Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3, Level 1: News from Azkaban

In Level 1 of the third part of our guide you arrive in Year 3’s “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”.

Make The Monster Book of Monsters stop biting: To get the jump on your monster of a text book use the Wingardium Leviosa spell on the three portraits in the room each one of them has a little trick up there sleeve for dealing with such monstrous reading material. Note that the wizard will pop over to another painting each time you shoot him, and every time he’ll attack the book. When the book is down, run towards it and pick it up.

Tip: To gain a piece for your hogwarts crest destroy all five Slytherin luggage bags on-board the Hogwarts express.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3: Riddikulus & Divination Lessons

Whilst in the Riddikulus & Divination classes, be on the look out for hidden extras.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3: Buckbeak Handling

Try not to get wet whilst carrying your food for Buckbeak as you will drop it and have to go all the way back to fetch it again.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3: Journey to Hogsmeade

In order to get to Hogsmeade, you’ll need to firstly make up another Polyjuice Potion inside the Hogwarts hall, then using the potion transform into Hermione Granger and use Crookshanks the cat to climb up the pipe to the left of the yellow curtained off area.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3, Level 2: Hogsmeade

This is Level 2 for Year 3 in Hogsmeade.
How to melt the snowman: To put an end to that pesky snowman in the Hogsmeade level Melt the snow pile on the right hand side of the path using the torch thats on the floor. Now using your wingardium leviosa (purple spell) create a fire underneath the snowman to turn him into a harmless puddle.

How to beat Draco Malfoy in a snowball fight: Avoid the small studs Malfoy throws at you, but when he throws a full snowball, send it straight back to him! Do this three times. Then he’ll build a snowball canon, and you can defeat it by sending a snowcanonball back into the canon’s nozzle. Next a huge snowball will be thrown at you by Malfoy, send this back to him three times as well to beat him.

How to get 3 brooms to clean up the huge snowball blocking your way in:
1. The first broom lands close to the snow ball blocking the entrance to the 3 broomsticks pub after the fight.
2. To get the second broom, levitate the purple dragon cage onto the purple sled this will send the baby dragon down the hill melting snow and freeing the second broomstick.
3. Now use the newly liberated broomstick to fly up into the centre of the level, above the small garden. There is a student clutching onto the third broom. Give him a zap and he will let go giving you the 3 brooms you need to clear the massive snowball.

How to get past the giant sleeping troll/ogre guard in Hogwarts? On freeplay you can explore more of castle Hogwarts in Year 3, Level 2/3. In doing so, after learning the Riddikulus & Divination spells and having the ghost Nearly Headless Nick lead you back down to the main hall. Then you’ll come across a sleeping giant troll guard, who the ghost goes right through. There is a big Letter “H” built up on a ledge above him. With the question being, how do you get through?

Here’s the answer: You probably stopped playing the game before completing the next mission, the ghost was actually trying to take you through the door that leadss to the teacup lady’s room. Get to the right of the hall where the entrances to Snape’s and Lupin’s classrooms are. Somewhere under the wizards portrait should be the chest with boggart, defeat him and there’s something left from his chest which allows you to go throught the doors at the right so you will get to the courtyard (garden area). Once there, going right you should be at the place with the guard but at the other side. — Thanks for the tip xxx.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3, Level 3: Mischief Managed

This is Level 3 for Year 3. Having trouble being caught out all the time in the garden section of this level? Make sure both characters drink the invisiblity potion at the same time. Now you’ll have no trouble sneaking past to the switch.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3: Patronus Charm Lesson & Womping Willow

A Patronus Charm defends against Dementors and certain other dark creatures, using the incantation “Expecto Patronum”.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3, Level 4: The Shrieking Shack

This is Level 4 for Year 3. To get rid of all 3 of those pesky devil snare roots in the undergound section, make sure you’ve collected all three anvils to get rid of those annoying weeds.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3, Level 5: Dementors Kiss

This is Level 5 for Year 3. To free Buckbeak you need to get his attention with some LEGO chicken legs. Once he sees the food he will attempt to break free and in the proccess destroy the pumpkins that are in the way.

Lego Harry Potter Walkthrough Year 3, Level 6: The Dark Tower

This is Level 6 for Year 3 in The Dark Tower.
How to beat the Dementors: Dementors can be a real pain.
1. Try casting your Patronus from a distance to ensure a clean get away, unlike other spells the Patronus works a bit like a homing missile chasing down Demontors.
2. In the final Dementor battle empty the two barrels on the level now destroy all the Dementors on the level and when the boss starts his attack he will be hit by all the rubbish from the barrels instead of harming you.
3. During the 3rd phase the Dementors will freeze the barrels to free them up by using the two torch carrying statues to melt the ice.