Lego Harry Potter Gold Bricks Locations Guide. Red Bricks included too

1 July 2010
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Lego Harry Potter Gold & Red Bricks Locations Guide screenshot
How to find all Lego Harry Potter Gold Bricks Locations and Red Bricks Locations. These guide videos and tips show you how to get started collecting all 200 Golden Bricks by revealing where they are located in the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC game. 20 Red Bricks are hidden in the levels as well.

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  • There are some easy golden bricks tips:
    1 gold brick for each level completed = 24 gold bricks total.
    1 gold brick per level for true wizard = 24 gold bricks total.
    1 gold brick per level for each completed crest = 24 gold bricks total.

    Gold Bricks Locations Guide

    There are 200 gold bricks scattered throughout the world of Lego Harry Potter. Here’s a few hints that should get you started and closer to that target of 200 and remember once you reach 200 put the bricks together at Knockturn Alley (down the path from Diagon Ally / across the street from the Owl Emporium) and go into the bonus level. As soon as you enter, then you will unlock the Dark Lord himself, Lord Voldemort, as a playable character.

    This video shows where to get the first of the gold bricks in Lego Harry Potter:

    #1 – Location: Bathroom Hallway
    To find this Gold Brick, you’ll want to follow along the upper path (use RD). Eventually you’ll come to a glass case. Allow the AI partner to clear the pieces out of the way. Drag the case out and then smash it. Now follow the snail that appears. And you’ll have yourself another Gold Brick to add to your growing collection.

    #2 – Location: Charms Underground Area Left (RD Required. Use on Locker)
    Note that there is a game-halting glitch in this room if you try to leave when the game is autosaving (via the dragon). To avoid this enter this room as the very last area you enter in the game. So you might want to keep this as the last Gold Brick as well. You’ll earn this Gold Brick by building the Dragon. After jumping near him and going back up, you’ll earn a Gold Brick for your escape.

    #3 – Location: Charms Underground Area Right (Key character required)
    This Gold Brick is easily found in the second room after you exit the first area. All you need to do is use LM on the vines (that are holding onto the claws you see on the wall). Do this and you’ll earn this Gold Brick.

    #4 – Location: Clock Tower
    To earn this Gold Brick, you simply need to attack the painting on the right side. After doing so, pick up the purple-colored Gear and place it with the other Gears. You’ll be rewarded by the bell with another Gold Brick to add to your growing collection. Note: This Gold Brick can be glitchy and may not appear.

    #5 – Location DATDA Office
    To find this Gold Brick, simply use RD on all seven of the silver items you see scattered around the room. You’ll find some of them being held by Pixies. Do so and you’ll earn yourself a Gold Brick.

    #6, 7, 8, 9 – Location: Diagon Alley
    To find these Gold Bricks you will need to use RD on the lock that you find in the bar. After that, head down the stairs and you’ll find four statues. You need to build these statues by beating all of the levels in each episode. There is one statue corresponding to each episode, so four statues total. In addition to beating the level you must get True Wizard status as well. Once the statue is built you’ll get a Gold Brick. So you can get one Gold Brick for each statue for a total of four Gold Bricks.

    #10 – Location: Dorm Hallway
    To find this Gold Brick, all you need to do is hit each of the Hogwarts House banners in the Dorm Hallway to knock them down. Naturally, there are four, one for each house (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff). Doing so will make the Gold Brick appear. You can then collect it to add it to your collection.

    #11 – Location: Dumbledores Office (Completion of All Story Levels Required)
    To add this Gold Brick to your Collection, you must have completed all of the Story Levels. This will gain you entrance to Dumbledore’s Office. Inside you’ll find a treasure chest with a Silver Lock. Open it and you’ll add this Gold Brick to your collection.

    #12 – Location: Eelops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley
    To find this Gold Brick, you’ll need to head inside Eelops Owl Emporium. Once inside, you’ll want to break each of the items inside. To your left you’ll find a Sweeper vehicle that you can build. Built it and then use the Sweeper to sweep away all of the dust on the floors. Be sure to KEEP SWEEPING over and over and over. Sometimes you can barely miss a spot. Keep doing it until you get a Gold Brick, which you will earn for clearing away ALL of the dust. Note however that this Gold Brick can sometimes be glitched, and after you’ve earned it it will be invisible! If it is invisible, you can still collect the Gold Brick by running into it. It’ll be near the Shop Owner.

    # 13-#24 – Location: Eelops Owl Emporium in Diagon Alley
    Eelops Owl Emporium allows you to buy a total of twelve Gold Bricks. However in order to do so you will need a grand total of a whopping 6.6 million Studs! Buy them as you collect Studs throughout the game and eventually you’ll be able to add all twelve Gold Bricks to your collection.

    #25 – Location: Fountain Courtyard
    To find this Gold Brick, use DM on the suit of Black Knight armor that you find next to the owl. Then use the Broom that appears. Now you have to make sure you snatch every Blue Stud along the path. Do so correctly and get all of them and a Gold Brick will be your reward.

