StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Video Guide (PC, Mac)

StarCraft 2 walkthrough artwork
In this StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty walkthrough, we’ll be your guide through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay for the long-awaited second RTS game in the StarCraft series from Blizzard. This walkthrough covers the PC and Mac game’s campaign mode.

StarCraft 2 continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival.

Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft: Brood War left off, StarCraft 2 will present a cast of new heroes and familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and intrigue. In addition, Blizzard will again offer unparalleled online play through, the company’s world-renowned gaming service, with several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft 2 the ultimate competitive real-time strategy game. Not to mention there’s now Cooperative games you and friends can play against A.I. opponents.


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  • How to easily find your Starcraft 2 walkthrough mission: The format for this walkthrough is going through the game mission by mission. Each of the 29 missions is named, so it’s easy to find the level map you might need help with by pressing “CTRL” and the “F” keys at the same time on your keyboard to search for the mission you’re stuck on. We’ll start you off with a few introduction videos to freshen up your StarCraft storyline knowledge.
    Let’s begin!

    StarCraft 2 History Guide: Ghosts of the Past

    The history of the original StarCraft in a nutshell, or rather, recapped in two videos.

    In the distant future, the colonies founded by Earth’s exiles in the Koprulu sector are struggling to rebuild following a devastating war with two hostile alien species. The previously unknown and deadly species known only as the Zerg had entered Terran space, destroying everything in its path, while the technologically advanced Protoss were hell-bent on exterminating the Zerg at all costs, willing to incinerate entire planets if necessary.

    StarCraft 2 History Guide Part 2: Uncertain Future.

    StarCraft 2 Introduction Guide: Campaign Overview

    StarCraft 2 campaign guide screen
    Years have passed, but the wounds of the Brood War are far from healed. The Zerg and their cunning Queen of Blades have been quiet, but some fear this may be the calm before the storm. With both the Protoss and the Terrans licking their wounds and looking worriedly towards the darkness beyond the stars, an unknown threat emerges, unseen, that may once again plunge the galaxy into war.

    Get ready for fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the magic of the original game.

    Throughout the campaign, you will have to make decisions that affect the game’s story. Will you stand by your comrades in arms, even if you do not agree with their methods? How far will you go, and how much would you sacrifice to save the galaxy?

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 1: Liberation Day

    StarCraft 2 Terran campaign loading screen
    This is the very first mission of StarCraft 2 that will teach you the basics of troop movement in the game. At the midway point of the level you will be given reinforcements to help you save the rebel forces. After saving the rebel convoy, at this point the rebels will join Reynor’s forces to make a last push to take over and destroy the remaining buildings.

    General RTS play tip: Strategic thinking is key to success. You need to gather information about your opponents, anticipate their moves, outflank their attacks, and formulate a winning strategy.

    Terran strong points: From basic but effective infantry like the marines to heavily armed battlecruisers, Terran units rely on solid armor, plentiful firepower, and strength in numbers to hold the line. Terrans excel in defensive situations where their bunkers and siege tanks really shine. Remember that.

    Mission one may be a cakewalk, but each mission of the single-player campaign will present you with a new challenge unlike any you’ve encountered before: lava surges, gross misuse of Dominion mining equipment, complicated escape and rescue ops, so expect the unexpected.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 2: The Outlaws

    This level introduces you to more StarCraft basics. You will be taken through the basics of buildings and their uses via the tutorial window, so to all those new to StarCraft this is a must-play. For veteran RTS players this level should be relatively simple. Try to create a small group of marines to form a rush squad and try to gain as many reinforcement troops as possible along the way.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 3: Zero Hour

    Zero Hour is a defensive mission that lasts 20 minutes. What is the best way to survive the upcoming onslaught? Be prepared! As this is a defensive mission, so bunkers and turrets are an absolute must. Begin building bunkers and turrets that cover the road inlets is the best way to stop a Zerg rush from any side. Also be prepared for the air raid that will begin after the initial rush from the Zerg on the ground.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 4: The Evacuation

