Crackdown 2 codes, tips and secrets list (Xbox 360)

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Looking for Crackdown 2 codes, tips, unlockables, secrets and other cheats for the Xbox 360-exclusive action game? Figure out how to activate Agent 4 in your Perfect Dark game and more.


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  • How To Unlock Agent 4 in Perfect Dark

    Agent 4 from Crackdown 2 is a playable character in Perfect Dark! In order to unlock this “feisty black-suited gun nut” you will need to have played the full version of Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade. Doing so will create a save file for that game on your hard disk or memory unit. Then, play Crackdown 2. Once you have a save file for that game, play Perfect Dark (Xbox Live Arcade version) again and it’ll detect the Crackdown 2 save file. This will unlock Agent 4 for use in Perfect Dark! You can then play as him in the Combat Simulator multiplayer modes (Perfect Dark’s Battle Simulator to be exact).

    To make things even easier, Rare has created this short video detailing exactly how it all works, plus a glimpse of the menacing metal law-enforcer in action.

    Crackdown 2 Tips and Secrets

    The secret to finding Orbs quickly: If you are having trouble finding an Orb in the game, you should press “Up” on the D-Pad to ping Orbs nearby.

    The following videos show off the campaign for the game as the developers explain it and offers tips. — In part 1, Exec Producer Peter Connelly shows the opening scene and some of the new mechanics in Crackdown 2.

    In this video, Executive Producer Peter Connelly shows off more of the city and how you’ll explore it by chasing the new orbs!

    This video showcases how the new environments in the game have not only gone vertical, but also underground! In addition to all the new platforming elements, some of the many weapons that players have at their disposal in Crackdown 2 are showcased here. These include: The Machine Gun, Flocket Launcher, Ultra Assault Rifle, UV Shotgun, and more.

    Last but not least, some of the new ways to create unheard of creative destruction in this video.