    #26 – Location: Great Hall
    This majestic hall where all of the House students gather is the location of another hidden Gold Brick. The keys to obtaining this one are the objects of eatery that you see on the tables. You’ll find six total, and you need to hit all of them. The objects are Green Cups and Green Jugs, you’ll find five on the Student Tables and then one at the Teacher’s Table. Hit them and you’ll make the Gold Brick appear. However it will appear above you and be too high to reach. To get it, you’ll then need to break the Plates at the end of the three tables. This will magically create a staircase of platforms that allow you to reach the Gold Brick. Ta-da!

    #27 – Location: Great Hall Entrance
    As with Gold Brick #21, to get Gold Brick #22, you’ll need to hit four banners. You will find two of the banners located in the Great Hall. Another two of them are located near the staircase that you entered the room from. Simply knock down all four of the banners. This will earn you another Gold Brick!

    #28 – Location: Gryffindor Dorm Bedrooms
    In order to find this Gold Brick, you’ll have to earn it by breaking all the top sections of the beds using Magic. This will cause the Gold Brick to appear. It will be hovering above one of the beds, so bounce up to snag it and add it to your growing collection.

    #29 – Location: Gryffindor Dorm Bedrooms
    This Gold Brick is easily found in the Time Turner version of this room along the wall on the Northern end. You’ll find a treasure chest. Open it and jump inside. You’ll fall down to a new area where you can collect this Gold Brick.

    #30 – Hagrids Garden
    You’ll earn this Gold Brick by moving the scarecrow head, digging the ground, and then busting the pumpkins. Now pull the chain, then build the fireplace. Finally, put the egg into the fireplace. Gold Brick GET!

    #31 – Location: Hagrids Garden
    Keep your eyes peeled in this section and you should come across a Gold Brick. Some people get it after the cutscene with Ron and the snake.

    #32 – Location: Herbology Classroom
    This Gold Brick is easily visible above the wardrobe at the back of the room. To get the Gold Brick above it, simply leap from the plant to the top of the wardrobe. Then jump from there to the Gold Brick that’s floating above.

    #33 – Location: Hufflepuff Dorm
    To find this Gold Brick, you’ll need to use RD on the large lock (silver colored) that you’ll come across near the entrance. Next, WL the cake into the painting and you’ll earn this Gold Brick.

    #34 – Location: Knockturn Alley (RD Required)
    You’ll find this Gold Brick located inside Borgin and Burkes at Knockturn Alley. Once inside the shop you’ll find it easily behind the main desk.

    #35 – Location: Lakeside
    To find this Gold Brick, you’ll first need to use WL on the fishing pole in order to snatch some frogs out of the pond. Once you’ve done this and pulled out a fish, hop on the fish and ride it through the two poles that you see in the water. Keep following until you earn yourself the Gold Brick.

    #36 – Library Second Room (Aging Potion Required)
    This Gold Brick is earned by attacking three brown-colored Wizard Hats hidden throughout the room. You’ll find one very difficult-to-see hat on the right-side platform atop a bookshelf that is level with you. You’ll find another on the left-side platform atop the rail. You’ll find a final one at the back wall beside the big door. Hit all of them and you’ll be rewarded with a Gold Brick.

    #37 – Lobby (beyond Dorm Hallway)
    To find this Gold Brick you’ll need to lit six floating candles by hitting them. Two of them will only appear when you’ve hit above the left door where the banner is. Hit them all and the Gold Brick is yours!

    #38 – Location: Main Classroom Entrances
    To find this Gold Brick, you’ll need to build a giant letter H near the entrance to DATDA by using RD on the silver piece. This will create an animal tunnel. You’ll then need to move it with WL and finally use an animal like Scabbers to go through the animal tunnel. You’ll earn a Gold Brick.

    #39 – Location: Moving Staircase Tower
    This is a fun little puzzle to get another Gold Brick. You’ll notice that there are three paintings, a middle, bottom and top. The Quidditch Player in the bottom painting is the one you need to hit first. He will then throw the ball to the Quidditch Player in the painting at top. Go up there and hit the painting. He’ll throw it to the Quidditch Player in the middle painting. Finally hit this painting, and he’ll throw it to the dog at the top. Go to the dog and you’ll find that his bone has become this Gold Brick. FUN!

    #40 – Location: Outer Hogwarts – Hagrids Hut
    To get this Gold Brick, you’ll need to use LS/WL on the three stone slabs that you see laying around near the platform in the middle of the room. Once you’ve used LS/WL to lift the rocks up, use WL on the brooms to clear them of dust. This will cause a Gold Brick to appear on the center platform. Go collect it!

    #41 – Location: Owlery (Beyond the Small Courtyard. Key from Boggart Chest Required)
    This easy puzzle for a Gold Brick has you matching the color of the mail on the floor with their corresponding mail slot. There are three pieces, and you need to put each one into it’s correct place. You’ll be rewarded with a Gold Brick.