    This level requires you to escort 50 rebels via transporter and each transporter will be attacked by an increasing number of Zerg forces. There are a variety of tactics that can be used in this situation including: building bunkers to fortify the road along any possible routes for incoming Zerg, or you can escort the transport with a large number of troops depending on your play style and favoured method of attack.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 5: Smash and Grab

    StarCraft 2 Hyperion bridge screenshot
    In this mission the marauder unit is introduced, but before starting this mission take the time to choose some upgrades for your existing forces with the credits you have already gained previously. The Protoss Guardians in this level require a huge amount of fire power to take down, so building a large attack squad using mercenary troops and marauders will prove very useful.

    StarCraft 2 research upgrades interface Upgrading tip: In between missions, as you explore the inside of the battlecruiser Hyperion, you can choose to unlock access to powerful units, buildings and upgrades. You can do this for the first time between missions 4 and 5.

    As the story progresses, you will be able to purchase advanced upgrades incorporating both Protoss technology and breakthroughs based on Zerg mutations (as seen in the screenshot to your right; click on it to enlarge). These upgrades will make your units tougher and grant them new abilities. These are exclusive to the single-player campaign, and their unique abilities will give you a fighting chance against Raynor’s many enemies.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 6: Outbreak

    Outbreak is a two sided mission, on one hand you are playing defence at night and during the day racing to clear the infested buildings. So start by building up a strong defence, use bunkers to fortify your entrances and once these are completed you can then focus on building up a large attack group.

    Once you have built a strong enough defence it will run itself, the bunkers will keep your main base safe while you can get on building and managing your resources, and then spend all your daylight hours destroying those infected buildings.

    Tip: This is a very long level so take your time so as to avoid any costly mistakes.

    How to unlock the speedy in-game achievement: As part of the mission six guide, we show you how to finish the mission within five days, which will unlock the campaign Achievement if you play through it fast enough.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 7: The Devil’s Playground

    The Devils Playground is a level based around your ability to move your troops and bases within a very small time frame, you will need to collect minerals quickly before the lava rises and floods the low ground.

    The best tip for this level: Keep your base as close to the mineral deposits as possible in doing so your SCV’s only have a small distance to travel whilst they are busy.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 8: Welcome to the Jungle

    Welcome to the Jungle is a frantic fast-paced level that sees you trying to steal the breath of life from the Protoss shrines. But they will not give it up easily, so move your SCV unit with a heavy escort and take over one point at a time to ensure victory.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 9: Haven’s Fall

    In Havens Fall, for this guide I’m choosing to side with the Protoss and cleanse the entire area. Which turns out to be a huge mission. The Zerg infestation spreads rapidly, so begin the level by focusing on building a huge shock force of Viking ships. These allow you to attack on both plains, either in the air or on the ground, the Vikings are the deciding factor in this level.

    As a warning of infestation comes up, attempt to stop it as quickly as possible, otherwise the Zerg will gain a stronghold in that area and both your Viking troops and your base will feel the extra pressure from the Zerg Rush.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 10: The Dig

    It’s time to get defensive again, The Dig mission introduces the Siege Tank. This mobile siege unit has two modes, Tank and Siege: In Tank mode you can move and attack, but whilst in Siege mode the vehicle cannot move but both damage and range are increased dramatically.

    This level requires you to use the massive laser cannon to drill through the temple doors to reach the hidden artifact. Build your defensive position with bunkers and anti-air missiles and distribute siege tanks around the laser to ensure victory.

    How to unlock the 3 artifacts in-game achievement: As part of the mission ten guide, at a certain point in the mission you will be given control of the laser drill. You can use this to destroy enemy units, but if your defense is strong enough you won’t need to use it and you can concentrate your effort on the 3 extra Protoss artifacts that will get you an achievement. These artifacts will be displayed on your map early on. Try sending in a pair of siege tanks to destroy the guardians and then use the laser drill to open the doors to reveal the hidden artifacts.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 11: Whispers of Doom

    This level has you taking on the role of Zeratul and moving through the level on your own you are permanently cloaked but coming into range of certain Zerg units (Overseers, Reavers and the towers) will make you visible. You will also learn the special powers associated with Zeratul these include Blink and the Void Orb.

