Castlevania Harmony of Despair Walkthrough Video Guide (XBLA)

Castlevania Harmony of Despair walkthrough: Chapter 3 “The End of Chaos”

This chapter is extremely easy compared to the first two chapters. It is extremely simple too. There are two levers to pull here; they can also be used as weapons if you have more than one player. If you are playing single player, you do not have to use these weapons to beat him.

In short, you will travel all the way to the right, then climb upwards on the far right side. Once you are at the top, travel almost all the way to the left, climb down some to push one of the levers. The lever will allow you to quickly access up and down the left side as well as provide you with a platform to attack the Menace’s head. You will want to stock up on health just in case too.

The weapon I used in this chapter was the Hrunting. You can use this or any other weapon up until the boss fight, but for the boss fight I recommend switching to the Hrunting or another fast weapon that you can quickly lay a lot of combos with. Also to fight the flying mouth creatures too.

Part 2 shows the Chapter 3 Boss Fight:

This boss has a few attacks you need to watch out for. Otherwise, he’s actually quite easy. He will walk towards the left side and backwards to the right.

There are 3 main parts to his body in which you will attack him at: The first is his head, then his heart and then another head which is just above his legs. You only need to destroy two of these to destroy him.

This boss has two main attacks you will need to watch out for:

  • He will attack you by throwing a punch at you, kicking you or jumping onto you. Avoid these.
  • He shoots these floating mouth creatures during the entire fight, so you will need to kill these too.
  • I personally found that destroying his head and the head above his legs to be the easiest and the easiest to gain access to and throw multiple hits at, at a time. I would just avoid his heart.

    The best and fastest weapon that I recommend and use here would be the Hrunting. The Gadius would also work. I would try to avoid using the Lance or the Claymore. They are just too slow.