Club Nintendo Elite Status Platinum reward is mascot characters figurine (Mario, Yoshi, Toad, Bowser, Luigi, Peach)

Club Nintendo Platinum characters figurine
Nintendo has announced their Club Nintendo Elite Status rewards for 2010.

The rewards are available to anyone who registered enough Wii or DS games and took enough surveys to earn enough coins in order to reach either Gold or Platinum Status.

There are different rewards depending on if you reached Gold or Platinum Status. Gold members can claim the “Club Nintendo Original Calender 2011” whereas Platinum members will get the spiffy “Super Mario Characters Figurine”! Which will make an awesome prize to display on any Nintendo fan’s desk, for sure.

Here is the description from Nintendo along with a picture of the Gold member calender prize below.

“We are happy to announce this year’s Elite Status reward to those who achieved Gold and Platinum Status for the 2010 Club Nintendo year. These exclusive rewards, available only to Elite Status members, are our way of thanking you for being a fan of Nintendo, and our continued support!

See below for more information about the rewards. You will need to log in to your Club Nintendo account by July 31, 2010 to accept your Elite Status reward (if you have a Family Account with us, your Account Administrator will have to accept it). We will distribute rewards before the end of December.”

Club Nintendo Gold Calender Reward 2010