    Take your time as you move through and you should remain relatively unharmed as Zeratul can regenerate both his energy levels and his health. Once you encounter the Queen of Blades, you will be told that you only have 2 minutes to make it to the teleport exit so start running and use blink to cross obstacles and large gaps ignoring any enemies along the way and you should be fine.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 12: Breakout

    This is another of the single unit focused campaign levels that sees you taking control of Tosh. That is of course if you decide to help him break out his Spectre friends in jail.

    To ensure victory, stay close to your backup when it arrives and don’t be afraid to fall back to the safety of your cloak. Use cloak along with your Spectre powers at the final stage of the level where it would seem the enemy forces are completely overwhelming. You will be given the ability to designate a Tactical Nuke, now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fireworks. Use your nuke to obliterate any opposition and it’s victory to you.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 13: The Moebius Factor

    Starcraft 2 Medivac’s are introduced in this level and you will be given two units as soon as the mission begins. Use these units to transport and heal troops, you can also carry later units like the Goliath, but this will count as two units in the Medivac’s hold.

    Watch out for Zerg anti-air defenses in this level, as losing a Medivac fully loaded with troops could be a very costly mistake.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 14: The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery is very similar to the earlier smash and grab missions. You are tasked with destroying eight cargo trains, but using the Diamond Back tank you should be fine. Make sure you use your mercenary troops to give your Diamond Back assault a great fire power boost and you should be able to safely overwhelm any security they send along with the train.

    During the final stages of the level the enemy will send out a large Marauder Patrol that is hugely powerful, but if you have enough tanks and maybe even some Goliath units you can safely take on this bunch to gain yourself another achievement called Bully the Bully.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 15: Cutthroat

    This mission is a race for resources and minerals, the first side to gain 6000 resource points wins control of the mercenary forces located on the level, and once you have control of this the rest of the mission is a walk in the park. To beat your opponent focus on picking up mineral scrap piles left behind using vulture bikes and by deploying the spider mines they come equipped with. Provide some form of security for your own troops. Attacking SCV units will also help you in hindering your opponents progress.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 16: Supernova

    A race against a burning sun and a Protoss guard force. Supernova is a fast paced mission again involving the movement of your base as the hot sun destroys all in its path. So be quick to take what resources are available as you first start and then focus on taking over the second Protoss base to make sure you have somewhere to move your base to.

    Once in the second position build up a large attack squad focusing on large ground units that can move and attack quickly, as well as some air support in the form of Banshee units this should help you to take over the Protoss base and secure the artifact.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 17: Engine of Destruction

    Your mission is to escort Tychus as he begins a rampage using the Odin, an enormous war machine. With all communications lost provide the Odin with as much supporting fire as possible.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 18: Media Blitz

    For the first 5 minutes of this mission you will be given the Odin once again and now you are in charge of the rampage. After your surprise attack you will be given control of the base units and you can begin to build your new Odin support force.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 19: Maw of the Void

    With the threat of the void generators destroying all your troops in seconds they need to be destroyed quickly, use your battle cruisers to initiate the attack whilst collecting as mineral deposits left behind as soon as possible to begin building an even larger fleet as quickly as possible. After destroying the first void generator move your base over to larger mineral deposits so you can continue building units without stressing about lack of resources.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 20: The Gates of Hell

    Welcome to Char. This planet is the final planet you will visit and the last missions of the game will be here, so make sure you have completed any other missions on other planets as you will not be able to go back once you have started. Ensure you have spent all available funds on upgrades and research before moving onto Char to give you the greatest advantage over the Zerg.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 21: Shatter the Sky

    This mission is the result of a choice between taking out air units from the final battle by choosing to follow the general, to remove the Nydus Worms from the final battle. Side with Tychus and you will be given a different mission. During “Shatter the Sky” you will need to destroy the four cooling units that mantain the sky platforms. Rush the coolers and retreat as quickly as possible to avoid being burnt up in the explosion that will follow.

