Castlevania Harmony of Despair Walkthrough Video Guide (XBLA)

Castlevania Harmony of Despair walkthrough: Chapter 6 “Come, Sweet Hour of Death”

This chapter is going to be the hardest of them all. The path is extremely simple and straight forward. You will move around the bottom side of the map starting from the bottom left side. Now once you have moved along the path through the entire middle section and heading towards the bottom right side of the map, you will just head upwards and then to the far left.

By now you should be more than familiar with the game, make sure you are using the best equipment you have available to you, if not, buy or obtain them. If you absolutely need help or just cannot beat the enemies or boss, I recommend playing this game online co-operatively.

There is only one book available on this map to stock up on health and to change your weapons. This is located right where you spawn. I suggest selecting the Super Potion and saving it for Dracula. On your way to Dracula just make sure to use more defense than offense on some of the enemies.

Part 2 shows the Chapter 6 Final Boss Fight:

This is the boss fight with Dracula. I use the Yasutsuna weapon here for the boss. This is a weapon that you can only find from chests and is completely random. This weapon does actually make this boss extremely easier than other weapons. But you can still easily beat him while other weapons with high attacks and what not else. Pick weapons with a high attack and items that will further higher your abilities, but also not something with too slow of a swing.

Dracula has 3 forms you will have to defeat:

  • The first is his human form, just repeatedly attack his head and easily dodge his simple attacks he throws at you.
  • His second form is a beast, also quite easy to defeat this form. You will need to repeatedly attack the area around his knees.
  • Dracula’s last form is as giant hands with three heads in the middle. Repeatedly attack the three heads, duck and slide underneath him as necessary to avoid his attacks. Be careful for this form of Dracula’s attacks as they are the deadliest of them all.
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    Boss battle tips and hidden secrets in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

    Protip: Click on the right analog stick to cycle screen sizes. Handy if you want to play the game with a full-screen view of the chapter.

    Kudos to IGN for that last tips video.