Lego Harry Potter Crests Locations Guide


Floo Powder

Crest #1: Located outside of the Weasley Home. To get this Crest you’ll need to “toss” all six of the Gnomes. First pick them up using Wingardium Leviosa. Let go and then tap the button and hold cast again. Wait a bit and the Gnome will spin, afterward release to “toss” it. Do this for all six to get the Crest.

Crest #2: In Weasley’s Yard, use the bricks found at the basketball hoop to build a vehicle. Use it to drive over the 7 carrot plants to pop them out. Then use Wingardium Leviosa to shoot all of them into the sky above, this will earn you the Crest.

Crest #3: The Slytherin Crest Piece is in a chest in the basement of Borgin and Burkes, the chest tries to attack you while in the shop. Defeat the chest, then jump inside it to be taken underground; you need to use dark magic to open it and get the Slytherin Crest piece. — Thanks to TrIcKyJp & Brittany.

Crest #4: The Ravenclaw Crest is outside the shop on the way out of Diagon Alley on your way from Knockturn Alley; simply use dark magic on the red sparkly gate (using a dark wizard like Malfoy). After that use Wingardium Leviosa on the nearby wood, creating stairs to the crest. — Thanks to TrIcKyJp & Jessica.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 2 “Floo Powder”.

Dobby’s Plan

Crest #1: To get this Crest you’ll need to raise the four Flags.

Crest #2: This Crest is earned by hitting the four Red Flags.

Crest #3: The third crest is found by using a Slytherin Quidditch player like Marcus Flint to wave to two posters (which you must your Wingardium Leviosa on to hang up). These are found near the lockers and across the bridge just before you shoot Dobby the final time.

Crest #4: The fourth crest is found by using a goblin to open a safe just outside the hospital. — Thanks to Kellie for these last two.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 2 “Dobby’s Plan”.

Crabbe and Goyle

Crest #1: You’ll find this Crest located in the second room. Simply move all of the brown fish you see into the water to earn it.

Crest #2: After you fix the leak and get into the common room if u use Wingardium Leviosa on the lights in both side (all 6) it gives you a piece. — Thanks to Brittany.

Crest #3: For the Gryfindor Crest you need a strong character like Hagrid to pull the cord before you drink the potion. Then use the hopping mop to clean up 6 green puddles. — Thanks to Naeaman.

Crest #4: For the Slytherin Crest go to the second part of the Slytherin dorm. There is a big orb/boulder/ball near the door just as you enter the Slytherin common room. Use dark magic on it to make it explode and reveal the Crest. — Thanks to Ally & Kellie.

Tom Riddle’s Diary

Crest #1: This Crest is easily found by turning on all three of the radios.

Crest #2: This Crest is in the first room. Shoot all 6 golden knights to get it. — Thanks to Mike.

Crest #3: The Hufflepuff Crest is in the bathroom. While fighting Moaning Myrtle, go up to the top left corner of the room and cast Reducto at the small chest in the corner to the left to break it open. Build a plunger and then bounce around sucking up 5 puddles. — Thanks to Ally & Mandy.

Crest #4: The final Crest can be found in the corridor, almost opposite a sleeping witch in a chest. — Thanks to Kellie.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 2 “Tom Riddle’s Diary”.

Follow the Spiders

Crest #1: During the epic chase at the end, destroy 5 cages to get the Gryfindor crest piece. (I recommend having Invincibility and Crest detector on).

Crest #2: Use Wingardium Leviosa to destroy the 3 Flower bunches.

Crest #3: During the boss fight, destroy the black boulder using Dark Magic.

Crest #4: After flying across the river, build the ramp off the pier. Go to the bottom of the ramp and cast Reducto on the gate. Frogs will be released and you will have to ride the frogs through the gate to get the Ravenclaw crest piece. — Thanks to Grant for all these crests.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 2 “Follow the Spiders”.

The Basilisk

Crest #1: Get this Crest by building the four skeletons.

Crest #2: When fighting the Basilisk, don’t forget to build the broken bricks on the floor. Doing so will create three instruments. Play all of them and you’ll earn this Crest.

Crest #3: Use fang or crookshanks to dig up 4 piles.

Crest #4: Use reducto on a lock to the right and on the wall during the ending fight. — Thanks to A_G.

This video will show you all the Crest Locations in Year 2 “The Basilisk”.