Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

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In this Singularity walkthrough, you’ll be guided through the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay in this sci-fi FPS from Quake 4/Wolfenstein developer Raven Software, with a story based on an alternative timeline where the Russians changed history.

Thrust onto the mysterious Russian island base of Katorga-12, filled with Cold War secrets that threaten time itself, you must fight your way through an ever-shifting environment, haunted by time-ravaged creatures and mysteries. Armed with an arsenal of high-powered weapons and the Time Manipulation Device, you must contend with sudden time waves that hurl them back and forth between 1955 and the present day. Let’s begin the story-driven narrative that drives you on your Singularity adventure.

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  • This Page: Walkthrough
  • New Page: Chrono-Notes Locations Guide
  • New Page: Audio Recorders & Projectors Locations Guide
  • New Page: Achievements & Trophies Guide
  • Please note that viewers must be at least 18 to watch this guide, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. It’s a surprisingly scary game!

    Starting this week, these videos will be replaced with a tips & tricks version. As commentator Jester says, the format for this walkthrough is going through the game’s 24 levels. It’s easy to find the part you need help with by pressing “CTRL” and the “F” keys on your keyboard at the same time to search for the level name you want help on. Let’s begin!

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 1: Intro

    During this introduction level you have crash landed on Katorga 12 on a special mission to investigate what has been covered up by the Russian government. There are lots of notes and audio recording scattered around these, as well as the video projectors will help build and develop the story, so try to pick up as many as you can find to develop the depth of the story.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 2: Find Devlin

    During this second part of the find Devlin mission you will come across the VR99 the automatic assault rifle make sure to pick up as many rounds as possible for the upcoming firefight. If you find yourself running low on ammunition save some by using your melee attack on enemies to weaken them before shooting them.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 3: Defend the Radio Tower

    After meeting up with Devlin you will continue onward towards your next object. When finding the radio tower there’s a problem, the gate blocking your path is shut and you will need to locate its switch. To get to it, you must climb up over a series of boxes located in the parking lot to the left of the gate.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 4: Follow Kathryn’s Instruction, MIR – 12

    During this Section of the game you will encounter a huge mass of Russian troops using the sniper rifles temporal dilation feature is key to surviving this fight. Don’t forget the ammo cache inside the room.
    After the cut scene with Devlin’s tragic demise you must run, your hands are bound and you have no weapons so keep on the run button, and follow your orders to the letter as they are given, to ensure a clean getaway.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 5: Search for Dr. Basirov

    Always make sure you have as much ammo as possible during this part of the game, as you will come across large groups of enemies. Running out of ammo at a time like this could be very costly.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 6: To the Vault, Time Manipulation Device

    This Section of the game introduces the TMD aka Time Manipulation Device and some of it’s initial abilities like decaying and restoring objects. Lots of fun to be had here, enjoy!

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 7: Save Dr. Barisov

    In this level we are thrown back in time and given the opportunity to change the future by going back in time through a rift in time to save Dr. Barisov. Keep your cool and use all the available cover as the enemies in this level can be very tricky.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 8: Back To 2010, 50 Years Back

    Returning through the time rift back to the year 2010 you must go and find Dr. Barisov, he’s moved himself into the same tower he pointed out 50 years ago.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 9: The Way, Approaching The Boss

    This is another gauntlet of enemies so grab your weapon of choice and get ready to move out.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 10: Boss Fight 1

    This is the first boss battle and what a boss, he will randomly shift to different area’s of the map watch out for those barrels because if they manage to hit you they will do some serious damage. Instead of dodging the barrels use your telekinesis to grab the barrels in mid air and send them straight back at that ugly brute until he exposes a large glowing blue section on his upper body. Attack this area with as much fire power as possible before he starts throwing the barrels again.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 11: Defend the Gate (Underground)