    StarCraft 2 Walkthrough Mission 22: All In

    This is the final mission in the game and it is one of epic proportion so be prepared to move quickly, you need to defend the artifact from wave after wave of Zerg forces, and with the Queen of Blades behind them your defense will need to be rock solid. Concentrate your efforts in the early stages on building up defensive structures bunkers, turrets and make sure to add troops to the bunkers to help their damage rating. Be sure to watch my video for more tips. Good luck!

    Congratulations! You’ve finished the first game in the StarCraft 2 trilogy!
    Do you claim to eat your enemies for breakfast? Then Zerger King is right up your alley… 🙂

    Our StarCraft 2 guide helps turn your enemies into Zerg Burgers

    How you unlock the Secret Mission “Piercing The Shroud”: This hidden mission becomes available after finding the Secret Documents in Mission 20 “Media Blitz”. In the Secret Mission you must investigate the Dominion Lab, but remember that the only way to unlock it is by doing what is shown in this video from Mission 20:

    Frequently Asked Questions about StarCraft 2

    StarCraft 2's bar has an arcade machine with a bonus mini-game
    Where to find the secret mini-game: To gain access to the bonus mini-game Lost Viking, simply click on the arcade machine in the background of the bar area and you will be rewarded with a fully playable top-down shooter similar to R-Type. (There’s also a jukebox where you can choose your own music to play.) You can watch the game in action in the video below.

    By the way, it’s a shame Blizzard didn’t include their 1993 and 1997 retro puzzle-platforming games The Lost Vikings (Amiga) and Lost Vikings 2 (SNES) in this arcade. But at least this top-down shooter’s got their namesake.

    What does the full Terran Tech Tree look like: This picture made by Blizzard shows a complete Terran Tech Tree…

    StarCraft 2 Terran Tech Tree

    How to find the Tauren Space Marine Easter Egg: This video will show you where to find a Tauren Space Marine on level 3 “Zero Hour” in StarCraft 2.

    How do you speed up the unit building process?: A building with an attached reactor add-on gets a second production queue. This allows you to train two times as many units from said building. This’ll give you just the tactical speed advantage you need to survive on the front lines. Handy to know is that you can swap buildings by moving a currently attached building out of the way, and putting another production facility in its place.

    How to grow your army?: Your base’s infrastructure places a limit on the maximum size of your army. So if you want to build a larger army, you’ll have to raise your supply cap by investing some resources into measures that will let you support a bigger army. The Terran supply depots will give you the logistical backbone for a large army. And in the case of the Protoss’ advanced deployment technologies require pylons to expand operations. Lastly, the Zerg swarms cannot grow beyond a certain threshold without the overlords’ ability to telepathically keep units in line.

    Why is scouting the Fog of War important?: Knowing what’s going on in your opponent’s base is key to countering their attacks and deploying an effective counter strategy. But you can only see the areas of the battlefield that are in your units’ line of sight, meaning you need to send units to scout. Scouting early on is important, but remember to keep scouting throughout each game. Workers can be effective scouts at the beginning of a game, but they are fragile and easily destroyed. At which point the area you were scouting will be covered by the Fog of War again and you won’t be able to see it until you move your units in again.

    Does StarCraft 2 have a New Game Plus or Campaign Replay option?: There’s no New Game + feature after finishing the campaign, so when you start a second campaign afterwards, there will be no trace of the choices you made before and no new options. However, you can replay all the missions without going through the campaign storyline for a second time. You can do that like this: When you finished the game for the first time and the credits rolled, then click on “Single Player” and on “Continue Campaign”. At that point you’ll see the “Mission Archive” screen in which you can select all the missions and change the difficulty settings to go achievement hunting if you didn’t get them all the first time round. — Thanks to Daniel for the tip.

    We’ll be updating this guide all week, as we’re still playing through the game. The walkthrough should be completed soon.

    Any questions? Ask us in the comments section below.