Red Dead Redemption 100 Percent completion guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Red Dead Redemption 100 Percent Completion Guide Redeemed Achievement Trophy Screenshot
Our Red Dead Redemption 100% Completion Guide will show you how to beat the game and find everything needed to get a perfect completion rating upon finishing the game. Your reward is the snazzy “Redeemed” Achievement / Trophy seen in the picture above. Please refer to our HUGE guides index for further help.


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  • What You Need To Complete For 100%

    You MUST complete the following in order to reach 100% completion.

    1. Play through each of the main Story Missions in the game. There are 57 and each is worth one percentage point for a total of 57% completion.

    2. Complete every Stranger Mission by helping each stranger for a total of 9% additional completion percentage points. There is one Stranger Mission that doesn’t add to the total, and that is the “I Know You” mission.

    3. You will need to complete the map by locating (go to that area) all 94 locations in the game. Purchase a map from the general store to guarantee that location. This is worth 6%.

    4. Be sure to collect these nine specific Outfits worth 4.5% completion: Elegant Suit, Rancher, Poncho, Bollard Twins, Treasure Hunters, Banditos, Reyes’ Rebels, U.S. Army, and U.S. Marshals. Note that there are more than 9 Outfits in the game, but only these nine count towards your 100% completion total.

    5. Complete and earn Legendary Status on each of the Rank 5 and Rank 10 Challenges for an additional 8% completion. These include: Hunting, Treasure, Sharpshooting and Survivalist. Reaching levels 5 and 10 adds an additional 1 percentage point to your total as well.

    6. Add an additional 3.5% to your total by beating all of the Gang Hideouts. There are eight of them for the PS3 version and seven for the Xbox 360 version.

    7. Win at six Mini-Games by making a profit in each one. This will add an additional 3% to your total. The Mini-Games you must win at include: Arm Wrestling, Blackjack, Five Finger Fillet, Horseshoes, Liars Dice and Poker.

    8. Add 2.5% to your total by working all five jobs. You only need to do the job at each location once before you can move on to the next job. The jobs are: Nightwatch at MacFarlane’s, Chuparosa, and Blackwater; and Horsebreaking at Ridgewood and Chuparosa.

    9. Make sure you’ve collected each of the 5 Rare Weapons in the game. This will add another 2.5% to your 100% completion total. The Rare Weapons you need are: Carcano Rifle (For sale at Blackwater Gunsmith for $1100), Evans Repeater (For sale at Blackwater Gunsmith), LeMat Revolver (For sale at the Escalera Gunsmith for $1250; after the Revolution), Mauser Pistol (For sale at the Blackwater Gunsmith for $800), and the Semi-Automatic Shotgun (Found by clearing out Fort Mercer Hideout; for sale at the Escalera Gunsmith for $300).

    10. Add an additional 2% to your total by completing all of the Bounty Locations. There are twenty of them and they include: 8 in New Austin, 8 in Mexico, and 4 in West Elizabeth (North).

    11. Last but not least, be sure to purchase each of the Safehouses. There are 13 Safehouses that are buyable in total. The rentals can also be rented out but don’t count towards the total.

    Congratulations! You’ve just completed Red Dead Redemption 100%! Give yourself a big pat on the back! Doing so will net you the “Redeemed” Achievement worth a whopping 100 GamerPoints added to your GamerScore on Xbox 360 or a Gold Trophy on PS3.

    This awesome video will go into more detail on how to complete each of the steps needed for 100% completion.

    Big thanks to Red Dragon for the video.