Luigi’s Mansion 2 likely for Nintendo 3DS

1 July 2010
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Luigi's Mansion 3DS may be coming
Could Luigi’s Mansion 2 be coming to the Nintendo 3DS?

Nintendo has already announced two Nintendo 64 remakes for the system (Starfox 64 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D) so adding a GameCube classic to the mix wouldn’t be out of place.

But in a recent interview, Nintendo’s Hideki Konno added much more fuel to the fire by outright stating his desire to see Luigi’s Mansion “re-imagined” in 3D on the system.

To quote:

Konno: I think Luigi’s Mansion, that I created for GameCube, would be a good game for the 3DS. The lighting of the game, and the dollhouse-like environment of the game I think would be very suitable for 3D. I think the depth and the width of the environments, like a box, that we had in Luigi’s Mansion would be a very good match for the effects of the 3DS.

I hope the game comes to the system as I never got to playing it! Always wanted to though. So it’s definitely time to see the game again. Wouldn’t mind seeing a full sequel either…

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