Red Dead Redemption DLC coming as 4 new packs are announced

Red Dead Redemption 4 new DLC downloadable content packs announced
Red Dead Redemption downloadable content is coming in the form of FOUR new DLC packs announced Rockstar for the Xbox 360 and PS3 game. These will hit starting next month.

The four packs are named: “Legends and Killers”, “Liars and Cheaters”, the “Free Roam Pack” and “Undead Nightmare”.

Legends and Killers includes nine new multiplayer maps, eight new multiplayer characters, and a new weapon called the Tomahawk. All of this will be available or single-player and multiplayer play.

Liars and Cheaters includes a new competitive multiplayer mode called Attack and Defend and new challenges, a new weapon known as the “Explosive Rifle”, new horse races in MP with “Mounted Combat,” as well as the chance to “play as the heroes and villains of Red Dead Redemption.” It also includes eight additional multiplayer characters. But that’s not all! It ALSO will include multiplayer versions of Poker and Liar’s Dice! PHEW!

The Free Roam Pack includes “additional Free Roam challenges,” new defensive placements and action areas, posse scoring, leaderboards and anti-griefing features.

Last but not least, Undead Nightmare includes an all new single-player adventure, that will include new challenges and quests. It also includes eight new zombie multiplayer skins, “additional animals unleashed in the world,” and more.

Al of the new content also includes new Achievements or Trophies to earn, and will cost 800 MSP for Xbox 360 or $9.99 for PS3 for each DLC.

“We want to continue to provide Red Dead Redemption’s fans with a steady supply of innovative new content,” said Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser. “Our goal is to continue to pack as much entertaining gameplay and as many surprises as we can into the massive world of Red Dead Redemption over the coming months.”

The game’s first DLC pack was entitled “Outlaws to the End” and added a whole Co-Op Mode when it released last month as a free digital download for Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.