Singularity Audio Recorders and Projectors Locations Guide. Story Notes too

How to find all Singularity Audio Recorders Locations, Projectors Locations and Notes Locations. These guide videos and tips show you how to collect every one of them by revealing where they are located in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game. Audio Recorders, Projectors and Notes help develop the background story in the single player campaign, by letting you hear the thoughts people left behind.


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  • To learn the truth behind the massive cover up of the catastrophic event that is and was the Singularity, players are invited to delve into a world of cold war propaganda, government lies and military secret weapons. To make sure you don’t miss out on any the detail piled into Singularity, the game has provided a wealth of background information as to the daily life on Kutorga 12 by giving you the player the opportunity to recall all those small things that took place on the island before the Singularity.

    Singularity Audio Recorders Locations

    Some of those that lived on the island had left behind audio recordings, some of them thoughts on the way things were being operated. Showing their distrust for certain story characters or some just questioning civilians pondering how they came to be stuck in a place like this. Later on in the game you will need to use the TMD to restore these recording as they have been aged and destroyed by the Singularity.

    Singularity Projectors Locations

    These old film style projectors are dotted around the main installation, showing old cold war style movies denouncing the western world and glorifying the mighty power of Russia.

    Singularity Story Notes Locations

    The inhabitants of Koturga 12 may have died many years ago but their thoughts are left scattered around the game. Through these notes some are recalling moments of joy, others of pure terror, pick them up as you go through the game to gain an insight into the events that lead up to the point of the singularity. From questioning parents to disgruntled workers, this island was it seems always up to no good.