Lego Harry Potter Crests Locations Guide


The Quidditch World Cup

Crest #1: For the Griffindor Crest extinguish 8 fires with the water barrels that are nearby them. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the water barrels to put out the fires.

Crest #2: For the Hufflepuff Crest save 5 people in the next section. You must rescue all the wizards who are trapped by fire or underneath rubble. — Thanks to Ally & Staronthehorizon.

Crest #3: For the Slytherin Crest, go to the north of the rabid book. There you must destroy the front of a tent using Dark Magic (it’s above the area that fred would be located).

Crest #4: For the Ravenclaw Crest, you’ll need to be in the second area. After you’ve fixed the cart by putting a wheel on it, you must go south and close to the end of it you’ll find a pile of silver boxes. Using the Reducto spell to destroy the silver. Then, you need to dig up a portrait from the dig spot, so finally you’ll use a Ravenclaw character like Filius Flitwick to do that and get the fourth crest piece. — Thanks to Hannah for these last two crests.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 4 “The Quidditch World Cup”.


Crest #1: Hit the 9 lamps on a stick.

Crest #2: (This one isn’t hidden well, you can see it from the path) Use Reducto on the 2 locks on the box then Wingarium Leviosa to open it. Build the dragon and retrieve the Slytherin crest piece.

Crest #3: At the xylophone, hit the yellow key 5 times in a row and then drop the mallet before hitting any key again to get the Hufflepuff section of the crest. — Thanks to Becca.

Crest #4: After getting past the 3rd dragon, use Dark Magic on the skeleton hanging. Reassemble him and he will fish out the Ravenclaw crest for you.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 4 “Dragons”.

The First Task

Crest #1: The first area you are in, the dragon will be shooting fireballs at you. Stand behind the rock pillars and they will turn black. Now use Dark Magic on the first three.

Crest #2: Still in the first area, you have to let the dragon smash all the rocks with his tail. Next you have to use Dark Magic on the black rocks underneath.

Crest #3: Use three blocks to make a staircase up to the Golden Egg. The Crest will be at the top of the staircase.

Crest #4: Found during the dragon chase scene. After the dragon gets stuck in a doorway for a little while, you must pass two more doorways, and then you’ll find the Crest to the left.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 4 “The First Task”.

Secret of the Egg

Crest #1: After the green thing comes out of the tank in the bathroom, the Gryffindor Crest Piece will appear in its place…just use Hagrid to open it.

Crest #2: Hit the 4 cabinets in the bathroom.

Crest #3: Use Wingarium Leviosa on the 3 torches in the bathroom.

Crest #4: After going down the stairs, use Hermione to open the bookcase and reveal the Ravenclaw Crest Piece.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 4 “Secret of the Egg”.

The Black Lake

Crest #1: Hit the 6 frogs. You will use worms to attract them. They also come in pairs.

Crest #2: After you make the fish and knock down the wall. Use Dark Magic on the box at the bottom and use Wingarium Leviosa to build the skeleton. He will pull out the bottom rock and the whole thing will fall and give you the Slytherin crest piece.

Crest #3: After the octopus inks, use Lumos to clear ALL of it. (If you are using the Crest Detector, it will appear this is at the beginning of the level, but since the detectors in this game are somewhat messed up, the crest is actually near the end of the level).

Crest #4: Hit the 9 light green clams. Most of them are out in the distance. — Thanks to Grant for all these crests.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 4 “The Black Lake”.

The Dark Lord Returns

Crest #1: The Ravenclaw Crest. After the first part of the maze, on the left there is a black wall. Use Dark Magic to destroy it, then enter through this wall. There’s a patch of dirt there, dig it up and there is the first Crest.

Crest #2: The Gryffindor Crest. At the part where the pixie is holding the sign, there is a black wall, destroy it with Dark Magic. Go through the green smoke, it will bring you to a small section with the second Crest.

Crest #3: To get the third Crest, you have to use the Lumos Solem spell to get rid of 5 Devil’s Snares that come out from under the wall. In the first maze area, the first two can be found behind the corner of the second moving wall. The third Devil’s Snare you’ll be able to spot two moving walls later, on the right side. When you get to the second maze area, at the start you’ll find the third one on the left side (before you get to the sphinx). And lastly, the fifth Devil’s Snare can be found to the right of the sphinx. — Thanks to Josh for all these crests.

Crest #4: You’ll only be able to get the final Crest during the Lord Voldemort boss battle. Lift up three skeletons using Wingardium Leviosa, they can be found on the bottom right and left, as well as on the top right.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 4 “The Dark Lord Returns”.

Please note: Using Dark Magic with an evil character is the same button as using Wingardium Leviosa with a good character. Dark Magic is used to get rid of the red sparkle items that block your way or stop you from getting into something that’s holding a Crest.

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