    Defend the gate with everything you have at your disposal.
    Protip: Remember that using the sniper rifle’s slow motion feature for 25 kills will give you a lovely “Research Facility” Achievement/Trophy.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 12: Deadlock Zone

    The introduction of the Deadlock feature is the main focus of this level. You can use the deadlock to freeze time around the spinning fan blades, so that you can easily pass through.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 13: Get to the Docks

    The journey to the docks is a dangerous one. Use your ability to restore items to fix the crane, so that you can continue.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 14: Find The Train

    Whilst locating the train, be on the lookout for any spare ammo and E99 cartridges to help you out.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 15: Reverts In The Sewers

    To make it passed the Reverts as safely as possible, press your crouch button and sneak your way along the passage ways. If you happen to alert the Reverts try throwing a deadlock in front of yourself; the reverts will be caught in it as they try chase you down. Once they are safely frozen in time simply walk inside the dead zone and dispose of them all at your leisure.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 16: Defend Kathryn

    This level is a huge open battle try using the auto-cannon or sniper rifle to clear out as many of the Russian Spetnaz troops as possible.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 17: Rescue Kathryn

    Kathryn has been kidnapped by the Spetnaz. Follow her cries for help to save her. Watch out along the ledges, because at some point a trooper will jump out and kick you off leaving you hanging on for your life. Use your impulse blast to kill him and climb back up.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 18: Train Boss Battle

    This is the second boss battle and a huge boss at that, take your time to attack the glowing orange E99 sacks that appear all over his body. After the first wave the monster will retreat under the bridge, wait until you hear him screaming as this indicates that he is getting ready to attack. The monster will climb back onto the bridge this time with glowing E99 sacks on the sides of his head and on the joints of his legs, attack these individually until nothing remains and you send the monster screaming to his doom. I would suggest using the auto-cannon with its high rate of fire, it will make short work of this beast.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 19: Locate The Pearl

    Next you’ll go to the Central Docks on Katorg-12 in 1955. To restore the pearl you will go back in time through another seeker battle and use the TMD to raise the Pearl from her ocean resting bed.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 20: Find & Retrieve The E99 Bomb In The Ship

    The E99 Bomb is located deep in the heart of the Pearl. To get on board you must first use the TMD to destroy the large hook holding the ships walkway to its side. With the hook out the way the walkway will fall to the floor.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 21: Escape From The Pearl Before It Sinks

    Waste no time in this part of the game. The Pearl is sinking and if you want to make it out alive get onto that sprint button.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 22: Activate Hydro Generator To Supply Powergrid

    The Hydro generator level is full of both Russian Spetnaz and monsters, so stock up on ammo before you move out. If you’re having trouble finding your way through the game don’t forget to press down on the D-pad to use your TMD ping function to show the glowing footsteps that you can follow.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 23: (Find Another Way To) The Cooker (In The Underground)

    This Level can be a tricky one. Once your gas mask is on and you are walking through the poisonous gas clouds, you must hurry as oxygen is in short supply. To exit the room with the time rift, enter the rift and retrieve one of the E99 boxes. Bring it back through the rift and place it next to the half open elevator. This second room is very tricky in that as much as it’s all down to timing and aim; you will enter a room with a door switch, as the door opens it closes straight away. To stop the door you must stop it by using a deadlock. Prepare your deadlock, press the switch and aim at the top of the door frame. The deadlock will freeze the door in its open position allowing you to make a quick exit.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 24: Shut Down Perimeter Defense & The Bridge Fight

    What to do if you’re stuck trying to get in the lift? Since there’s no box to get up the step and into the lift in the present, you must travel back in time through the singularity. In the past grab a box — there are two in front of you against the wall when you get out of the singularity — and take it with you by using the TMD to pick it up and take it with you into the future. Set it down in front of the elevator (as seen in the video below). There you go, a nice step to get into the lift. After you jump on the box, crouch and then you can get into the lift. Activate the lift and travel up and carry on with your mission.

