Singularity Chrono-Notes Locations Guide for E99 Tech Upgrades (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Singularity Chrono Notes Locations Guide screenshot
How to find all Singularity Chrono-Notes Locations. These guide videos and tips show you how to collect every one of them by revealing where they are located in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game. Chrono-Notes can be recognized by their glowing and faded text. Also, you collect E99 to upgrade your abilities, weapon upgrade packs, and blueprints to upgrade your character.


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  • The achievement/trophy “Pen Pal” worth 20G/Bronze gets unlocked when you’ve “Used the TMD to find 15 Chrono-Notes in single player campaign.”
    There are more achievements/trophies for buying 10 different Hero Upgrades and 5 different TMD Equipment items. Luckily E99 tech is easy to spot in dark environments, because it has a yellow glow.

    Please note: Be sure to buy & equip the Scientist Upgrade when you get it, because it sometimes doubles the amount of E99 Tech you get from the E99 Tech Parts that you can find scattered throughout the game.
    Protip: Need only 1 or 2 TMD Equipment items? Buy the cheapest ones and reload the checkpoint to refund your tech, yet still getting the achievement.

    Singularity Chrono Notes Defensive and TMD Ammo
    Both of these notes can be found after saving Kathryn in the room where she was tied up by the Spetnaz.
    Defensive note effect: Decreases melee damage against you.
    TMD Ammo note effect: Increases E99 Vial carrying capacity.

    Singularity Chrono Notes Energetic
    This note is located in the abandoned train yard before meeting the first boss.
    Energetic note effect: Increases your maximum TMD energy.

    Singularity Chrono Notes Energized
    This note can be found in the control during the locate the pearl mission.
    Energized note effect: Gain TMD energy for each kill.

    Singularity Chrono Notes Heartiness
    This note can be found in the lab that you return to after travelling through the time rift to speak to Dr Barisov for the first time after you save his life.
    Heartiness note effect: Increases your maximum health.

    Singularity Chrono Notes Inventory
    This note is in the sewer level where you first encounter the Reverts.
    Inventory note effect: Increases healthpack carrying capacity.

    Singularity Chrono Notes Medic and Scientist
    Both of these notes are located in the radio tower before Dr Barisov gives you your mission to go out and fix the crane.
    Medic note effect: Increases healthpack effectiveness.
    Scientist note effect: Sometimes gain double from a single E99 tech pickup.

    Singularity Chrono Notes Search and Destroy
    After defeating the Spetnaz soldiers in the crane yard your object changes to find the train the seek and destroy note is found on a rack in the hallways after moving through the newly opened door.
    Search and Destroy note effects: Gain more ammo from enemy and loot drops.

    Singularity Chrono Notes Stamina
    This note is found whilst travelling through the fan guarded halls as soon as you have learnt the deadlock technique.
    Stamina note effect: Increases your sprint duration.

    There’s how many there are in total per mission:
    * None in the Workers District;
    * 9 in the Research Facility;
    * 6 in the Rail Line;
    * 6 in the Central Docks;
    * 4 in the E99 Processing Plant;
    * 3 in Singularity Labs.