    #42 – Location: Owlery (Beyond the Small Courtyard. Key from Boggart Chest Required)
    To earn yourself this Gold Brick, you’ll need to use WL on the feather and have it tickle the painting found on the second floor. Doing this will make some normal bricks appear. You can then use WL on them to earn the Gold Brick. Wooot!

    #43 – Location: Pendulum Row
    In order to find this Gold Brick, you’ll need to use IM on some Pixies near a coin. Doing so will cause a treasure chest to come crashing down. Open it to find this Gold Coin.

    #44 – Location: Potions Classroom – Side Area
    The location of this Gold Brick is the side area of the Potions Classroom, where you’ll find it behind an aging barrier in the center. Simply use the Aging Potion in the other room to gain access to the Gold Brick here.

    #45 – Location: Quidditch Field Entrance
    This Gold Brick is pretty easy to get. First Dig where you see the Dig Spot, then use WL until the band plays. Once this is happening and the music is getting everyone funky, you’ll be rewarded with a Gold Brick.

    #46 – Location: Quidditch Field Entrance
    To uncover this Gold Brick, you’ll need to use WL on the tent that is beside a bench. After doing so jump on it and have your AI partner (or friend), lift you up. Now you can reach the top of the tent. Run along it until you see a ball that is stuck. Free the ball by using WL on it. This will cause the ball to roll down the tent and earn you a Gold Brick.

    #47 – Location: Quidditch Training Field
    To find this Gold Brick, you’ll come across a treasure chest. Open it up with RD and use the Broomstick to fly through all of the rings that appear. Doing this will earn you a Gold Brick.

    #48 – Location: Ravenclaw Dorm Bedrooms
    You’ll earn this Gold Brick by attacking 5 five Gold Books that are located across the bedrooms. Two of them are found under beds while three of them are found at the bookshelves in the back of the main dorm. Once you’ve hit all five Gold Books, the Gold Brick will appear.

    #49 – Location: Rec Room (Beyond the Moving Staircase Tower)
    This Gold Brick is earned by finding three bunnies so you can ride the spinning wheels near the car. You’ll find the first bunny at the painting with the door. Follow that up by using WL on the letter you find in the mailbox. The second bunny is found atop the scrap pile on the bookshelf. The final bunny is found by attacking the right-side television four times in a row.

    #50 – Location: Slytherin Dorm Bedroom
    To earn this Gold Brick, You’ll find a treasure chest in the back that you need to attack. Doing so will pop objects out and into the fountain. Keep doing this until you earn yourself another Gold Brick!

    #51 – Transfiguration Classroom Side Area (RD Required)
    This fun Gold Brick is earned by turning the dummies for each lane into animals three times (in quick succession) using the red Transforming Spell. If you successfully do it fast enough then you’ll earn this Gold Brick.


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    • josh

      The Owl Emporium is on Diagon Alley.

      How do you get the gold brick in the Gryffindor dorm when you are time turned? That’s my last one and the gold brick locater says it is there.

    • Agoosh

      I don’t remember but did you check inside the chest?

      And how can I get gold brick in Flitwick’s classroom? Detector shows me that it’s there but I don’t know what to do.

    • james

      josh ,if im thinking of the one Ur on there should be a chest next to a bed jump in it then u will fall down it to the brick then float back up, hope this helped

    • dave

      i cant find red brick 19 HELP!!!

    • danny

      how do i get the gold brick thats in the top left of the libray in hogwarts? ive spent hours trying any help is appreciated.
      great guide

    • bd

      “Does anyone know how to get the Gryffindor crest in the level Hogsmeade? I think it is in the area just outside of the candy store but Iโ€™m stumped.”

      I believe this was the one that was found outside in the street. At the top of the street, once you take out the big snowman, there is a snow face in the ground. Dig it up and it turns into a snowball, which you bowl to the end of the alley, resulting in a crest piece. Hopefully this was the one you were missing.

    • Cy

      **Wii version played Saturday, July 3rd**

      In my experience this weekend, the Fast Dig and Studs 2x Multiplier Red Brick locations posted from comments are reversed.

      Fast Dig is located in the outside area near Hagrid’s hut (with the owl station near the bridge exit) and 2x Multiplier is in the upper-right corner of the central outdoor schoolyard (in a room behind the green lock).

      You’ll need the Riddikulus spell to defeat a chested boggart to get the key (meaning you need to play just a little over half of Story Mode before being able to find and unlock the first multiplier, if you’re not using codes.

    • Daniel

      The game says I need 3 more gold bricks but I just can’t find them. It says that one is in the top left area of the restricted section where you need to drink the aging potion too get in, but I’ve felt like I have done everything in that room to try and get it. Please, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • A-Tizzle

      Okay, so I also need the brick that is in the corner of the library that you can only get into by drinking the aging potion, and also i can’t figure out how to get the gold brick in the Gryfindor Common room after you use the time turner… I’ve spent forever trying to figure it out… Any help???

    • xxx

      Danny, Daniel – The arrow appearing at the left in the library and left from the closed door in the restricted section is the same, what’s more it guides you to the nonexisting part of the Hogwart’s crest which is able to get only during missions. This arrow is pointing to nothing.

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