    In the Gas Storage Facility, to gain access to the main core you must disable the perimeter defense because the E99 bomb has run out of E99 energy and needs to be recharged. Before you can attempt to stop the singularity make your way into the cooker to find a suitable place to charge it up. If you encounter a large group of Spetnaz soldiers on the way and find your ammo running low use Revert on one or two of them, and watch as they demolish their once former comrades.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 25: Activation Code

    You’ll soon find yourself in the E99 Processing Complex of 1955. This section of the game is all about running and gunning. Grab you favorite weapon and get moving. To find the activation code just keep pushing forward and you will soon find yourself in the office with the activation code unit on the table.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 26: Get To The Reactor Of Singularity Labs

    The end is near, at this point you must get the E99 bomb charged by placing it inside the receptacle unit for the bomb. You will then be told to locate the final TMD upgrade this is essential to destroying the Singularity and fixing time.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 27: TMD Amplified, To The Finale To Stop Demichev

    Once you obtain the TMD amplifier you will no longer need to use E99 energy capsules, you will have unlimted use of all your powers. This make running back to the rift very easy, but take your time and get creative with your new power as soon it will all be over.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 28: Ending 1

    The first of the three possible endings requires that you kill both Barisov and Demichev. I won’t give any spoilers, but try it out yourself.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 29: Ending 2

    To obtain the second of the alternative endings, kill Demichev again. I don’t want to spoil it for anybody ahead of time, but if you want to know without having to replay your game, then watch the video.

    Singularity Walkthrough Video Guide Part 30: Ending 3

    For the third and final possible ending to the game you will have to kill Dr. Barisov. And if you want to know how things will turn out you can see it all in the video.

    Singularity Frequently Asked Questions

    How to Beat the 1st Boss (Teleporting Monster)
    His weakpoint is the blue spot on his back. But before you can get to it, you must break his armor by catching the barrels he throws (push in the Right Stick) and throwing them back at him (press the Right Trigger). After the armor breaks you’ll see his weakspot. It will eventually move from his back to his head.

    What is the best weapon combination for defeating enemies?
    To easily defeat enemies, use the Shotgun against creatures and the Assault Rifle against Humans. This is the most effective weapon combo. Although you may find other weapon combinations to be funner. And later in the game you can get some more effective weapons. But if you play the whole game with these two it’ll be effectibe. Especially if you fully upgrade damage on both.

    Does this game have collectables? If so what are they and are they hard to find/necessary to seek out?
    Yes, Singularity does have collectables. They come in the form of E99 Tech Parts and you use them to upgrade your weapons, abilities, etc. They are easy to spot though due to the yellow glow they emit, and they are not necessary although they naturally make the game a lot easier. Equip the Scientist upgrade as soon as you can to increase the E99 Tech you get from each part you find. You’ll get Achievements for buying 10 different Hero Upgrades and 5 different TMD Equipment Items, so completionists will want to find all of the collectables.

    Are there limitations to the TMD Tech Upgrades?
    Yes, you can only have one equipped at a time. Although later in the game you can get an upgrade that allows you to have two at a time. They are unlimited as long as you have the E99 Tech to support it.

    Stuck in the lab at the part where the monster grabs your hands?
    The answer is to keep fighting/defeating enemies and stay alive long enough for the green wooden door to open. You’ll need to kill about 12 enemies before it will open. You’ll find a shotgun on the floor opposite the door to make things easier.

    Is there an easier way to get 100% completion? Can you do so by just playing Hard? What about the different choices at the end?
    You can easily get 100% completion by playing through the game on Hard. After beating it, simply select Continue on the main menu and the game will plop you down to the choice at the end, you can then make a different choice and complete the game again. Repeat till you complete all choices. Hard will start out tough, but gets easier as you get upgrades. The Phase Ticks will give you trouble so upgrade the Impulse to deal with them easier. And Deadlock is also very useful for the Blue/Grey Phase Ticks that shift about.