FIFA Manager 11 announced for PC. Due Fall 2010

6 July 2010
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FIFA Manager 11 screenshot
FIFA Manager 11 for PC has been announced by EA Sports.

Naturally, as with any annual sports game (in this case, a management sim), a whole host of new features and updates over the previous version will be available in this newest addition. Which releases this Fall.

New features include:

* Improved Tactics System
* A Transfer Market that is much more realistic than before.
* An extended online mode with a new “action-card” system.
* A new Pitch Screen, which allows the manager to “quickly set instructions for individual players as well as for the entire team’s playing style”.
* New Cup Draws
* A special status for Derby matches
* Revised player level system.
* New experience system
* New player search system.
* Transfer period now mirrors the real world soccer calender.
* A new World Cup Tournament Mode that is separate from the main game.

“We want to provide our fans with a completely unique football management experience in this anniversary year for the franchise with all the great new innovations that reflect actual real life football management,” says lead designer Gerald Kohler.

“We are very proud that we are now developing our tenth FIFA MANAGER game in succession. This would not have been possible without the support of our superb and still growing fan base.”

Following the PC game’s release, it will be made available in five languages.


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