) will feature a new mode where you control one Pokemon but can rotate the other two Pokemon in and out at will. This will presumably offer a ton of new strategies and is performed via the Attack Menu.
  • The first High Link mission is shown, wherein you are tasked with hiding an Ultra Ball in front of the “Tower of Heaven” located on Route 7. You must do this without being talked to and within 180 seconds or you’ll have to restart. You win 3 “Derudama” for accomplishing the mission.
  • Three all-new Pokemon are shown in the video. One is a Stork Pokemon, another is a Deer Pokemon called “Shikijika” and the third is an evolution of Minezumi called “Miruhoggu” (these are the Japanese names).
  • Last but not least, new moves were revealed including: Soak (from Mamanbou), Fire Oath (from Pokabu) and Grass Oath (from Tsutarja).
  • Thank to Serebii.net for breaking down the details in the video.

    Also new this week is GameFreak’s Junichi Masuda revealing a surprising feature of Pokemon Black & White via his blog. He said that Pokemon Black & White players will encounter only new Pokemon until they’ve cleared the game. He hopes this will make the game a fresh experience for veterans and newcomers alike.