Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 1: The Quidditch World Cup

In Level 1 of the fourth part of our guide you arrive in Year 4’s “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.

During the first part of the level you are asked to find some characters, as well as Harry Potter. Don’t stress if you can’t find Harry, as soon as you find everybody else you move onto the next part of the level. You can’t find Harry until the end of the level.

How to find three characters:
1. The first of the Weasley family is found trapped underneath a picnic table being pounded by a huge Lego mallet use your Wingardium Leviosa to free him.
2. Family member number 2 is being surrounded by rogue fireworks simply blast them all away to set him free.
3. The third of the family, Fred Weasley, is hiding inside a tent found directly to the left of Arthur Weasley. Just look for a tent that’s shaking and bouncing. The shaking tent is inside of a blocked off area. To get there you have to drink the invisibility potion from the Cauldron and destroy the “attacking” book using the “special” button near it. — Thanks for the tip xxx
4. Arthur Weasley is being harassed by Death Eaters to get rid of them use the huge frying pan close by to knock some sense into those pesky Death Eaters.
5. Harry cannot be found. Once you have freed all the Weasley characters, the game will advance you onto the next part of this level.

During your Death Eater Battle try to keep moving because the black magic used by Death Eaters has a habit of hitting stationary players. Instead try running in a figure 8 pattern to avoid being hit.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4: Ageing Potion Lesson

The snake ingredient for the ageing potion is gained by mixing potions into 3 different colors using the 3 primary colored potions available. For purple mix red and blue together, to make green mix both yellow and blue, and for orange mix red and yellow.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 2: Dragons

This is Level 2 for Year 4 and it’s all about dragons.

To move past the second dragon you will need to copy the notes sung by the dragon. Make a note of the color of the notes that come out the dragons mouth and play them in order on the xylaphone on the left hand side of his cage.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 3: Reducto Spell Lesson & The First Task

The Reductor Curse spell is used to blast solid objects into pieces with the incantation Reducto. After this lesson, you start level 3.

There are two crest pieces available during the chase sequence of this level. You will need to be quick though to avoid a firey death.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 4: Secret of the Egg

This is Level 4 for Year 4 where you must uncover the secret of the egg.

To get the green shell stuck in the third toilet you must find the second toilet seat. This is located in a barrel near the longest line of sinks, once you have replaced the toilet seat, use your purple spell to hold it down the second player will copy you creating enough pressure to blow the green shell free.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 5: The Black Lake

This is Level 5 for Year 4 in The Black Lake.

To move the huge rock pillars held down by the purple tentacles, you will need a character on either side to use Wingardium Leviosa. To swap sides of the level use the blue pipes found throughout the level.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 4, Level 6: The Dark Lord Returns

This is Level 6 for Year 4 where the Dark Lord returns.

To move out the first part of the maze build up the golden suit of armour and then make a note of the direction he points his swords. Now run through the smoke in the same order the suit pointed out. You will need to do this three times to move out of the maze and onto the next section.

Final Boss Fight tip: During your struggle with the Death Eaters, Voldemort will engage Harry in a one on one wand battle to try and defeat him. Quickly tap the “Cast Magic” button (X on Xbox 360 or square on PS3) to win this duel.

We’ve added more videos and tips this whole summer. Including the following advice for the more difficult sections later in the game…